3 deck worthy combos?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Otaku, Feb 10, 2004.

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  1. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    I was tossing some new deck ideas about, so I was wondering if there are any combos to go with what I was considering.

    Idea#1: Arcanine/Sharpedo.

    Obviously, High pressure System. I was also thining of SS Xatu.

    Idea #2: Sandslash/Root Fossil

    This gives me a bench i can't kill off by accident, and that can hold my place when Sandslash is KO'd.

    Idea #3: Mulligan's Mewtwo ex-Mewtwo ex, solid Trainer support, and fossils so i can mulligan for the perfect set up (most of the time).

    I posted this hear since last I knew, it would not do for the decks section-there is no deck here, only the core concept of one.
  2. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    1) 70 damage max is just so pathetic, I mean even a Magikarp can hit for... oh wait, 70, not 7. ;) Seriously though, I probably should remind people of their Poke-Bodies-attack Sharpedo, that's 2 damage counters; attack Arcanine, that's Burn. The idea is to bring one up, attack once, heal up if they don't OHKO you, then retreat for another and hit with him, heal, retreat, repeat. 2 damage counters + 70 damage is a lot of pain. 60 and Burn is also a threat to most deckst. Still, I worry that the set up is too slow. I am curious as to what you play (outside of Blazeggken or Gex) that is hitting for more than 70 damge at lest somewhat reliably. I managed to cobble together a deck list for it, and that should be posted shortly in the deck help forum.

    2) Yeah, I do well with Stage 1s. If the deck works, I set up a 60-flat a turn attacker by turn three that is not a Pokemon ex. Yes, that is not enough to win.. this is why I posted this-to get ideas to flesh out the deck. ;)

    3) Another one I have a deck list for I just need to post. The idea is to have a Juggler or TV Reporter (yes, that too will work) in your opening hand so that you can start hitting for 60 flat a turn. You then use Pokemon Nurse and Super SCoop-Up to keep Mewtwo ex alive. There is a lot of draw power so you can filter your deck.

    Thanks for your input-your criticisms are accurate-thats why I posted here-to get input on whether, with work, these could anchor a deck, as well as ideas for how to fit these into said decks.
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