3rd Place Idaho Report (Masters)

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by PokePockets, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Hey guys. It's been quite a while since I have been to the gym, but here I am, to post my report on the Idaho State Championship.

    We had a great time, and I had been toying around with Breloom/Luxray GL the night before thinking that it would do well, but it would run hot for 3 games and crash for 3 games. I decided to go with CurseGar because it was being consistent and winning games.

    Round 1 vs. Sean S. (Tyranitar)

    I had put in Azelf Lv.X in my original build because it sniped decently and did away with the Dark weakness (I know that sounds odd, but I always play Sean early in tournaments =/), but had opted to take it out for a 2nd Mime.

    Pretty much I attempted to set up, and he did set up. He ate all the Spiritombs I locked him with and then commenced to KO my Gengars. I only set up Gengar SF that game because I had to act fast after his set up. I was able to get a Nidoqueen on the bench, but I missed 2 Fainting Spells which could have evened up the match for me, oh well.


    Round 2 vs. Amanda M. (Feraligatr/Blastoise/Starmie)

    She got a Feraligatr a couple of turns into the game, but I had been setting up behind a Spiritomb. Eventually she started picking off my Spiritombs with Gatr, and then she brought out the Mantine tech. She commenced to set up more big hitters and run away, making me have to Curse and Compound Pain to take the majority of my prizes. It was close, but in the end, I pulled it off.


    Round 3 vs. Justin D. (Flygon/Machamp)

    Sadly right after lunch I had to play my older brother, Thankfully this matchup was pretty good for me. The game had me setting up behind Spiritomb, and not sure what he was doing in his early turns. Eventually we were both set up and trading blows. Eventually I had spread enough damage and he had retreated his Machamp Lv.X that I had done some damage to. I decided to spend a turn to Curse enough damage to his benched Machamp that I could use Compound Pain to KO it. He took his turn and played his Flygon Lv.X, and then played an Expert Belt thinking this was going to KO my active Gengar Lv.X. He then played a Pokemon Reversal and hit heads. He brought up my Claydol, and then noticing his mistake, he played another Reversal to hope he could fix it. He succeeded, and brought my Gengar back up. He then decided to Extreme attack my active Gengar with an Expert Belt. Thankfully it did 150 due to my resistance, and Nidoqueen did good work of the damage. I brought up my other set up Curse Gengar with a Belt, used Level Down, and made quick work of the Flygon. This brought me to 2 prizes remaining. The next turn he had dropped a Trapinch without evolving it, and I KOed it with Shadow Room the next turn. After that he attempted to KO the extra Curse Gengar I had brought up, but he only did some damage. My next turn I brought up Gengar SF, cursed the damage counter I had placed with Shadow Skip two turns ago to his Azelf, and Shadow Roomed for game.


    Round 4 vs. Tina T. (Donphan/Blissey/Manectric)

    She started with Baltoy and I started with Spiritomb. She and I both got turn two Claydols, and set up from there. She eventually set up 3 Donphan, Manectric, Uxie, and had Claydol active. I set up Nidoqueen, 1 Claydol, 2 CurseGar, 1 Gengar SF, and had Spiritomb active. Eventually we traded blows, I KOed 1 Donphan with an Expert Belt after 1 Shadow Skip, and a double Curse, followed by another Shadow Skip. I also KOed the Claydol and Uxie. Not sure how I took the rest of my prizes, but I won on a Compound Pain to her Manectric.


    Round 5 vs. Justin W. (Kingdra/Blissey)

    I was thinking this Matchup would be relatively simple, since all I needed was a Gengar, Mr. Mime, and Nidoqueen to lock in a win. Sadly, it wasn't that easy. I did hit and run behind a Mr. Mime, but he set up 3 Kingdras and eventually powered one to hit Mr. Mime. It would have been much easier if he did not run Prime Blissey, but he was able to get one off which did away with a couple of turns of damage. It came down to a close one, but I got it in the end with some final spread of damage, since he was hesitant to drop a second Blissey since it would do away with the 5 energy he had on the field.


    Round 6 vs. Cat S. (Butterfree)

    My most interesting swiss matchup of the day. My opening hand did allow for a T1 Nidoqueen and Expert Belt, but sadly, it took me a few turns before I could get anything. Those were the few turns she needed to actually get going. I found myself down 5 prizes to 1, but I finally had something going for me. My first two prizes came from me using a Looker's and seeing she had 6 Trainers/Supporters in her hand. I used a Warp Point hoping she would give me her unbelted Butterfree or Shaymin. She misplayed and gave me a belted Butterfree, and I used Poltergeist to get the KO. At that point she had just 1 Butterfree, a Shaymin, and a Claydol. I can't exactly remember how I got my next prize, I think I cursed some damage and Shadow Roomed her Claydol. After that she was running out of resources, and her only attacker was a belted Butterfree. Luckily I had attack with Gengar SF the last turn, and her only option was to attack my Gengar. I succeeded on the Fainting Spell (my first of the day), which sent the game to sudden death. I started with a Spiritomb, and she started with a Cherubi. Eventually I had set up a Gengar SF and she got a Cherrim. She got out Shaymin Lv.X but I was able to go get Gengar X and level down he Shaymin. Eventually she just used an Expert Belt, a couple of PlusPowers, and a Buck's to try and KO me with Solarbeam. She would have gotten the KO had it not been for me using an Expert Belt on my Gengar SF. I attached and used Compound Pain for the game


    I went into Top 8 seeded 4th, and I had to play against KC Hanson in Top 8

    Top 8 vs. KC H. (Plox/Flygon)

    I wasn't sure how I felt about this matchup. I knew I had a good matchup vs. Plox and a good matchup vs. Flygon, but I wasn't sure if using a combination would change it at all.

    Game 1-I started with Spiritomb and he started with Trapinch. He drew and passed for a couple of turns while I set up behind Spiritomb. He eventually got a Call Energy and used it. Eventually we traded off blows, and his only option was to hit my Gengar SF with a belted Flygon. I got the Fainting Spell

    Game 2-We both set up and traded off attacks. Eventually he set up both Flygon and Gardevoir Lv.X, and he Extreme Attacked my benched Gengar Lv.X. He killed it by bringing up a Vibrava and using Sand Wind. Once again we traded attacks. I used Shadow Room to KO his active Gardy X. He brought up a Belted Flygon and attacked Gengar SF, and I hit the Fainting Spell.


    Top 4 vs. Igor D. (LuxChomp)

    I knew this matchup was bad for me if I could start with Spiritomb.

    Game 1-Trash start, he ran right through me.

    Game 2-I was able to set up and start doing what I needed, but I misplayed because after a Shadow Skip, I brought up another Gengar instead of Spiritomb, and he was able to Bright Look Claydol, drop an Energy Gain, and double Turn to get the KO


    I was very pleased with 3rd place. This is the best I have placed in a State Championship
  2. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    ethan good job dude hope to see you at regionals

    -Kevin (CO)
  3. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    Ethan good read. I'm glad you guys made the trip to Idaho.


    KC HANSON New Member

    eithan your a very good player im glad i played you one of the things i like playing utah players win or lose im a better player after the game.
    it was a good game i cant wait for my re match hopefully i get one this weekend
  5. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Thanks man. I can't wait for all of you guys to come down to Utah, it will be a good tournament!

    KC HANSON New Member

    for sure i think we leave at 2
    i cant wait
    im ready for utah states i always have fun when i go down thier and play you guys

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