3rd place in Eugene, OR

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    Hi, everyone. This is my belated 3rd place Eugene report. After winning in Corvallis, I had high hopes for Eugene today, my last tournament before Worlds. I got up at 6:30 for the 3 hour car ride, and we picked up a junior player from my league along the way. I gave him Empoleon/Palkia/Mantine, and taught him how to play it before falling back to sleep in the car. I woke up in Eugene, and we went out to breakfast. We filled out deck lists in the restaurant, and I decided to play Gardevoir and Gallade again. Here’s my list: (It’s really good).

    POKEMON: 22
    2 Gardevoir
    1 Gardevoir lv. X
    2 Gallade
    2 Kirlia
    4 Ralts
    1 Cresselia
    1 Cresselia lv. X
    1 Omastar
    1 Helix Fossil
    3 Furret
    3 Sentret
    1 Chatot
    ENERGY: 17
    7 Psychic Energy
    3 Call Energy
    4 Double Rainbow Energy
    3 Scramble Energy
    TRAINERS: 21
    4 Celio’s Network
    4 Roseanne’s Research
    2 Felicity’s Drawing
    1 Copycat
    2 Team Galactic’s Wager
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Night Maintenance
    1 Phoebe’s Stadium
    1 Warp Point

    Before the tournament Nannette gives me a Mew pillow for my birthday, and then I sit down at the "cool table" with Clint, Daniel, Trevor, Marvin, Josh, and Ben, and we all start playing multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors. Then Clint opens my backpack, pulls out my deck, starts looking through it and shouts: “Omastar tech, that sucks!” in front of everyone who is my competition for the day. I was really mad at Clint, but then Ben shoves a bunch of crackers into his mouth and fails at eating them all in a minute. Everyone starts laughing and then they call pairings.

    ROUND 1

    We pair up and I’m playing Mike. We sit down and start shuffling, then we re-pair and I get the bye. WHAT!?!

    ROUND 2 vs. Daniel with Mothballs

    So I’m playing Daniel in round 2 AGAIN. He flips over a Burmy and I flip over a Ralts, and I’ve got Gardevoir/Rare Candy/DRE in hand. Yes! He gets out Mothrim/Unown P T2 with Boltoy and Magikarp on the bench. I PLOX T2, and we start trading prizes straight away. I KO Mothrim, he KOs Gardevoir, I bring out another Gardevoir for a couple turns and he knocks it out with Gyarados. I Keen Eye with Furret twice and then he knocks it out with Gyarados. I bring out Gallade and flip over 4 prizes for the KO. We play out like this for a while and by the end of the game we each have two prizes left. I’ve got a Gallade with 70 damage on it, and he has Gyarados with 30 damage on the bench (so he can do 60 to me next turn for the KO). I drop Omastar and KO Magikarp, then Warp Point and KO his basic FTW. Good Game! 2-0

    Daniel wants a rematch, so we play again and goof off all during lunch. I get Furret start this time and he sets up with Claydol from the beginning. He wins the game, but we spent so much time talking that I only have 10 minutes for lunch. I rush out and start wolfing down some pasta before they call pairings.

    ROUND 3 vs. Ben with Meatloaf

    I can’t believe Leafeon got such a stupid name… Anyway, he flips over Eevee and I flip over Ralts. I’ve got Rare Candy/DRE in my hand again and I top-deck a Celio’s and search for Gallade. It’s almost never a good idea to go agro Gallade without a good setup, but Leafeon/Magmortar will crush you if it gets setup quickly, yet it has a very hard time setting up if you hit hard and fast at the beginning. I KO 3 Eevees by T4, and I know I’ve won the game. He Night Maintenances the Eevees, then brings out Jolteon, gets a Claydol on the bench and starts to set up. He paralyzes me, I pass, and then he gets Espeon on the bench. He misses the paralyze flip and I call out Psychic Cut flipping 1 prize. I’m about to take it, but he says “I’ve got Espeon”, doh! Luckily he misses the flip again and I KO him with Gallade. He brings out Leafeon, levels up, free retreat with Umbreon for Magmortar, level up again, and KO. I promote Gardevoir, level up, and PLOX. He attacks with Magmortar but is just short of the KO. I Warp Point his Magmortar lv. X to the bench and he brings out Leafeon lv. X. I Teleport Gardevoir lv. X active, then drop Omastar and wager away his full bench of Espeon, Umbreon, Leafoen, Magmortar and Claydol. Then I pull down his Magmar with 5 energy. He gets setup again, but I win a few turns after that. 3-0

    ROUND 4 vs. Janet with Empoleon/Cessation/Furret

    Janet won in Portland last week with this same deck, so I know I’ve got a challenge. We both start setting up with Furret, and she drops Cessation Crystal T2. After a while she brings out Empoleon and uses Duel Splash on my benched Gardevoir and Gallade. I bring out a fresh Gallade and flip 4 to KO Empoleon. She brings out another Empoleon and Duel Splashes my active Gallade and my healthy benched Gardevoir, so now all of my Pokemon are in OHKO range. I can’t get another OHKO with Gallade, so I flip over one prize so I can knock her out next turn. She says “Duel Splash” again, and I look at her like she’s crazy. Of caurse she meant to say “Surf Together” and KO Gallade, but she is a good sport about it and we play on. I KO Empoleon, and she brings out another one when I realize that she took a prize when she meant to KO Gallade. She flipped over two prizes with Island Hermit a while ago, and she took one of the face up ones so I tell her to just put it back. Both of us have been playing pretty deliberately the whole game, and I know we aren’t going to finish before time. She calls the judge over and starts talking about how she said Duel Splash instead of Surf Together, and what the ruling on that was. What? We already solved the Duel Splash thing two turns ago, and the judge is coming over because she accidentally picked up a prize that was face up. So he spends like 5 minutes with us sorting out the whole thing, and when I ask for a time extension he says no. Aarggg! We play it out for about 5 - 10 minutes and she is going so slow. She KOs Gallade, I attack with Gardevoir, she KOs Gardevoir, I bring out another Gardevoir and I’m 20 damage short of knocking out her Empoleon. Then she uses Copycat, and I have like 15 cards in my hand. She shuffles, then shuffles some more and starts drawing the cards one at a time. 1…2…3…4…5… TIME! Aaa, no! She KOs Gardevoir FTW. I know I could have won the game if we had played it out for 2 more minutes. I had Warp Point/Omastar to KO Empoleon (and tie the game) then I could have come back out with my healthy Gallade… Oh well, no hard feelings. 3-1

    ROUND 5 vs. Drew with Darkrai/Weevile
    We setup and luckily I get another great start and get Furret out T2 and start hitting with Gallade T3. I KO Weevile, then he attacks with Darkrai, and I KO Darkrai. Eventually he KOs Gallade with Darkrai lv. X, but he can never really build anything up, and I sweep with a second Gallade. 4-1

    Great, I’m in the finals!

    1. Daniel with Mothballs
    2. Trevor with Gardevoir/Gallade
    3. Me
    4. Janet with Empoleon

    Semi-finals vs. Trevor with Gardevoir and Gallade

    Game 1: I’ve gone 2-0 against Trevor in mirror-match before, so I felt pretty confidant about this game. We both setup, and it’s the classic Furret stare-down for what seemed like forever. Finally, after we both have everything we need and then some, I attach to Furret to use Baton Pass. He attaches, I Baton Pass, he attaches and uses Baton Pass… I KO his Furret and he brings out Chatot to KO my Furret. I bring out Cresselia, level up and retreat for Chatot to stall. My plan is to let him keep attacking Chatot for 20 damage, then move that damage around with Cresselia lv. X. I can put 20 damage on his Chatot, use the rest of to damage to help setup KOs, and when he finally KOs my Chatot, I’ll bring out Cresselia lv. X and KO him to draw 2 prizes. Now here’s the catch, I need to attach 3 energy in 5 turns. I’ve already got 9 energy on the field, and because I have 2 DRE prized most of them are basic energy. He hasn’t used a single Roseanne’s all game, and I’ve already used 3. So I feel really stupid when he KOs my Chatot and I bring out Cresselia with only 2 energy on it. He uses warp point, and I’m forced to bring out a Gallade. So now I’m down two prizes instead of being up one. I thought about conceding at this point, but I don’t want to throw away a game that is still winnable. I promote Gallade to KO his Gallade, and we start the prize exchange. I know I can even the prize count if I time an Omastar/Wager/PLOX combo, but Helix Fossil is prized, and as soon as I flip it over (and take it) with Gallade, Trevor just keeps PLOXing me. The game goes down to the wire with each of us having 1 prize, but Trevor finishes it off with Lake Boundary FTW. 1-0

    Game 2: I know we’ve got less than a half an hour to finish the game, so instead of setting up I come out with Gardevoir as soon as I can. I knock out his Furret, but he scrambles a Gallade, and I’m forced come out with Furret. He knocks out Furret, and I respond with scramble/Gallade. We trade a couple of prizes from there, but time is called before the end of the game. Good game, Trevor.

    So, I’m out of the tournament, and Trevor beats Daniel in the Finals. I get 3rd place for the day, and it’s been a lot of fun.

    3rd place
    Trevor for winning
    Daniel for playing a crazy deck
    Nannette for giving me the Mew pillow
    My dad for driving 3 hours
    Clint for never ever loosing ever

    Getting the Bye
    Meatloaf for getting such a stupid name
    Clint for never ever loosing ever
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  2. ilikegengar

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    Good report.

    Congrats on getting third place!!

    I'm glad you like the pillow. Now you have something to rest your sleepy head on as you make that long drive for a tournament.


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