3rd Place NJ Regionals in Seniors. Life Alert, Quit Life, Crazy Car Ride and MORE

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by RAGECANDYBAR, Apr 14, 2008.

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    So Friday after school I go to test with Chris (EspeonChris14), Peter (Blastoise Shellshocker), Dan (Twinkle), Edwin (think he's banned on the gym lol), and Alex and his dad (Pikachual). I was working on my Magmortar/Togekiss deck. I quickly concluded it's horrible, and Dan and Edwin convince me to play Banette.

    Saturday I wake up at like 6:45, shower, get everything ready, and pickup Aziz, Chris, Peter and Edwin. We're in a 5 person car (including driver) so we have to squeeze 4 of us in the back :p. It's kinda allegal so I'm like worried. Aziz tells the funniest summary of Prom Night and we're all loling. So after an uncomfortable car ride we get there, I sign up, turn in my decklist, and decide to have my deck checked because I forgot to put a card on it at states lol. They have cards for sale and I buy 3 RH GE Rare Candy for $1.50 each. I finally meet AnimeDDR (he's kinda annoying on the gym). I hang with Sam G (O-ren-itachi) and others and wait for them to start. I see my round one opponent and lol....

    Round 1 Vs. Mike R. (AnimeDDR) w/ GAG
    So I go first ascension to banette. He has a lone ralts and wagers me. I win the wager and get good stuff. He gets no other basics and confuses me. I evolve claydol, quick ball a banette, evolve a benched shuppet, warp point Ghost Head gg. DoNkEd!!!
    1-0 Donk #1

    Round 2 Vs. Sam G (O-ren-itachi) w/ Magmortar/Banette
    I go first ascension and pass. He does the same. I attach and do 40, so does he. I KO his Banette, he KOs mine. We basically trade off banettes until he runs out. his 3 magmortars are prized so I kill the magmars. Sorry man.

    Round 3 Vs. Nick C. w/ GAG
    I go first and ascension to banette. He goes with a lone ralts and uses POV to try to get basics but nothing, so he confuses me. I go and flip heads. DoNkEd
    3-0 Donk #2

    Round 4. Vs. IDK w/ GAG
    I lost my dice and he's like "oh, you can get a game loss." So i could tell he would be calling over judges often to try to get a cheap way out. We both setup but mine is better and I win.

    Round 5 Vs. Mike D. w/ Magdol
    He has a horrible hand and i take a quick lead. He eventually scrambles a magmortar and it goes down hill from there. I couldn't draw nm or banette and had 2 shuppets prized. GG

    Round 6 Vs. Zach w/ GAG
    We both have decent setups but mine is better and I win.

    So I'm second seed to a top 8.

    Top 8 Vs. Mitchell Woo (lol fun to say his name) w/ GAG
    Game 1: We both setup and i win.
    Game 2: close match but he wins.
    Game 3: I mulligan twice (helped a lot) with 2 baltoy. I'm like ugh why so bad. I Attach and since i mulliganed i use psychic balance for like 3-4 cards. He has a lone ralts, attaches and confuses me. My go, I evolve to claydol, multi energy, Strength charm, pluspower GG! UBER DoNkEd!!
    6-1 Donk #3

    Top 4 Vs. Dylan w/ Magdol
    Game 1: Close the entire game down to 1-1. I have the game but missplay and snet out banette when i was gonna warp point, out a tauros or claydol. Ugh
    Game 2: Bad start i lose.

    So I got 3rd and im like super happy. Get a box and pull 2 claydol, a pachi (i have 10 now lol) cresselia lv. x, 4 candy.... I take apart my banette deck while i wait for chris to finish. I Built GAG (haha lol) and I use it for a while. We get in the car and start driving and we have 4 people in the back. 1st a police car goes by and were like holy crap. Then theres a police car that has it sirens on and flashing lights come behind us and we're like HOLY $*@!. But the cop just wanted to get by us and stops someone else for speeding. >.>:redface:. We go through the toll and hide aziz under a jacket lol. We get out and he's like "I like getting smuggled" lol.

    Great Quotes: "You got milkyway on my phone"
    "My milkway got squished"

    Aziz, chris peter, edwin, DAN, others
    Chris top 8
    Mike D for getting 2nd
    Dylan for winning
    good box
    selling $100 worth of old ex's
    funny stuff

    My missplay top 4
    Chris getting stalled out of top 8

    Thanks for reading
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  2. Serebii1997J

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    Hey Jarrett, good job on 3rd. Nice job, and thanks for the deck help.
  3. dtrain

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    Congrats but come on "others" thats what I am in your props. =/

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