4-1 and miss the top 4? BR from New Holland, PA

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by dimension, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Ok, this is my first tournament report so I'll try to do my best. Last week I went undefeated in qualifing with Megatr (lost in finals to Dark Twins Drew) so I knew this week I needed to play something different since many commented on the build and I would be teched against. Meganium is so good against many Empoleon decks, plus Delta Reduction with a buffer piece is amazing. Back to the tournament. My son and I head out to 6 Feet Under games in New Holland, about 1hour 20 minutes, we get there and see some great competition. I built Swalot/Meganium - I'll post it since I won't play it again. I wanted to use Swalot to Pick and Choose on Blissey, since many are playing it. My son at this point in 10 and under has won 5 straight this year and was going for his 6th. (My son for being only 7 practices with some great players in our area and is doing great this year...way to go buddy).

    1st match

    Random - Delcatty/colorless/Zangoose deck

    I start and notice that his Zangoose starter has Thick Skin :eek:..great he teched against me already :tongue:. Since I candy into Meganium MT, awesome misplay. Ok, so I stall until I get Meganium d going, his deck is almost entirely weak to mine. Delta Reduction...prize, prize. He has a lone skitty on his bench. I grab a buffer peice attach (luckily) and he grabs Delcatty EX....does 120 damage with upstream. Buffer saves me. I attach and do 120 damage. GG


    2nd Match

    Kyle - "HOSS" type stuff

    We both have HORRIBLE starts. I get 1 energy in 9 turns, my bench is completely set up but I am to far behind. I take 2 prises he takes them all. 1 energy cost me the match. We both have played each other for 3 tournaments straight (he is 2-1 :mad:..lol). He gets me...GG


    3rd Match

    ??? - Dusknoir/ClaydollEx

    I am thrilled since Swalot is weak to Pyshic :cool:. He starts and candies fast into Dusknoir. I know the rules so I keep my bench to 3. I notice that Ducknoir places counters....yesssss (no weakness)! I put up swalot, pick and choose and burn through his guys. Meganium Ultra Powder is amazing ( 2 paralyzes in a row). I win. GG


    4th match

    ???? - Tyranitar/ Rampardos

    We start and I get a great start, finally! Plenty of energy, full bench...amazing. He TEAM Galactis me 4 times in one game. He threw scissors every time. I through rock after my 1st loss. Win 3 of them. Hand Manipulation works against him. Pupitar is weak to Grass, then he evolves to Tyranitar MT and he is weak to fighting. I delta reduction him with buffer's, GG.


    In between rounds we are all talking (great bunch of players in our area - really good guys) Robert, my son wins his 6th Battle Roads in a row!!! Everyone gives the congrats...he could care less since he was playing the Pokemon TFG in between rounds and was loving it. I see Adam Capriola is undeated...I proceed to tell him (kiddingly) "I think my deck could give you a run!!" He of course laughs and we begin to talk about Meganium's Ultra Powder attack, he doesn't really like it...I love it for 1 energy. They put pairings up...crap. I actually have to play him, way to put my foot in my mouth.

    5th Match

    Adam C. - The "Hoss" Hauler deck

    As we sit I tell him my deck is really junk and I am just eating my words. He has done fantastic lately and I know if I get a bad start...gg. He mulligans 2 times. I start with Megaium MT, candy, windstorm, chikorita MT, grass, double raindow and mentor and celio's. Amazing opening hand. He starts with Riolu and a fighting...he starts...blam 30 damage. I draw a bayleef - candy to meg's, use mentor. Ultra Powder. He has Lucario, hit me for another 30. I attach double - 50 damage. He pulls Luc Lv. x... Stance :eek: I wait a turn...he pulls nothing. I win...


    top cut comes out...ugh 5th place. 5 people are 4-1. Oh well. I tied for 1st and get the axe...I still had a blast.

    Team Dimension looking like it's gonna be Strong this yr. (Look for member list soon)
    My son losing 1 game out of like 24 matches so far ( 6 BR in a row)
    Me for finally coming out and playing this year.
    Playing something that NO ONE else was running
    Everyone that we talked to...great group of guys.
    Dorian and Kendall for running great tourney as usual.

    Sat tournament disaster - but, thats a whole new post
    going 4-1 and not making it...Why does this BR win elude me?
    The guy that was in the Ford Explorer that went 25 on every country road...

    Thanks guys and look for my Megatr (Bait and Switch) article and deck build in the Pokemon Beckett at the end of Oct. This month's is an Inferncatty build.

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