4-2 9th/top 8 with Gyarados

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Dual_Draw, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    I had decided to play Gyarados a week in advance, I believed it had an out in every match so I was confident with it. My list became kind of a mix between my list and Zach Lesage's. I had Mesprit and Blissey, but I had SSUs as well. Because nearly everyone was playing something with Uxie X and Collector, no had some to lend, I found a Smeargle right before I handed in my deck sheet, so at the very least I got that. For the 2 missing spots, I threw in a Ditto and a 3rd Seeker, I wasn't happy with the switch ins, but it was my own fault for not getting the cards earlier. Anyway...

    Round 1 vs Darrian w/Tyranitar/Eevees
    This was an ugly matchup and it showed me I was completely unprepared for the day. I started fairly well, getting a Sabelye in the active spot going 2nd, when I had searched through my deck to get Sabelye, I saw all 4 karp and regice, when I went to Impersonate Collector, I couldn't find Regice, even after 5 go throughs. I grab, Karp Karp Azelf. He hits me for 20 with Absol G and passes. I play the collector I top decked and STILL don't see Regice, I grab Mesprit, Uxie and a 3rd Karp, dropping Azelf to find 6 T/S/S prized, I was stunned. I Mesprit'd to prevent the Lost Zone action, uxie'd for 4 and junk arm'd back a Communication, opting to search for my 4th magikarp, but instead, finally finding regice, I was so furious that I had wasted a bench space on azelf to find nothing, and that regice was stuck to another sleeves, I drop my 4th Karp and put a rescue energy on it, impersonate for gyarados, he KOs Sableye and ends. I go nuts with Gyarados and he isn't ever able to respond as Blissey over powered his T-Tars whenever he'd set up damage to KO me. I win 6-1.


    Round 2 vs Eric w/Mirror
    This match was ugly, but i'll take it. We both start smeargle, and I lose the flip, he portraits my seeker and ends. I Portrait his collector and find 2 karp prized, I pull azelf and 2 karp, drop a crobat, poke turn it to my hand, communication for uxie, junk arm the karp and comm again for another karp drop it on the bench, set up for 7, hit BTS, Energy, Gyarados, Seeker for game.


    Round 3 vs Vincent w/SP
    I'm not sure if this was Luxchomp or not to be perfectly honest. He led with Crobat and Murkrow, went first, dropping a DCE on Murkrow and passing. I Regice up the Murkrow, but fail to get the Gyarados up that turn. He responds with a cyrus/lux ball for Chomp as well as a Honchkrow/Dark to KO my Sabelye. I'm able to get back into the prize trade as I Psychic Bind his Krow/Chomp/Bat field and a 2 card hand and take the prize with Gyarados. He collectors for Uxie, Azelf and Infernape 4, forgetting Psychic Bind, he Azelf first, but I tell him Psychic Bind, he passes. This puts me in a good position, he's sacking an Azelf and I'm going to be up in the prize trade. I'm able to Seeker back his crobat, allowing me to Psychic Bind again and get a Uxie for 5 off. From here I take total control of the prize race winning 6-4.


    Round 4 vs ??? w/Kingdra
    He goes, Beats, passes. I play my collector for Q, Uxie and Bat, drop the bat, belt the uxie, ko.


    Round 5 vs Charlie w/Luxchomp
    Totally forgot this round, I got 2 prizes behind after I whiffed on a volkners for 5, so I lost the prize trade and therefor the game.


    Round 6 vs Daniel w/Kingdra
    I'm really bitter about this game. We both had Sabelye starts, but I had 2/3 of my collectors in my hand. He is unable to take a prize by T3 and I get a Gyarados up swinging for 90, taking the first prize. He responds with 2 Kingdra Prime, 2 Plus Power, 4 Bat Drops and a Buck's Training to KO me. I have to burn all 3/4 of my junk arm just to get another Gyarados in play, he is able to KO it again this time with belts. I am unable to do anything at all in it really annoys me as I should have beat this guy but I missed over 3/4 of my flips and never drew any recovery other than Combee, while without using Uxie or any draw other than Buck's he had 7 bat drops, 3 plus powers and 2 belts and 2 kingdras. I'll obviously need to fix my consistency to match his or I probably won't be playing Gyarados again.


    So I'm informed that 3 4-2s make it, I end up in 9th in a top 8 cut. I don't think I should have been in top cut anyway with how atrocious my play. At least Jack won, that area is way to easy for you lol.

    Bidier and Sandy for another well run tournament
    Julian for helping out Bidier towards the end
    Gavin for top 4

    Awful playing
    Awful draws
    Awful games
    Waiting for kevin to leave because he wanted something but never got it
    Next cities isn't until the 18th
  2. MeepXD

    MeepXD New Member

    Round 3.. I was playing Infernape/Garchomp w/ Honchkrow.. something I put together the night before. Too bad you didn't make top cut! You probably would've made it if I won some more matches. D:
  3. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    Glad you could clear that up lol, I was totally expecting you to drop a Luxray with that Collector.
  4. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    that was definitely unfortunate cor

    and jeff, unless cor went to bremerton he wasnt present at marysville or mukilteo.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  5. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Ooops sorry I though he was one of your gorup that made it down nevermind

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