4 months out, still got it. but wagers got me

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Pokekid, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    So I wake up on Saturday stretch out and head out @ 9am. I get there around 9:35. I already have my decklist filled out and i turn it in right away. I am playing PLOX the more advance version of GG. So i get there, Kant and Kevin are playing PLOX also(ugh) but they think im playing Magmortar haha :p
    I scout around for a few and i go.

    ROUND 1: Plox vs Electavire/Blissey
    Turn 3 lock down, i just set up massively. I start off with pachi and then i continue it with Claydol etc. I wager lock down t4 and i Win.


    ROUND 2: Plox vs Hurricane
    He tried to put up a good fight. I started with Ralts though and only Kirlia in my hand. I did get t3 gardy though lol. After that i started to get set up and won.

    ROUND 3: Plox vs Typhlo d/Gardy/Claydol
    Bad start i think i had duskull. But i get everything i need and get gardy t4 and start locking down. He made huge misplay on playing more than 4 bench pokemon with his Garyd lvl x powered on bench. I scooped it up with Dusknoir, went uphill from there on


    ROUND 4: Plox vs ???
    Forgot what i played again. But i wont in about 4 Turns. Again t3 Gardy.

    Round 5: PLOX VS mirror(his list was pretty much like plox) Matt Koo
    I think i started off w/Pachi, we both got pretty good starts and I did get the first lock down. He wasnt able to set up much after i killed one Gardy, and i just kept on bringing in new ones.

    Round 6: Plox vs Hurricane(diffrent guy)
    I get a like t2 gallde on his lonely Totadile. GG


    So kant is 4-2 Kevin is 5-1 Bryan is 5-1, and im first woot.

    TOP 16: Plox Vs Torterra/Sceptile/Claydol
    Well he did get t3 Torterra which scared me. But i answered with a KO with t3 Gallade. I kept knocking off his guys and stuff he couldnt really set up or anything.

    Kant,Kevin,Bryan still in t8
    Kant Vs Mathew
    Kevin vs Bryan
    Me vs BJ

    Top 8: Plox VS Hurricane(same guy as round 2)

    Pretty much like the game we had before. I set up really fast again, he get off 2 Croconas power. I wager him/Lock him. He cant go farther than killing one gardy. GG man yourr really cool.

    Kant and byran got knocked out.
    Zach Kevin, Matt, and me are left

    Top 4: PLox vs Plox(literally same exact list minus 1-2 cards)
    So literally i might of won this series if if i wasnt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unlucky. Anyway litterly it went like a mirror, he did what i did, celios RC blah blah blah. It came down to 1-1 Prized. His dusknoir kills me gg.
    I lost 1-7 Wagers during this match
    Game 2:
    Same thing as above going back and forth back and forth non-stop. Again we go down to 1-1 prizes. He evos into Gardy lvl x and wins ;/.
    I lost 0-7 Wager during this match]


    A TOTAL OF 15 WAGERS. COUNT IT 15 ooooooooomggggggggggg =/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/=/. i won one........ oh well i havent played in
    4 moths and i still get 3rd woot im soo good.

    -the event
    -Bolt, Mikey and everyone on team bangin for helping me out, and for the people testing vs me.


    I dont know who won. I think kevin. never know

    So t4 was
    1/2 Kevin PLOX
    1/2 Matt Sorta like Plox? G&G
    3rd Sebastian S. PLOX
    4th Zach G&G
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    good job pokekid...finishing 4th after going undefeated is a great feast after 4 months of not playing :)
  3. DL24

    DL24 New Member

    U just ran though swiss. That's crazy. Too bad on the wager results. I didn't participate in regionals. I'm sure I missed out on alot. Congrats on Top 4 though.
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Great job, too bad we didn't meet up in the tourny for a battle but, it happens. Great job:)
  5. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Great job. I wish Bolt would playtest with me (sniff):wink:

    I played A Toterra deck in Regionals myself. It came down to one prize, and I only won because he decked out. If you ask me - Toterra has play in our metagame.

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