4th in Nor Cal regionals(Rogue)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by FHU FoxHound209, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. FHU FoxHound209

    FHU FoxHound209 New Member

    This is my deck I used at Nor Cal regionals and I got 4th place but I couldve got 2nd place but I had to play PLOX in the semi-finals instead of finals...(that PLOX guy ended up winning 12-0 prizes in the finals, so I know I couldve beat that deck in semi-finals if I played it)
    I went 1-2 with that PLOX and it all ended with a castform start and 2nd turn lost to Claydol.. sad I know.. but here is my decklist

    1-Holon's Castform
    3-1-2-1 Empoleon lvX
    3-1-2-1 Gallade(2 ralts DF psy,1 SW,1 SW gardevoir)
    2-2 Claydol (1 HP baltoy)
    1-Jirachi ex

    3-Celio's Network
    2-Steven's Advice
    1-Roseanne's Research
    1-Holon Mentor
    1-Mr. Stone's Project
    1-Team Galactic Wager
    1-Professor Rowan
    4-Rare Candy
    1-Night Mantenance
    1-Time-Space Distortion
    1-Warp Point
    3-Cessation Crystal
    1-Strentgh Charm
    2-Lake Boundary

    3-Water Energy
    2-Psychic Energy
    4-Double Rainbow Energy
    2-Scramble Energy
    1-Holon Energy WP

    Now I know alot of you will say take out the casty... blah blah blah it's horrible if you start with it.. and yes I would know that.. I got T2 by claydol because it was my starter in the last game of the semi-finals... But you can also think of it like this, that casty got me there.. I know 1 WP is probably risky but I had to drop the 2nd one I had in for another psychic energy..I also know 1 NM is cutting it close to but it's the prosess of deck fitting.. I have been trying to find out what to take out for another TGW but idk what to take out...stone is for my discarded energies and also deck because I ONLY HAVE 5 BASE ENERGIES...I tried 1 TGM and that was over-kill too.. The strat is, high HP being annoying to kill,Emploen kills mag, Gallade kills Empoleon's weakness and basicaly everything else,the Gardy tech is so I can also hit GG/PLOX with weakness and PLOX them.. Cessation is to punish everybody for running powers/bodys with no windstorms..if I ever get wind stormed or don't have a CC attached, I would use all my powers first then attach the CC.. feel free to give me HELPFUL advice and I will try out if it is worth it... And please rate 0-10
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  2. Poor Trainer

    Poor Trainer New Member

    Looks like a pretty tight decklist, don't know if you can manage to change anything really without random sacrafices.

    I can only think of 2 cards in your list that might be up for changing:

    Holon's Mentor - From your list, I assume that you will probably play this card to get Castform and two basics that you need during the time you play the card. What I am wondering is what are you discarding when you play this card? You can probably discard a basic energy since you do have a Mr. Stone's Project there, or you can discard a pokemon card you don't need yet or you will probably TSD or NM back.

    Steven's Advice - Only reason I chose this is because it will make your Claydol useless when you get a good draw from it (assuming you already used Cosmic Power and you draw an average of 3-4 cards, making your hand size of 8-9, thus not being able to use Cosmic Power for a while except to just place up to two cards on the bottom without drawing), but you will probably just get a CC from it and attach it to your active so that nobody can use powers from that point on and you have a nice hand by then.

    That is all I can think of for now. Congrats again on getting 4th.:thumb:
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  3. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    This looks like a deck that you've already playtested the crap out of.

    Are there any problems the deck has? Consistency? Speed? Comeback ability? Bad matchups? Possible ideas?
  4. FHU FoxHound209

    FHU FoxHound209 New Member

    Poor Trainer- Thanks. Well yeah, i have thought of taking out mentor for roseanne but those situations when you have one or the other in your hand is great. Stiffy's advice, even if i were to cosmic power the next turn, i would just get those cards now instead of later with steven advice so i think it's neccensary. Thanks for letting me borrow the card for the tourney too man, it helped out alot!

    ryanvergel- I guess you could tell i was playing with this deck to perfect it. I say the problem would be is starting out with castform seeing that i only have 9 other basic pokemon and i dropped a pachi for ralts SW, which helped me get to where i was in the tourney, at the same time pachi would have been nice. I need to somehow add more TGW in so i can abuse my powers CC then TGW. My downside, if it had to be any, is i get really unlucky and i draw no cards to support my sad situation. One of the match ups i hate playing is a salamence deck. The deck is fairly good at comebacks, it has come back from GG/PLOX/Mag decks when they only had 2 or 1 prize left and i had 5. But my biggest problem is not getting at least a half-good start then i cant draw any cards to help me. Any sugjestions?
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  5. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    I could tell instantly because you have a jirachi ex. I only know a handful of pokemon who've tested it. Not to mention the deck just LOOKS like it's already been tested with.

    I'll look over the deck more after dinna!
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