4th place Windy City Championships Tourney Report

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by bullados, Feb 15, 2004.

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    Tourney Report for Windy City Championships

    Sup guys! Don’t harp on me too much, this is only my 2nd attempt at one of these things. First, the deck that I was using. I was planning on using Gardy with Tentacruel, but then I realized that the Cruel was adding too much space and not enough damage, so I ditched him and I’m now hoping that I’ll be able to use the guy at some point. Here’s the decklist.

    3 Gardevoir (one RH, thx to M45 for the late trades)
    2 Gardevoir ex (I will refer to them as Gex for the rest of this report)
    2 Kirlia (one RH)
    4 Ralts (3 Hypnoblast, 1 Confuse Ray)
    2 Wobbuffet (thx to M45 for the late trade)
    2 Wynaut
    3 Dunsparce (I should’ve lowered this to 2 and added another Dual Ball, but hindsight…)

    Trainers (23):
    2 Town Volunteers
    4 POR
    3 Copycat
    3 PETM (I should’ve changed these guys for Fast Ball, but hindsight is 20/20)
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Dual Ball
    4 Switch (one from each printing)

    Energy (19):
    16 Psychic
    3 Boost (one RH)

    Before the tourney started (it was bout noon) we had our lunch break. I went with David Coleman II and a few other guys to Burger King and started to learn what everyone was playing. David was starting to boast about his chances with his Aggron deck, and I wanted nothing more than to shut him up by beating him. I was also thinking about the Mulligan Fossil deck that was talked about so much on Pokegym, and that there would be at least one person there with that kind of deck. Boy, how right I was…

    Round 1 vs Bryan Nalenzy (Steelix/Omastar)

    I started with 3 Ralts and topdecked a Wynaut on the first turn. Searched for Gardy, Gex, and Kirlias, and got out 3 of the possible 4. He got out one Steelix with 2 Metals attached, which I discarded using Gardy and a couple of Boosts. He never really got anything else the entire game. His bench was full the entire time, but he never really got an energy. Needless to say, it was a fairly easy game for me.

    Result: Win, 6 prizes to none

    Round 2 vs Vince aka Meganium 45 (Fossils/Wailord ex)

    I KNEW that I would see a deck like this… I started with Wynaut, 2 Ralts, and 2 Dual Ball in my hand. I got out Gardy by turn 3, and I thought it was game over. I KO’d his first Wailmer using a Boost. I spent the rest of the game taking out his various fossils and searching frantically for one of my Rare Candys, as I had both Gardy and Gex in my hand and a Ralts out with 3 energy already attached. He KO’d Gardy with a combination of Claw Fossil and Wailmer, and I could never get my Rare Candy. One of my Kirlia I used to evolve my Gardy, and the other was in my prizes. He got out Wailord ex, and it was basically game from there. I couldn’t find anything that could even stall against the 100 damage/turn he was smacking on me…

    Result: Loss, 6 prizes to 2.

    Round 3 vs Larry (Flygon/Hariyama)

    This was the guy’s first tournament, and really his first time playing against experienced people. His only prior playing experience was against his 8 year old son. I got a Dunsparce with a RC and Gex in my hand, and it was GG from there. I had all 4 Gardy and Gex out by the end, and all were powered to use their respective attacks. He could only build up a Trapinch and a Wobbuffet.

    Result: Win

    Round 4 vs. Dan (Espeon/M2X)

    This was my closest match of the day. I started with Dunsparce, but couldn’t get any energy for 2 turns. The entire game, I played about 5 energies from my hand maximum. M2X rox, and I was afraid of that one guy coming out and smacking my Gardy or Gex, as he got powered up really quickly. He also had one Espeon that KO’d 3 different Pokemon of mine, each time using Boost Energy to pay the cost. I made a stupid move at the end which almost cost me the game, sending up a Wobbuffet when I had a Gardy and Gex on the bench and a Boost in my hand. He KO’d the Wobb, and I sent up the Gex for the win.

    Result: Win, 6 prizes to 5.

    Round 5 vs. David Coleman II (Wailord/Aggron ex)

    He got a good start, and KO’d my Wynaut before he could really get me going, but he got enough. I had a Gardy and Gex out by turn 4, and I was thinking GG once again. I’ve really gotta stop doing that. He sent up a Jynx from the E sets and KO’d my Gex, netting him 2 prizes. This was critical. In the late game, he had a Lairon with 4 Metals and got both heads for his attack, getting my Gardy up to 90 damage. I had a Gex on the bench, and I didn’t realize how many prizes he had left. I dropped my Boost on Gardy, and attacked for about 70. He KO’d Gardy and won on the next turn. I’ve really gotta stop being so overconfident after a great stat. If I’d’ve switched the Gardy for Gex, it would’ve been all over, with me winning after KOing his Lairon and some other meat Pokes he had on his bench.

    Result: Loss, 6 prizes to 3.

    Round 6 vs. Abraham (Gardy/ex/Wobbuffet)

    This guy had me scared like krazy. First turn, we each had a Ralts with no bench. He went first, and failed on a paralysis flip. I topdecked a Gex, and I had a Candy in my hand, so I didn’t use the POR in my hand. After I attacked, I got really scared, thinking that he had a similar hand to my own and that it would cost me the game. He used a POR, and I literally wet my pants. He dropped a Wobbuffet, another energy on the Ralts, and attacked me, and I fainted, relieved. I Candy’d to Gex, smacked around his Ralts, and eventually got up a Gardy to finish off his Wobbuffet, his last Poke, for the win.

    Result: Win, 4 prizes to 2.

    I ended up with 4th place, and got myself a pretty little haul. About 10 packs of Dragons (Pokedok threw in a little bit extra from his stock), some extra promos that I needed, and 2 packs of Pokemon Trading Cards, which I traded to M45 for another pack of Dragons.

    We had a draft afterwards, 6 packs of Dragons with 2 boxes on the line. I drafted a nice Crawdaunt line with Camerupt backup. Literally everyone else drafted Magneton. I came in 6th and got 6 additional packs of Dragons. I was happy, because I wound up with 6 ex’s from my packs and the draft and some RH’s that I didn’t have before. In total, I won about 20 packs of Dragons, not including what I got in the draft, the Charmander from Dragons, and several pretty little promos to use later.


    M45 for trading me my entire deck (literally, 2 Gardy and a Wobb)

    Pokedok for the extra prize support and for judging the event

    M45 again for getting 2nd after beating me and raising my resistance to get me 4th.

    My last name beginning with an ‘A’ because that’s what it came down to at the end.


    M45 for beating me down twice, costing me about 20 more packs of Dragons (you’ve already got about 7 boxes and a case, why do you need more?!?)

    Myself, for getting overconfident too much.
  2. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    hey Ryan I wasn't boasting about my deck at all, infact I mentioned how poorly I did in WI with it. Maybe it was a miscomunication. I enjoyed our game alot and would love a rematch any time.
  3. bullados

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    that'd be fun!!! However, it'll probably have to wait till the TATM pre, cause I'm pretty much unavailable until then.
  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Great to see you again, and a blast playing...who knew the whale would rule????


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