A Hopeful Wind

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    A Hopeful Wind

    Chapter 1: Lost Secrets

    Andrew stared out of his bedroom window. He had dark brown hair, faily light colored skin and hazel eyes that changed color depending on what time of day it was. He was about 4' 11", and was the average wieght for a alomst 10 year old boy. He wore a white shirt with blue and green stripeds down it .

    "Andrew, time for bed," his mother called.

    "Just a second," he called back.

    Tomorrow was Andrew's big day. He got to choose his pokemon that he was to travel with, Mudkip. Torchic or Treecko. He didn't know which one to choose, and, by the rule of his family he would only deside between two. This is because Proffesor Bay is Andrew's dad, so he has to let the other trainer-to-be choose his or her pokemon first.

    Andrew struggled to sleep, but after an hour he managed to.

    The morning came and Andrew looked at his clock. 6:00! "That can't be," he thought. Then he remembered that it was spring, and we just moved the time forward an hour. He came down to "eat" breakfast, but he was so nervous that he only fingred his food.

    The time finaly came where Andrew came to the lab and saw his father. He had jet black hair, blue eyes and the smae coloring as Andrew. But there was one person at the lab that Andrew didn't know. He was on a bike, but it looked more like a motercycle. He was extreamly overwieght, and had this "I'm thougher than you look on his face".

    "Ralph, come in please," Bay said. Andrew guessed that this boy's name was Ralph, and, by the looks of it the name suited him quite well.

    While Ralph was in with Bay another person arived. She was beautiful, as her bright blue eyes matched the color of her shirt. her long black hair extending a little past her shoulders. Andrew was stunned at this perfect girl, the right size, wieght and hight. Andrew was about to ask what her name was but her was interupted by Ralph coming out of the lab with a ball that contained a Torchic. "Well, I,m not getting a Torchic," Andrew thought.

    "Who are you," Bay asked in his always optomistic voise to the girl.

    "I am Emily she said, and I am very sorry I didn't have time to register to get my first pokemon."

    "It is no problem, just come with me."

    Emily went with Bay and soon came out with a pokemon with a Treecko in it.

    Andrew followed Ralph's and Emily's footsteps into the lab. "So, I guess I only have one choise left. Mudkip." Andrew inquired.

    "Yes." Bay answered.

    "So let's go Mudkip!" Andrew cried. "Let our journey begin!"

    "Wait, before you go I need to tell you something."


    "First of all, please don't tell anyone this."


    "So, I need to start by telling you that that mudkip you have is special. Unlike the Treecko and Torchic, this Mudkip is discolored. Instead of orange cheaks it has green ones."

    "So, does the color do anything special to it."

    "Yes, it makes your mudkip more powerful. And the other thing I need to tell you is that no one belives discolored, or shiny pokemon exist. So this is a very special discovery. That is all. Oh, here are some poke balls." Bay said as he handed Andrew the poke balls.

    As Andrew left the lab and was suprised to see that Emily was still there. "Andrew," she said, stutering. "I was wondering if you would join me on a pokemon journey."

    Andrew was delighted that a girl this beautiful would invite him, just an ordinary boy to start a journey together. "But I have my mudkip." He thought, "So mabey I'm not so ordinary."

    "Sure," he said.
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    Chapter 2: Mudkip's Power

    Andrew and Emily walked down the path to Trensen Town. Walking though grass Emily saw a wurmple.

    "Cool." she exclaimed. "A wurmple. Let's catch it, treecko!"

    Treecko came out of the poke ball. "Razor leaf, now," Emily cried.

    "Tree-ko" Treecko exclaimed as he aimed the leaves at wurmple. The leaves hit it right on the spot and Emily through a poke ball at it. "Got you!" She exclaimed as the poke ball stopped moving.

    Meanwhile, Andrew was rumaging through the poke balls and saw two other things. One he knew was a pokedex, the other said on it: "Pokedex Chip, used to tell you what level your pokemon is."

    "Cool," he said to Emily. "Let me see what level your pokemon are."

    "Treecko: Level 6, Attacks: Razor leaf, Growl

    "Wurmple: Level 3, Attacks: String Shot

    "Wow, that was useful, thanks." Emily told Andrew

    But Andrew wasn't listening. He was looking up his Mudkip in the pokedex.

    "Mudkip: Level 5, Attacks: Water gun, Leer"

    "Andrew?" Emily said, worried. "We have a problem."

    "What is it?"

    "A chikorita is attacking my wurmple!"

    "Let me do something about this!" Andrew said confidently as he walked over to the chikorita. "Mudkip, Go!"

    The chikorita sent out a volly of leaves, but midkip dodged all of them except for one that hit it on its right check. Mudkip used leer, followed by a water gun. Chikorita yelled in pain and reluctently let its self be caught.

    "Chikorita: Level 4, Attacks: Leaf Volly"

    "How did you do that so fast?" Asked Emily.

    "Its my mudkip," Andrew replied. "It has special powers because its checks should be orange, but they are green."

    "What kind of special powers?"

    "I don't know, but we should continue to Trensen town, as we, and our pokemon need a rest. The we can each catch another pokemon or two."

    The two trainers reached Trenson town at night fall and slept with their pokemon at the pokemon center.

    "The day had been good," Andrew thoght. "I'm glad I found Emily, and that I can be a pokemon trainer."
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    Al...righty then. Whats the name of your made-up region?
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    There isn't a name. That is part of the story line. Should have made it clearer. I'll do that in the next chapter.


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    Time for chapter 3

    Chapter 3: Wurmple, Go

    Andrew slept a good nights sleep, dreaming about mudkip and the andventures they would have with Emily.

    When Emily woke up she looked around and saw a map of the region. "What is it called?" she thought. To find out she woke up andrew. "This map," she said. "It doesn't have the name of this region that we are in on it. Do you know what it is?"

    Andrew yawned. "No I don't, I was wondering that same thing."

    They left the pokemon center and left that thought, too. "What pokemon do you think we'll se next?" Emily inquired.

    "I don't-Want to battle!" Ralph yelled with a companion, a gruf looking girl who took no notice that she had interupted Andrew.

    "Fine." Andrew and Emily replied in unison. "It will be a two on two battle, each trainer allowed two pokemon!" Andrew said. "Begin!"

    "Go, Sperow!" "Go Wurmple!" "Go Magnamite!" "Go Chikorita!" Ralph, Emily, Ralph's friend, Tina and andrew yelled out.

    "Sperow, peck wurmple!" "Wurmple string shot!" Sperow charged and it became covered in string, but it inflicted hevy damage on Wurmple. But wurmple trudged on and used string shot offensively and hit sperow in the eye.

    "Sperow do your thing!" Sperow blindly ran to chikorita and attacked but chikorita dodged and came back with a razor volly to knock out Sperow.

    "Chikorita, Wurmple great job!" Emily shouted.

    "Wurmple: Level 6; Attacks: String shot, tackle"

    "Chikorita: Level 6; Attacks: Leer, Leaf Volly"

    "Sperow: Level 4; Attacks: Peck"

    "Magnamite: Level 8; Attacks: Spark, Glare, Spark Beam"

    "What is that?" Ralph asked as he sent out his Torchic.

    "It's a divise that tells you what level your pokemon is and what attacks it knows." Andrew said. "Watch."

    "Torchic: Level 7; Attacks: Ember, Growl"

    "Magnamite, beat that chikorita up," Tina yelled. Magnamite obayed and hit chikorita with multiple sparks after a glare, so it would do extra damage.

    "Chikorita, fight back!" That was Andrew mistake. As chikorita fought back magnamite hit it with a spark beam and knocked it out. But, as magnamite was sending its beam out wurmple hit it with a long range string shot in the eyes, blinding it.

    "Mudkip, Go!" yelled Andrew. "Give torchic a water gun!" Mudkip did as Andrew comanded and torchic was sent flying, knocked out.

    "H-How d-did y-y-you do t-t-that s-so f-fast." Ralph stammered.

    "Mudkips checks are green, not orange." Andrew replied. "It makes it stronger."

    Magnamite ended the scilence by sending a spark beam to mudkip, knocking it out, too. Easy K.O.'s were now common, as the pokemon were getting tierd.

    "Wurmple, tackle magnamite now!" Wurmple did so and magnamite got K.O.ed on the spot. But Tina still had one more pokemon. Torchic.

    "Torchic: Level 5; Attacks: Growl"

    Sudenly a light came over Wurmple. And clouds started to cover the sky. "Whats happening to wurmple?" Emily asked.

    "Its evolving," Andrew said.

    Soon a big silcoon came out of the evolution process.

    "Silcoon: Level 7; Attacks: String Shot, Tackle, Harden"

    "Silcoon, tackle torchic now!" Silcoon did and knocked torchic out.

    "Emily," Ralph said. "You won the battle this time, but be prepared for more."

    "I'm so happy about Wurmple. I love silcoon. She's so great." Emily exclaimed as they walked down the path to Trenson Town.
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    Chapter 4: Team Zambeth

    The clouds continued to get denser as Andrew and Emily walked down the road.

    "The clouds look extremly dark!" Emily said worreidly.

    "Yes they do," Andrew told her. "We should race to Trenson Town." Just as Andrew said this it started to rain.

    "Run!!!!!" Emily screamed. Both Andrew and Emily ran down the slipery hill to Trenson Town. But when they got there they were shocked. The town was flodded. Not a single door was above water.

    "Mudkp!" Andrew cried. "Help us across the city!"

    "Mud! Mud!" Mudkip got Andrew and Emily on its back and ferverntly swam to the first sunken building.

    "It's hopeless." Emily sighed. "The people are stuck in their with their pokemon and have no way to get out."

    "Well," Andrew said through some tears. "We'll just have to leave them here. There is nothing else we can do." So Mudkip swam on for an hour.

    "Good work, Mudkip. Thanks," Emily said. "You saved us."

    "Yes you did," Andrew told mudkip. "Here, have a treat." Andrew pulled a pokemon cookie out of his backpack and gave it to mudkip.

    "Mud-kip!" Mudkip exclaimed as he ate the cookie. "Mud-Mud!"

    "Come here little ones," said a soft, creapy voise from the bushes around them. "Come here."

    "W-Who are you?" Emily asked, scared.

    "I am a member of Team Zambeth, and the name is Naquita. I chalenge you to a pokemon battle one on one, one pokemon each."

    "Fine!" Andrew said. "We don't trust you one bit or your dumb organasation, but Fine!"

    "Okay then, go Tentacreul!" Tentacreul jumped into the water.

    With out asking Emily, Andrew desided he would take this one. "Go, Mudkip. Now we're both in the element."

    "Fine. You know the drill tentacreul. Fight while I go to sleep."

    "Ten-ta!" Tentacreul said as it unleashed a stream of acid on Mudkip.

    "Tentacreul: Level 42; Attacks: Wrap, Water Gun, Growl, Water Pulse, Surf, Acid, Poison Sting, Body Slam, Water Slam, Poison Slam. Note: This pokemon is raised by evil trainers and thus, is becoming evil its self"

    "Mudkip!" Andrew yelled as it fell to the ground form the acid. "Are you okay?" Mudkip made no noise. "We need to get him to the pokemon center as fast as possible!"

    "But the center is under water, and the rain is just making it worse," Emily told Andrew.

    "Well then we will dive to the bottom of the water and get inside."

    "Three things Andrew. One: none of our pokemon know dive. Two: we can't hold our breath that long. And three: we would kill our sselves and all they people there. Why? Because currently, the people are only stuck. No water is in the buidings. If we go in the water gets in and then we drown all the people in the center and ourselves."

    "Fine." he grumped. "At least the Team Zambeth person is gone."

    "Yes." Emily said.

    Suddenly Andrew fell to the ground. Emily went over to him. She thought he looked fine but when she felt his forehead she was wrong. Andrew was really sick and she was standed with him and his sick mudkip on a strand of land that in a hour or so would be underwater.
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    Chapter 5: Trenson's Secrets

    Night began to fall. Emily was strugling to keep Andrew and Mudkip upright and the water level was up to her neck. She kepton felling Andrew's forehead, and, she was no doctor but she could tell that he was extreamly ill.

    "Over here!" a voise shouted to Emily. "On the roof top."

    Emily looked up and saw a boy, not much older than she was calling out to her from a roof. "How can I get there?" she asked.

    "I'll come down to help you," he said.

    "Okay," Emily replied. She was worried. What would this kid do to her? To Andrew? To Mudkip? But she had to trust him. There was no other way to help Andrew ao Mudkip.

    The boy reached Emily quickly and Emily explained her stroy to him. He showed her a little engraving on the wall of the building and touched it. A small opening apered and Emily went through. "We are always underwater," the boy told her. "So we have these entrances above normal water level, but since it is raining right now most are under the water."

    "And what is your name?" Emily asked.

    "Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself out there, unlike you. I'm Matt and I live here in Trenson town. Now you needed to get Andrew to a doctor."

    "Yes," Emily said. "Badly."

    "Follow me." Emily folllowed Matt into a elevater and pressed the down button. "All the houses and buildings are conected through passage ways underwater and 'elevaters' can help you get to your destination faster. We even have a gym."

    "What kind of pokemon does the gym leader use?" Emily inquiered.

    "Water and ice," Matt told her. "She is the first of eight gym leaders in the Ohamak region."

    "Ohamak region, eh. So thats where we live."

    "You never knew that?"

    "Never." Emily said as the door opened and they got on the elevater. Matt pressed the button with a first-aid kit on it and with in second the doors opened again and they found themselves in a waiting room.

    Matt walked up to the nurse. "We need your help."

    "Well, Matt the last time you came in here I promised I'd take you before any others, so come this way." the nurse said.

    "How did you get her to promise that?" Emily wispered into Matt's ear.

    "It's a long story," he said. "I'll just say I was really sick."

    The nurse took them to a room where a doctor was already there. "Who is this?" the doctor asked.

    "My friend Andrew and Emily," he replied. "Andrew is sick."

    "Well then get him up onto the table and I'll take a look at him."

    Matt and Emily got the sleeping Andrew onto the table.

    "He looks bad," the doctor said. "Can you please leave the room while I preform the nesisary..."

    He was cut off by Emily and Matt saying"Sure." They went outside of the room and waited.

    "You know, Emily," Matt said. "I've never left town and I have a pokemon of my own, in fact, two, and I was wondering if I could join you on your travels."

    "Sure," Emily said. "But what are those two pokemon?"

    "A Torchic and a Tentacool."

    "Matt, Emily," the doctor said. "Andrew is ready." They walked into the room and Andrew was awake, lying on the table with a thermomoter in his mouth. "Andrew is really sick, but he will be fine in a few days. He has the flu, only really bad." The doctor took the thermomoter out of Andrew's mouth and gasped, almost droping it. "As I was saying, Andrew will need to be bed-ridden here for four days."

    Emily had one other coment. "Doctor, can you take care of pokemon too?"

    "Yes, I can. Is there anything that you need help with?"

    "Yes, its Andrew's mudkip. It's sick too."

    After a while the doctor concluded that the mudkip would be fine in the morning. "Any ways, you two need some sleep too, because you don't want to get sick."

    Matt and Emily quickly fell asleep in the doctors office next to Andrew.
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    sorry for the delay, but with school and writing this in word and then transfering it to here it is hard (I'm not a compute freak that can to everything) but I assure you, Chapter 6 will be good because now that Matt is here the cast is fully ready(yes, no more new characters)so we can have some fun.

    Thank you for all of your imput (there isn't much here, but I'm sure people read it, giving the amount of views it has. I look forward to more great imput and stories from all of you,

    Treecko (Mud-Mud)

    Note: Mudkip, you're in the story not with me. Now, you just got promoted to sig...
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    add me please. i have a blazeken ("blaze-blaze").

    that was weird blazeken.
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    Chapter 6: The water pokemon contest

    One week later

    Andrew and Mudkip had recovered from their illnesses and were good as new. They had stpped by Matt's house to say goodbye to his family. Emily explained everything to Andrew, so they started to leave the town.

    "You said that Trenson has a gym?" Andrew asked.

    "Yes," Matt relpied. "Sort of. You see it would be the first gym and the leader hasn't fully gotten all the traps and pokemon yet."

    "So, is there anything else in Trenson to do?" Emily saked.

    "Well, one thing." Matt told them. "There is a pokemon contest. There is one in most Ohamak cities and towns. Since Trenson is underwater, it is, natualy, a water pokemon contest."

    "Can we be in it? How does it work?" Emily inquired.

    "You choose one of your pokemon." Matt began. "And you use it to capture any amount of water pokemon in the enclosure. Only 5 people are allowed at a time in the enclosure. The officail will give you 25 poke balls to capture pokemon with. The person with the 'best' pokemon wins a prize, in this case, a water stone."

    Andrew, Emily and Matt walked down the path to the contest. When they got there are official talked to them. She told them the rules that Matt had explained plus another one. "You can only keep one pokemon that you catch. That pokemon is one of your choise. You must choose which one to keep before the judging."

    Andrew and Chikorita, Emily and Treecko and Matt and his pokemon he had chaught in his previous time in the contest, Tentacool.

    Matt found a pokemon first. "Tentacool, go!" suprised that the opposing pokemon was only another tantacool, he left the battle.

    Andrew was next. He saw a staryu. Chikorita came out of the poke ball and used leaf volly. Staryu came bach with a bubble attack and chikorita was barely affected. One last leer knocked staryu out. Andrew threw the poke ball and he caught a staryu. He was content and returned to the judge saying that he was done.

    Soon, the two other people in the enclosure came to say that they were done. One had cauught a magicarp, the other a tentacool. Matt came back with a wailmer. Now Emily was the only person left. She came back, but wouldn't say what she had caught.

    The judges graded the magicarp 5th spot and the person, named gregory went to the exit and waited for his friend, Eva. Matt was next with his wailmer followed by Eva with her tentacool. Emily and Andrew were the two people left.

    "Since there are only two people left," the head judge said. "I will now tell you who the winner is. The winner is ..."
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    Chapter 7: Chikorita and Remoraid

    "Stayu and Andrew!"

    Andrew was thrilled beyond belief. He had won a water stone. Andrew held the water stone up to the sky for all to see. Soon the stone started to glow. It became silver, then blue again. He put the stone in his bachpack and they left the enclosure, happy about their new water pokemon.

    "So, what did you catch, Emily?" asked Matt

    "A clamperl," she said. "I think its so cute." She let clamperl out of its poke ball.


    Andrew took out the poke dex chip and looked up the pokemon.

    "Clamperl: Level 6; Attacks: Water Gun, Whirlpool, Growl, Iron Defence"

    "Wailmer: Level 10; Attacks: Growl, Splash, Tackle"

    "Staryu: Level 7; Attacks: Harden, Squirt"

    "Can you look up my other pokemon?" Matt asked.

    "Sure," Andrew replied. "In fact, I'll look mine up too."

    "Torchic: Level 11; Attacks: Growl, Ember, Focus Energy"

    "Tentacool: Level 8; Attacks: Wrap, Water Gun, Growl"

    "Treecko: Level 8; Attacks: Razor Leaf, Growl, Light Screan"

    "Silcoon: Level 7; Attacks: String Shot, Tackle, Harden"

    "Mudkip: Level 6; Attacks: Water Gun, Leer"

    "Chikorita: Level 9; Attacks: Leer, Leaf Volly, Absorb"

    "Thanks," Matt said

    "No problem," Andrew told him. "Any time."

    "Now where is the gym?" asked Emily. "I think at least two of us want to get a badge."

    "Follow me," said Matt. "But make that three."

    Matt took them to the gym. Andrew desided that he would chalenge the leader first, and then tell Emily and Matt what it was like, as one one person was allowed in the gym at a time.

    Andrew walked in and closed the door behind him. He looked at the floor and saw that it was made of ice. Carefully, he walked to a corner of the gym, where a man was standing.

    "The leader of this gym is Umath. She loves water types. To get to her you must first defeat the two trainers in the gym and the obsticle."

    The man's speach made Andrew a little woirrried but he just smiled and said "Thank you."

    He walked through what seamed to be a maze, but it was hard to tell because the light was dim and there was a mist around the gym. Finally Andrew saw a trainer. The trainer came up to him and chalenged him.

    "It is a one on one battle." he said. "One pokemon each." He sent out a totodile. Andrew sent out his mudkip.

    Totodile sent a leer to mudkip and mudkip stagered back. Mudkip also came bach with a leer but it wasn't as strong as totodile's. Totodile hit mudkip with another leer and mudkip couldn't do anything. The match was almost over. Mudkip picked its self up and used water gun. It sent totodile flying and the match ending in an unpredicted way.

    Andrew sprayed a poition on mudkip and he was good as new.

    "Mudkip: Level 7; Attacks: Water Gun, Leer, Rage"

    The mist lifted a little and Andrew could see that he was standing on thin ice. He was at a dead end in the maze. The ice broke and Andrew fell into another maze, wiht thicker mist than before. A trainer was there and she chalenged him to an other one on one, one pokemon each battle.

    She sent out a snorunt. Andrew sent out Mudkip again.

    "Snorunt: Level 10; Attacks Powder snow, Doulble Team, Leer, Bite"

    Snorunt used doulble team and mudkip didn't know which snorunt was real or not. Mudkip used rage and, by luck, hit the right snorunt. Because snorunt had spread out all it's forse between 49 'fake' snorunts srorunt fell down, knocked out.

    "Well, you are worthy, go and procede to Umath. She awaits you."

    Andrew looked at Mudkip, though it was only level 7 at the time it had beaten a level 10 pokemon. He shoved that thought to the back of his mind and looked at his evel 8 mudkip.

    He walked forward to Umath. "This will be a one on one battle," she began. "Each trainer can use up to three pokemon. Begin!" Umath sent out a remoriad, and Andrew sent out chikorita.
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    when ya gonna finish this story i like it

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