A Nameless Deck (or call it Gardy Deck if you want)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Maik Reimann, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Maik Reimann

    Maik Reimann New Member

    Hi folks.

    Here are my choice for this tournament season 07-08. If you remember: I was this guy from Germany that has played a Feraligatr ex Deck last Season (I have called it Impex cause the german name of Feraligatr is Impergator and so the shortcut for "Impergator ex" is/was Impex). With this deck, I earned the 6th Place at National Championship in Germany and now, after the Rotation and with the beginning of a new season, I want to play a Deck with Gardevoir ex d from Dragon Frontiers.

    Here is the list of it:

    Pokemon( 22 ):
    4 Ralts d (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    2 Kirlia d (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    2 Gardevoir (EX Power Keepers)
    3 Gardevoir ex d (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    2 Swablu d (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    2 Altaria ex d (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    1 Magnemite (EX Power Keepers)
    1 Magneton (EX Power Keepers)
    4 HolonĀ“s Castform (EX Holon Phantoms)
    1 Mew Star d (EX Dragon Frontiers)

    Trainer( 24 ):
    4 PETM (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    4 Holon Mentor (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    4 Rare Candy (EX Holon Phantoms)
    4 Windstorm (EX Crystal Guardiens)
    3 Copycat (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    3 Holon Adventurer (EX Holon Phantoms)
    1 Warp Point (EX Crystal Guardiens)
    1 Switch (EX Dragon Frontiers)

    Energy( 14 ):
    2 Boost NRG (EX Dragon Frontiers)
    4 :fire: (EX Emerald)
    4 :psychic: (EX Emerald)
    4 :lightning (EX Emerald)

    Gardy ex d is the mainhitter. It can put Imprisson Markers on the opponents Pokemon to block Powers & Bodys and it can make DMG & move an NRG (or a Castform) to a benched Pokemon. Castform is the Starter here and it can be used as NRG. Altaria ex boost up Gardy ex d (if we have moved an NRG per Flame Ball last turn or else). Magneton can bring back NRG from the discard pile with his power or it can be hit with Magnetic Force. Mew Star is a tech card for Infernape. Boost NRG can be used for the normal Gardy from PK or Magneton. The normal Gardy can bring :psychic: from the Deck and can attack (against Mario Decks for example).

    Yesterday I have played my first Battle Road in this season with this Deck and there was many Empoleon Decks there (I earned 5th Place) and now, I want to fix it and make it ready for the nex Battle road in October.

    Any fixes & help are welcome. :)

    Cya, Maik Reimann from Germany.
  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    I don't see a whole lot a synergy with the Magneton and the rest of the deck. I think a 1-1 Fearow line would help much more. It would allow you to get your pokes really fast. I don't like the 4 Lightening energy. If you want to attack with a lightening pokemon, just use flame ball to transfer a Holon's Castform onto the lighting poke! I'd replace the lightening energy with psychic energy so Gardevoir has more to attach and maybe another fire energy. Looks overall like a nice list!
  3. Maik Reimann

    Maik Reimann New Member

    Thanks for the fix.

    Got anyone else fixes?

    Cya, Maik Reimann.
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