A new start: Zarlando's path

Discussion in 'Pokemon Fan Fiction' started by Charizard19190, Nov 24, 2003.

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  1. Charizard19190

    Charizard19190 New Member

    Ok, i'm about to start on a story that's interesting. it's about a boy that just started his Pokemon adventure. I'll be working on it, but it'll be a lil' while...
    ;) It won't be THAT long! :lol:
  2. Charizard19190

    Charizard19190 New Member

    Let'sa go!

    Ok, i'll start, & i'll narrate like this {Like this!} & the story will be like i'm typing now. ok? Let'sa go!

    Chapter 101 [1]
    Zarlando woke one morning to find out that it was his 10th birthday & he could get his first Pokemon! He got up & went down to eat breakfast, & headed out for Prof. Oak's Lab. It was a short walk, but it seemed like hours..he had left at 7:00AM, & he got at Prof. Oak's walkway at 7:10AM. He saw His best Friend Gary walking down the walkway. Zarlando said "Hey Gary! Watsup?!" Gary replied Nuthin' much..Just got my first Pokemon! I got a Squirtle, but i'm in a hurry to get back to my house to get supplies, then i'll be back!" & then Gary stormed off. Zarlando slowly went up to the gigantic porch, & then rang the doorbell, which sound like a Fearow crowing. He thought about what if Oak did'nt give him a Pokemon? & alot of things like that. Oak appeared at the door in what seemed like no time at all. Oak said "Hello Zarlando! I guess your here for a Pokemon, am i right?" Zarlando nodded "Yes" & Oak brought him in, & Zar sat down in a soft chair. Oak said "I'll be right back. i'm gonna get beverages." & walked away. Then the doorbell rang. Oak said "Can you get that? i'm busy of course, or i'd get it."
    Zar walked to the door {Imagine Luigi's Mansion, opening a new room.} it was his Next door neighbor, Gail Smith. she said "Hi Zarlo!" Zar said "I told ya, it's Zar or Zarlando, but come on in." they both sat down, as Oak reappeared, and said "Hello Gail. I'll be with you in a minute. Right now i'm with Zarlando. Come, Zarlando, let's set you up with a Pokemon." Zar said "I know Gary got a Squirtle!" Gail grimaced. She had either wanted a Bulbasaur or a Squirtle. But Zarlando could'nt say anything, he was being whisked away with Oak. Oak took him into a room with a machine in it. Oak said "Here's the Pokemon Starter Machine, where you get your Pokemon." Oak flipped a switch on the machine, & it whirred loudly. 2 PokeBalls appeared on it. Oak said "Take one. it will be your partner, your pal, & your Pokemon!" Zarlando took a PokeBall & Oak grinned slightly at Zar's PokeBall, & said "Why don't you see what you've got now?" Zar was nervous. What could it be? He was an expert at Pokemon moves & all, but this was it: Which one was it? Zarlando said "PokeBall GO!!" & a Pokemon popped out. Which one is it? Find out in the next Chapter!
    Well, whatcha think? i'll get on the next chapter soon enough.

  3. Charizard19190

    Charizard19190 New Member

    Alrighty, the 2nd chapter is short, but still good! & be sure to ask if ya need to know something or something seems confusing, k? i'll explain wateva to you.
    Let'sa go!
    Zarlando said "PokeBall GO!" & a.....Charmander popped out! Oak said "It's a great Pokemon, but I do say it'll be tough to train.." Zar looked at the Charmander, & it's tail fire was burning like no other Charmander he'd ever seen.
    Zar then looked back to Oak & said "Well, it's nothing i can't handle!"
    Meanwhile. Gail knew she would have to choose the last Pokemon, or do without. Zarlando & Oak walked back into the Living Room. Oak said "Are you ready, Gail?" Gail nodded 'Yes', but Zar could tell she wasn't. Zar recalled Charmander, in which he nicknamed Flame T. Without a moment to spare Oak & Gail were back into the room & a Bulbasaur was following them.
    Zar thought "Well, i'd better get going", & said Goodbye & thanks to Oak & Goodluck to Gail on her Pokemon Adventure. Zarlando went out the door in a hurry, cause what seemed like 15 minutes there at oak's, it was now 8:35AM.
    Zar hurried down the walkway, when he heard alot of comotion. Looking ahead, {He was at the gates now} He saw Gary driving his dad's Mustang {Heyheyhey!} with several Cheerleading girls in the backseat, & a large crowd was following him. Quickly getting out of the way, he waved to Gary & headed home, & about halfway there he passed Ash, and said "Hey", but Ash just blurted out "No time to talk BYE!" Zar blinked. He never saw Ash in a hurry...
    When Zar finally got to his house, he noticed a note on the door. He read:

    Dear Zarlando, my sweat son,
    I've gone out-of-town for at least 1 day or so...
    It's nothing for you to worry about, & take good care of your Pokemon if you have it.
    I've put clean clothes in your dresser & your fav food in the Frige.
    Take care!
    Luv lots, Mom

    Zar sighed a bit, cause he missed his mom already, but went into the house.
    Then he thought "Well, i do have Flame T, the house to myself & i can battle people!" to cheer himself up. Then he went into his Living room & sat down & went to sleep.


    Chapta 3 coming SOON!
  4. Charizard19190

    Charizard19190 New Member

    Sorry it's sooo long since i posted Chapter 3, but i been busy, & i only have a limit to how long i stay on [that's why i have short chapters.] & not alot of people seem interested in my story...but it's getting INTERESTING, & GETTING INTERESTING NOW!!![echos]

    Chapter 3
    Zarlando slept for what seemed like hours, & it was: when he got home it was 9:05AM & now it's 12:37PM!
    Zarlando woke with a jump when he heard his electronic phone/computer ringing. "Ring ring ring! Phone call phone call!" the machine rung. Zar trampled to get it, & it was Prof. Oak. Zar said "Hello? who's there?" Oak replied "Ah! i'm glad i got you! i was, uhhh, dong bussiness with Ash & I forgot to give you your PokeDex & PokeBalls! Go up to your room & upload your P.C., & i'll send them through there. See you soon!" {Remember, Ash got a special pokemon that he should'nt have: Pikachu. i guess Oak needn't say anything about it!} {i'm going to shorten things a bit, instead of dawdling & get on with the story.}
    Zar run up to his bedroom, got the PokeDex & PokeBalls from Oak & then decided to head out for a walk to streach. {he did'nt wanna leave out on his venture with his mom out & not telling her} As he left the house, {1:25PM, Oak likes to talk, ya know...} he noticed Jimmy Olander, a 9-year-old from Johto, who moved to Pallet about a week ago. he had a Caterpie to keep him company, since his Parents got a divorce, it was the Pokemon his Dad caught for him before they moved. Jimmy seemed to be interested in it, cause he had it out, training it against a shrub. "Smiley, String Shot!!" Jimmy called out. Sure enough, several stings came from the Cataerpie's mouth & wrapped around the shrub, but it just looked like a bush with some spider webs in it...Zar said "Hey Jimmy! Whazzup?" Jimmy looked up, & said "Hey Zarlando!! Do you have your Pokemon? If ya do, i wanna BATTLE!" Zar thought 'Wow...a battle...Flame T would have an advantage...& i can teach it Ember right then & there!' {Remember, Zar knows alot about Pokemon.} Zar replied "Ok! i'll take you on! Let's Warm them up & burn them down! Go Flame T!!
    Zarlando threw Flame T's PokeBall & Flame T popped out.
    "Let's go Smiley!" Jimmy shouted.
    Zar said, "ok. Flame T scratch Smiley!" Flame T lunged forward & scratched Smiley, somewhat doing alot of damage, cause Smiley seemed tired already.
    Jimmy shouted "Whatcha think yer doin' Smily?! Try that String Shot!"
    As Smiley was slowly recovering, Zar told F.T {Flame T} how to do Ember without Lv. training.
    Zar said, "Alright, F.T! Ember!"
    At that time Smiley was shooting Stringshot {a measley 3 strings...} & F.T had grabbed his tail & was blowing hard on the flame, creating embers that flew right through & burned the stringshot & hit Smiley; & it was the end of the battle.
    Smiley rolled over & is knocked out.
    Jimmy sighed, "Ok....Smiley return."
    Zar said "We won our first battle F.T!!" Jimmy said "well, thanks for the battle, & i got 2 go now, my momma's callin'!" Zar said "k, bye! F.T, return!"
    Zar decided to go back into his house & get something to eat, it was now 1:46PM {heh, that battle didn't last!} Zarlando walked into the house, & got some turky {Turky day today} & ate some, then went up & worked on his room. it needed cleaning.
    Well, Chapter 4 coming soon!
    & please, post something about how you like it.. no one's said anything....

  5. Zeron

    Zeron New Member

    prety good but you made a few errors. other wise it's good
  6. Kasanova

    Kasanova New Member

    Yeah, I've seen novels better but on any other note, not all authors right about the best thing in the world. Now Tracy West is a totally different story....Cool...Syonara,

  7. Pokemaster

    Pokemaster New Member

    Interesting Story. cant wait for part 4. keep em coming

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