A Pokéholic's Dilemma

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Broken Lizard, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

    I've been playing Pokémon ever since Fossil was released.

    I remember it clearly: my oldest son, then 9, had been obsessed with all things Pokémon for quite some time... just like every other kid in his school. When Fossil was released, he naturally asked for some cards.

    To convince me, he offered to teach me to play. I replied that, having seen a couple of episodes of the TV show, I was sure i would not like a game based on it.

    He persisted, and I gave in eventually.

    After a few games, I was hooked.

    I started out small at first, buying a theme deck and a few packs. Soon I was cruising the Old Gym and buying packs on a weekly basis. My two younger children got in on the act too.

    Eventually, I started buying cards by the box, and then by the case. I own 4 of every US card (other than error/prerelease versions). I'm a TO and a Master Professor (just a professor under Nintendo). I used to run 2 leagues, but now I'm down to one.

    When it was time for league, as recently as a year ago, all 3 of my kids would sprint for the car.

    Slowly though, the younger 2 lost their interest, and one of my leagues was closed by the owner to make room for 'more profitable' activities.

    My oldest turned 14 at the end of the summer, and his enthusiasm has evaporated quickly, coinciding with the beginning of high school. Just yesterday, he asked if he could sell me his (large) collection.

    So now, here I am: a 41-year-old man, addicted to a game designed for children. Those children have abandoned the game, and I feel just a bit silly continuing with it.

    Not only that, but whereas once I could claim that the obsession was 'a great way for me to spend time with the kids', now I leave the house alone, and leave my wife to handle the kids.

    She is not terribly amused.

    So, why am I telling you this? Truthfully I don't know (nor do I know why you are still reading).

    I guess I just needed to air my dilemma, in the hopes that someone had some magic words... :nonono:
  2. Darkmasterchris

    Darkmasterchris New Member

    Alas i wish my parents would have gotten into it too ive been playing since BAse im 17 now ive been playing since 5th grade when i was 10 or 11 i think, Its a fun game dont be ashamed in it try to get your kids back into it show them how much fun the game is.

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  3. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    =\ There is no easy answer that I can think of, I'm afraid...
    My best bet is to try to get the kids to get playing again, or maybe the wife. I know this may not be possible, but the best way through something like this is to get someone else interested so that you're not by yourself.
    Whatever you do, don't quit. :)
  4. Kasanova

    Kasanova New Member

    Hey don't feel bad. I know a 22 year old who loves it, my parents .ove it and they're 43 and 51, just remember why you're here: To talk about Pokemon with friends and have fun, isn't that the truth? Just enjoy it, I mean, there are Pokemon Professers and League owners, they have to like it to start it and they don't feel silly. What about all the people who translated and etcetera, they obviously aren't 10 or 11 now are they> And most importantly, the Creator, now we all know he has no shame. hoped I helped
    with a K not a C
  5. Joe Monkey

    Joe Monkey New Member

    Yeah I stared with base when I was like 10 and now I'm 16. I tryed to get my mom to play but that didn't work. My brothers and sisters use to play but they gave that up, but they still like pokemon:)
  6. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Pokemon is a game that promotes individualism. Those who play it are not known for following hypes (Cough Yugioh Cough), but go with whats fun. It is really ageless, timeless, and whateverness. I can't tell you what to do but just stick with what makes you happy. There are few things in life that can do that for people in this day of age.

    Pokemon is fun. Period.
  7. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Hey,there`s definately nothing wrong with that!

    My kids have gotten out of it as well and have been for the last few years.Why do I still do it?Because I love helping kids(and adults).I love being able to see the smiles on the faces,the excitement of opening new packs,the fun and good times of going to league.Just knowing that the kids are having a great time makes me feel good.Seeing parents happy that someone can do something for their kid ,no matter who they are, is just an awesome feeling.I`m doing something positive for alot of people and thats what I live for.

    I will always be blown away by the knowledge of what this game has done for alot of people.The friendship,the travelling to fun events,meeting alot of new friends and sharing the good times with them that would never have been if not for this game.It just simply blows me away.No matter what happens in the future,I will always cherish this game,the great community,and all the friends and good times this game has given to me and will give to me.

    I will always be a part of this rewarding game so long as I`m able.If I`m 80 and the game and Leagues are still around,and I`m able to make a difference in peoples lives,then damn straight I`ll be here!

  8. zell94606

    zell94606 New Member

    You still like the game obviously.
    I started playing when i was 11 and now i am 16 in high school.
    I once thought of quiting because of the lack of players and competitions in my area. instead of quiting i tried to get people interested in the game. And it worked. Now i played the game weekly meeting new ppl and enjoying the game.
    Play on. Dude.
  9. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    We need to make a Legendary Post section of the site and put this as the first topic there. This is what games, community, and friends are all about.

    Please don't quote the entire previous post unless you are referring to it specifically; as I said above, it's annoying to have to scroll through a lengthy post a second time. Thanks for your cooperation...
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  10. Skywolf1

    Skywolf1 New Member

    Broken Lizard:

    The Pokemon phemenon is one that trancends through all ages and ethnic diversities. I was told about Pokemon about 5 years ago. At that time, I was 27 years old. At first glance, I thought this was "odd" I really didn't think too much of it, so I had forgotten about it. Six weeks later, the same gentlemen told me about Pokemon again.

    I told him, that I would watch an episode. The next day, I did. It was ironically enough, the episode where Ash gets his "Marsh" badge. Given the fact, that that is also my middle name, I found this series to be very intriguing. I watched, a few more episodes, and then I saw not just a "cartoon", but a journey of a young boy, who is on a "journey" to discover a lifelong deam. He has experienced victories and defeats along the way, much like we all do, in the "journey of life".

    I have always dislike the "inappropriate" label, put on this game, as one being merely for children. I like to think of it, as one being one for all ages, and more importantly one for families.

    Lizard, I don't have children. I know many adults that play this game, that play this game that don't have children.

    This is not a game of merely pretty creatures on pieces of cardboard, but game of strategy and skill.

    Pokemon has brought me closer to people younger than me, about the same age, and older than me. Kids go through "phases", much as the same phases of life put people through.

    Lizard, you have done a lot for all players at your league, and these players I am sure apprecriate all your hard work and dedication. I feel that Pokemon is coming back, and with Nintendo getting their Organized Play structure up and running, I think you'll see that your kids, and maybe your wife will "rediscover" and perhaps your wife will "discover" the magic of this wonderful franchise.

    Additionally, I ask your son, if he'd like to take in a couple of games. It is possible that he still might enjoy Pokemon, however, the "peer pressures" of High School might be convincing him to think that Pokemon is just merely for Children, which of course it isn't.

    Hang in there, you have done a lot for the game, and quite a bit MORE for your family.

    There is NOTHING wrong with Pokemon, and age should NEVER be an issue. Truthfully, my interest in Pokemon, continues to get stronger, because I like to help people excercise there brains, and this game is one of the most challenging games out there.

    All the best,

    Marsh Schneidau
    (aka Skywolf1)
  11. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

    I am 27 years young I started playing when Fossil came out as well I was working at a Hobbytown USA and obsessing over MTG. My then boss asked me to learn and run his Pokemon League I instantly fell in love with the game and haven't looked back my daughters were too young to play then and now with them living with my ex wife it's just me that goes to league. I wish I could teach and play this great game with them , but right now that is not an option.

    So I play this game every week meet new people help them build decks ect. and all in all have a great time doing it.My girls may not be here with me but I have a great extended family though pokemon and right now nothing makes me happier than seeing them do well.

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  12. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member


    Whe I saw this topic in the "view new posts" search results, I thought someone had replied to an old topic.

    Then, in reading your post it was like I was reading my own story.

    We didn't jump on the Pokemon band wagon at first (our family is usually two trends behind everyone else), so I bought the Starter Set when it was on sale in the 1/2 price bin. Being the techie type, I installed the Play-It CD and we learned the basics. Then 4-year-old Bradley (wow, this goes back two years) couldn't read, but we would tell him what the cards said and what the attacks were called and did. He could pretty well hold his own at League. (Bradley, now 6, won the Sandstorm Prerelease 10- division using this same technique).

    Also a collector (coins, stamps, comics, LPs **"what's that?" - yeah, right!**), I, too, started with precons, then boosters, found a distrubutor for boxes on presell, now cases. Hopelessly addicted. (we won't even talk about the 'eBay phase' - I'll stick with trading, now, thanks!)

    I was one of the last to pass the WotC Professor test, and one of the first to be grandfathered with POP. Our area Master Prof is taking a break, and I'm running (well, trying to run with little attendance) a League to at least provide somewhere where anyone that wants to play, can.

    "Mrs Rainbow" likes dog shows, and we all go to them. I like Pokemon, and my better half has even been seen making 'bathroom runs' with the boys at the last SBZ :). My wonderful wife swings between mildly annoyed and really supportive of my Pokerus/pokeholism :). We try to compromise so no one comes up short.

    Brian Jr. is pretty good with Magic, and he helps us create and test Pokemon decks. He really is the strategist. Brian just turned 21. All four of us guys will be at this weekend's Dragon Prerelease.

    Poke-on! (oh, and I'm 44, BTW :D)
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  13. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    It's all about the 'ties'...the ties we form with others through the medium of this game and/or the anime.

    Ties between us and our children; ties between league members; ties between online friends and communities. Sometimes those ties are strong indeed and just grow stronger over time; sometimes they weaken and finally fall away to nothing.. But our lives are richer for them, and they influence us more than one can ever imagine a 'silly' anime or 'childrens' game' ever could.

    I've made wonderful friends from throughout the world via this game...and probably some enemies, too. Some of them I've had the opportunity to meet in real life, others I've not...but the ties are still there.

    I've seen AMAZING things happen through this game/anime...lives changed, lives turned around, true works of art created because of it's inspiration. People who started out as just names on a Pokemon message board are now friends I can't imagine not being part of my life...and I wouldn't trade ANY of it, the good and the bad...for anything.

    This TCG is truly for all ages; just look at all the adults who play, or parents who play with their kids. There aren't many games that can be simple enough for a five year old to play and still be complex enough for two adults to spend an hour+ on a single game, going down to last prizes on both sides; there's something very special here, and I think we lose sight of that sometimes. Age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality...all these things have been transcended by this 'silly' game and anime!

    Lizard, I feel for you and your dilemna; this isn't something I've had to deal with (...yet?). I just hope that you can find some kind of satisfactory compromise; everyone should have the time to spend on their own interest/hobby (within reason, of course), IMHO. Good luck :)

  14. Dunjohn

    Dunjohn New Member

    I suppose I'll join this here Old Person's Thread, though being only in my early twenties I'm not exactly among peers :D

    I started at Base 1 too, with a younger brother who, at that time, was just as eager to get his paws on this game. I'm the only guy around here who actually still likes the game - fits in with my "odd" image, I guess. I have a strong collector mentality, though currently Magic saves me from buying more than a couple of Pokemon boosters per expansion. Enough to see what's cool in it. It's a bit lonely, but I'm still trying to locate whoever else empties those couple of booster boxes the shops get in...
  15. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Allow the younger group to step in for a second. The thing that must be taken into consideration (as my mom has explained to me) is that we are teenagers, and we have so much stuff going on in our lives, whether it's friends, tests, sports (blech), dates (still havent found one), and many other things that I cant even think of right now. As a 16 "going-on-17-in-December" year old teenager, I go through a lot of these things day after day.

    However, I would like to say, as I mentioned in another post, that you, nor your kids should not be ashamed to expresse themselves in the way they want. For some, its playing sports. For others, its arts and entertainment. and For us, its Pokemon :lol:.

    Either way, don't sell his collection. You can probably use some of those cards anyways :lol:
  16. Adv1sor

    Adv1sor New Member

    You are not alone Broken Lizard. And please realize that, even if they no longer play and even if they don’t say so, your kids think better of you because you played and still play the game.
  17. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Follow your heart. I know that sounds corny, but if you're doing something you enjoy, then why quit???
  18. Imperial

    Imperial New Member

    dont worry bout it!
    people just think its "for kids" because most pokemon are cute.
    The actual gameplay though, is alot more complex, and involves stratagy. I mean older people play magic, and dont feel bad about it. if pokemon had "Magical Cleric" and stuff, with Fire Energy and stuff people wouldnt thoink a thing of it. So dont think its a bad thing
    -Me Rambling On About Something
  19. AXE

    AXE New Member

    I'm 16 now and i went through the same stage your son is now going through. Just entering high school and starting to think the they game is for little kids. Then my dad talked me in to playing another game with him and i remembered how much great fun it was and haven't evan thought about quiting agian since then. So just try to get your son to sit down and paly one more game to remind him how great the game can really be.

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