a question about the value of a 2001 No. 2 Trainer trophy card

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by PikaPikaPika, Nov 30, 2018.

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    I am asking this question on behalf of my cousin. He has a raw 2001 Japanese No. 2 Trainer trophy card awarded at the 2001 Neo Spring Battle Road. I cannot upload his card here because he is currently out of town. However, I have found a similar card on ebay and added it this post above. The card on ebay is not his; it belongs to someone else. I have put it here for you to view as a reference.

    When he comes back, he will submit it to PSA for grading. He told me that it could be a PSA 8. After he gets it back, he will sell it on ebay.

    If it comes back as a PSA 8, he will sell it for $60000 US. The reason why he will set that price is that a 1999 1st edition English Charizard from the base set with a PSA 10 has recently sold for $40000 US. He has looked up the POP report on the card on the PSA website. There are about 2000 copies of the 1st edition English base set one graded, 118 of which are PSA 10.

    Compared to this Charizard, there are only a handful of trophy cards released every year. Besides the trophy cards awarded in the early years (1997-1999), those given out from 2000-2002 are absolutely unique in the sense that they are personalized. That is, the winner' s name and the location of the tournament were printed on each card, making the cards very special. So, only one copy of each card exists in the world.

    If a PSA 10 charizard sells for $40000 US, he thinks his card possibly given a PSA 8 will sell for a higher price.

    (1) Do you think anyone will buy it at that price ($60000 US)?
    (2) If not, what do you think would be a reasonable price?
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    Sent you a pm for contact info on someone who can help you.

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