A Raichu EX Deck? Are you kidding?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Kyogre, Nov 8, 2003.

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  1. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Unlimited so sue me, and no Slowking nor Sneasle here so this has a chance.

    3x Pichu (SS)
    3x Pikachu (Tin Version)
    3x Raichu EX
    3x Cleffa (NG)

    3x Oak
    3x Oak's Research
    3x Recall
    3x Wally's Training Method
    3x CPU Search
    3x Item Finders
    3x Gold Berry
    3x SER
    3x GoW
    3x TV

    4x Recycle
    14x Lightning Energy

    Why Oak's Research?
    I took a tip from someone on the board. While I use to play Elm, I thought about it more in depth, its like an oak's research with the ultimate draw back. Why shoot myself in the foot? So yeah...

    Pokemon Nurse: Simple, Raichu EX discards all of its energy after it uses the super attack so its only natural to heal it in between the attacks.

    Recall: This is where it shines in speed. Pichu's attack is to take 2 energy cards from the discard pile and puts it on a Pokemon of your choice. Well with recall you can use that attack during the Raichu EX stage. Which makes it so you can power this up fully every turn.

    "Rare Candy or Wally's Training Method? I can't decide. While one offers speed, the other offers a search but it has to be in your deck, and yes I have run into the problem where all of my Raichu were in my hand and I had the useless Wally's Training in my hand."

    EDIT: I will so use Wally's Training based on this Ruling:

    Q. Can I use Wally's Training on a Pokémon that has already evolved normally that turn?
    A. Yes. Wally's Training can break the rules for normal evolution in that case. It also can allow a player to evolve a Pokémon the first turn it is in play, except for the very first turn of the game (for each player). In order for Wally's Training to break the "first turn of the game" evolution, the card would have to specifically say so. (Sep 26, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

    Therefore I can Evolve my Pichu into Pikachu using the baby Power, then use Wally's Training to evolve it in to Raichu EX.

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  2. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Whats the tin version of Pikachu do?!?
  3. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    50 HP
    C: Agility (Normal Text)

    LC: Thundershock (Normal Text) 20

    Weakness: F
    Resistance: None

    Retreat: C

    I know of the SS version and yes I know of the LLC Pika Bolt (40) but I prefer this one.
  4. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Hey, I like that one better too! I can't wait to get a tin! Do you happen to know what the Meowth does?
  5. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Yeah but its boring, there is a topic in either single card strategy or general discussion I think.
  6. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

  7. dkates

    dkates New Member

    You listed your Rare Candies twice, FYI. Deck itself looks strange, but workable. Try it out, see if it works.
  8. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Thanks dkates, changed that. Also I changed the deck based on a ruling I found that would speed the deck up quickly.

    Also I tried the deck out today, although not as fine tuned as this is now, and it was pretty good. I even faced a pretty good fighting deck and still came out on top.
  9. surfingpika

    surfingpika New Member

    I have a suggestion
    -3 Recall
    -1 Cpu Search
    +2 Mysterious fossil
    +2 Aerodactyl (this one has a power where any pokemon can use any preevolution attack anytime)
    This change gives you a couple more pokemon without having to rely on pulling recall. That could be useful if the opponent has a Chaos Gym in play. If I remember recall right, that trainer only works for 1 turn.
  10. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Great Idea surfingpika! I'll change the deck accordingly.
  11. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    be carefull, Neo 3 Aerodactyl does the same for your opponent.....

    I would also reconsider dropping Wally's Training. With all the cards available in unlimited, and the draw power this deck already has, do you really need WTM? I would consider adding Energy Stadium, for just in case as well.

    Also drop Gold Berry for Nurse i would think?
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