A tl:dr 2nd Place Ontario Provinials Report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Nu Gundam, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    Report by: Nu Gundam
    Deck: Gardevoir/Furret/Gallade
    Event: Ontario Provinials
    Location: Middle of nowhere ... I mean Mold-Masters Sports Complex in Georgetown
    Format: Modified (HP-on)

    Yesterday was the Ontario Provincial Championships. I decided to play GFG since there was an abundance of Gardevoir/Gallade in the Cities and what I opened from tins I bought (2 Gardevoir LvXs in 4 tins :biggrin: ). I left before 9am so I can fill up the car, after picking up Kant and Monta we headed to Georgetown at 9:30. However, part of the 401 was closed due to a truck rollever and as a result, a long and annoying detour was needed to get to the arena and we arrived there at 11am (under normal circumstances, we should have arrived at 10:30am). When I was checking over my decklists, Kant told me that there was a bit of difference with Monta's list and I ended up asking Garret and Coleman for the cards I needed for the change.

    Round 1 - Brian Cresswell (Lucario/Absol ex/PK Omaster)

    I set up extremely quickly thanks to Furret and Gardevoir and I was ahead. However Brian pulled some tricky plays with Absol EX and Omaster which KO'd one of my Gardevoirs and Gallades, but it was too late as I was way too ahead in prizes, so he decided to scoop.


    Round 2 - Terry Kohler (T2 Parasect/Meganium d)

    He is the League Leader of the Georgetown Pokemon League, and since this is Terry we are talking about, it is a total mystery what he plays. I had a lone Ralts start, while I managed to evolved it into Kirlia and Gallade quickly and KO'd one of his Parasects quickly, but the extra damage + poison from Wild Spores caused it to fall from the second Parasect. I ended up using Furret to set up for a second Gallade and he decided to sent out Meganium d to KO by Furret. My second Gallade ended up taking out his Meganium d and his second Parasect thanks to Scramble and DRE. When he brought out his third Parasect, I decided to use my Feraligatr to take out his third Parasect in one blow to prevent any more troubles. Afterwards I proceed to bring down the rest of his Pokemon for the victory.


    Round 3 - Curtis (Some weird Banette/Magmortar/Houndoom deck)

    Lone Totodile start + Opposing Pachirisu = Done for in T3, bah


    Round 4 - Greg Cresswell (Banette/Blissey)

    We both have set up pretty. However, I came ahead on the Galatic's Wager and brought down his Shuppets before they could evolve into Banette and his Lake Boundary proved to be his undoing as I took down two of his Blisseys while only flipping over two prizes. Then I Brought Down his Minun and another Chansey for the win.


    Round 5 - Rafael (Infernape)

    He suffered a serious energy drought and I proceeded to make it a swift victory by taking down his Chimchars and other Pokemon


    Round 6 - Zach Lesage (Gardevoir/Gallade)

    Forgot what happened, but I came up short


    So I ended up in 7th place and in the playoffs ...

    Quarter Finals - Geneses (Togekiss/Salamence EX PK)

    He had a Togepi and I have a Ralts start. He tried to Find a Friend but failed, then I attached and Smacked for 10. Then he played Crystal Beach and Rowan'd, but couldn't evolve his Togepi into Togekiss and failed to Find a Friend again. I Rare Candy'd Ralts into Gardevoir and start Telepassing to set up (though we both keep not drawing stuff with the Rowans). Then he failed to Find a Friend next turn, I then proceed to keep Psychic Lock his Togepi, Bagon, and another Togepi while he attaches his Fire Energies to another Bagon to stall. Then he Rare Candy'd the Bagon into Salamence EX PK, but he doesn't have enough energy to attack. So I sent up Gallade to Sonic Blade it and forces him to send up the Skitty from the bench. Then I Brought down the Salamence EX down and did the same thing with his last Togepi.


    Semi-Finals - Matthew Koo (Gardevoir/Gallade)

    My Furret + His lone Kirlia = T3 win for me


    Finals - Greg Cresswell (See above)

    Game 1 - We both have set up very quickly and began to trade blows, but he ended up being slightly ahead due to Banette. However Scramble Energy kicked in and I quickly caught up and become ahead. Greg decided to head on to Game 2 after I have 1 Prize left.

    Game 2 - It is pretty much the same as Game 1, but at the end I made a stupid mistake buy switching between Gardevoirs since I should've leave one taking care of Blissey and prepare the other one. However, time called after the end so it is a sudden death Game 3

    Game 3 - T2 Shuppet for him >>;

    After the tournament Marvin (the PTO) decided to have a small photo-op after we received the prizes, and it was a long and tedious drive back to Toronto as we tried to find a place that is all you can it due to lack of food input. We ended up eating in an all you can eat Japanese place for an hour or so and then I proceed with more tedious driving to get my passengers back home :tongue: I guess with this done, time to prepare for Regionals ...


    - Big props for Kant for helping me with the last minute changes along with Coleman and Garret for borrowing the cards needed for the changes
    - The 16 packs and the trophy (well ... it is more like a glass display)
    - The tournament ran smoothly without much trouble
    - Monta got 3rd in Seniors
    - The food after the tournament
    - Scramble Energy!


    - Got Rickrolled by TRUK over the deck list ... Granted I deserved it since I didn't clearly tell him I was Kant's "chauffeur" :lol:
    - Feraligatr for helping me against Terry ... yet the lone Totodile start screwed me over in style in Game 3 :rolleyes:
    - The day costed me $100 (gas + food)


    - Kant got screwed out of top cut due to resistence :nonono:
    - Misplays and stupid mistakes
    - Sebastian (Pokekid) didn't come because of his World of Warcraft addiction, I probably need to send him to rehab
    - Didn't eat anything major until 8pm (no, two grain bars and two cans of energy drink do NOT count as lunch)
    - Whoever truck driver that caused the oil spill on the 401 and the highway closure in the early morning while I took the more crappy detour option
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  2. Omega_Prime

    Omega_Prime Member

    For the record i didn't scoop, i attached my energy and rolled heads for the tail whip on my skitty to your Gallade, you simply teleported your Gardy lvX back and brought down or locked me for you last prize.

    So all in all i didn't scoop :thumb:

    i don't know if the same out come would been the same if it was 2 out of 3... maybe, maybe not

    Good Job

    P.S. some one owes me a Gardy SW, Kant borrowed one from me :tongue:
  3. brendan2236

    brendan2236 New Member

    gg w/gatr is the play.... gj man
  4. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Good job Kevin and lets hope you can try and make 1st next time:) Great job!
  5. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    You were doing so well too! I was really impressed by that final. Some of the best playing I've seen came from that match - on both sides. I'm glad my stash of cards was helpful in any case. Good job, and keep it up for Regionals.
  6. sar86

    sar86 New Member

    It really suck that you didn't win Kevin, you've been plauged with too many 2nd place finishes this year
  7. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    Eh, I can't really complain since Kant deserves to complain more consider what happened :frown: At least I was able to uphold my little bet with Matt during the Great Encounters PR that I will make top-cut. :lol:
  8. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    See my post in Kant's thread.
  9. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    *Reads the post* Yeah, I can definitely see where you are coming from, but Kant also has a point since POP can't really do anything either. Still, if the Provincials had taught me anything, it is that I will make sure I actually eat a proper lunch during Regionals ... though that is kind of impossible due to lack of lunch break and food places nearby :rolleyes:
  10. Throne0fLegends

    Throne0fLegends New Member

    stupid kirilia drought... everytime against you I get like nothing. It's your stupid curse cuts that leave me with a ralts and 6 energies... i just needed 1 plus power tho to knockout your ralts on the bench.. that woulda been funny XD

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