A Tunnel of Light: Chapter Three

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    Since my other story didn't work out I have a new one. But first, a few comments.

    1. I didn't stop writting the other story because of little feedback. I stopped due to my lack of intrest in it. In other words, I knew I screwed up, so I'm fixing that.

    2. This other reason I stopped was because I didn't have a lot of time. But I recently had a schedule changed so I can really keep this one.

    3. I promise that I will post at least one chapter a week unless I say I can't. This will almost never happen.

    Okay, enough dronning. To the story!

    A Tunnnel of Light

    Chapter 1: Leaving Home

    Daniel woke up bright and early on his tenth birthday. he was going to be a pokemon trainer! He patted his dark brown hair, which was always messy. Daniel was your average ten year-old boy, somewhat slim, and tall. His bright blue eyes reflected water, and his hair, however messy, shinned like a becon.

    Daniel skipped breakfast dispite his mother's insisting. He was too anxious to meet Proffeser Elm and choose his starting pokemon. He ran down a hill to find Elm waiting for him.

    "You are the only new trainer this year," he began. "So you can choose which pokemon you want with no limitations. Your choises are Cyndaquill, Chikorita or Totodile."

    "How do I know which pokemon to choose?" asked Daniel.

    "You don't," replied elm. "But I can give you some advise. Most people choose Cindaquill for two reasons. The first is that it is hard to find fire type pokemon in the first routes of Johto and that a fire type is good when battling the first few gyms. Aslo, fire types can easily beat grass and bug types, which are the most common types of pokemon. Chikorita is the pokemon that the least people choose. It is bad against the first few gyms and is a grass type which are abundant, especaily in the first routes of Johto. Most people choose Cindaquill or Totodile and just catch a good grass type early on. More people choose Totodile than Chikorita, but less choose it than Cindaquill. Totodile, although bad against grass types is a great starter because you can't find water pokemon until the first gym is beaten. But knowing you very well, Daniel, I think Chikorita would be a great choice for you. You are always ready to accept a chalenge with open arms, and, if you choose Chikorita, this will be the bigest chalenge of your life."

    "I think you are right," Daniel told Elm. "Chikorita will be a great choice for me, so I'll take Chikorita."

    "This is fabulous," remarked Elm. "Not only are you the first person to accept the 'chalenge' of training a Chikorita in a year, but I have a Chikorita with a personalety types just like yours, wanting to chalenge everything with in limits and very optomistic."

    And so, on this sunny spring day Proffeser Elm handed Daniel a Chikorita and a pokedex and so, the journey of a new trainer begins to unfold.
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    Okay, sorry chapter 1 was so short, but Chapter 2, which is longer is here.

    Chapter 2: A Sentret Worth Looking At

    Daniel walked down a path near some grass. He sat down next to a tree and unpacked some lunch. He hadn't even taken a bite of his sandwhich when he saw a pokemon. Intreged, he walked closer to it. The pokemon was crawling closer to him. After Daniel looked in a patch of grass he saw the pokemon, a Sentret! Daniel had studied pokemon in school and Sentret had been one of his favorites. Ratata did almost nothing for him. In class they often comparred the two and Sentret always seamed to be much better.

    "For starts its much cuter," Daniel had said in class when debating Ratata or Sentret. "Sentret also can learn rollout, a move not of its type, normal. Also, Sentret learns attacks quicker and is is much more likely to be loyal and caring than Ratata."

    "Chikorita, go," Daniel called. 'Lets catch a Sentret!"

    Chikorita flung its self at Sentret, using a tackle attack.

    Sentret, who was caught off gaurd took every inch of Chikorita's powerful tackle into it. Even after one attack, Sentret seamed well weakened.

    Using a poke ball Daniel had gotten from his parents he threw it at Sentret. The poke ball swayed from side to side, and side to side. The dot in the center started blinking. And stoped. Sentret bursted out of its poke ball and landed right next to Chikorita.

    Sentret let out all of its remaining energy that it hadn't used to try to get out of the poke ball and tackled Chikorita. Like Sentret, Chikorita was caught of gaurd and stumbled to the ground. Sentret thaught it had finished Chikorita off and was going into a dive for the final blow when Chikorita dodged the attack. Sentret hit the grouund with full force and was knocked out.

    Daniel threw another poke ball and Sentret was caught. However, both his pokemon were weakened so Daniel went to the only place he new; New Bark Town. He knew that Elm could heal his pokemon and than, he would really embark on his pokemon journey.

    A few minutes later a person flew in front of Daniel. She was wearing a shirt with a big R on it.

    "Who are you?" Daniel asked.

    "We are Team Rocket," She said, pointing to her male companion standing next to her. "In order to pass you must first defeat us. Zubat, show 'em how its done."

    Daniel was pondering. "Against a Zubat, Chikorita would be horrible, but it has much more energy than Sentret," he thought.

    "The key to becomming a pokemon master is type advanteges," his teacher's voise rang in his head.

    "Sentret, Go!"
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    Chapter 3: Rocket's Scheme​

    "Ha, a Sentret," she laughed. "This will be easy!"

    "You think so!" Daniel said, mocking her voice. "Lets show them how its done!"

    "Sen-tret!" Sentret said as it leaped up into the air and caught Zubat with its tail.

    Zubat struggled under Sentret's wieght.

    "Bite it, Zubat. You know how its done."

    But appaently it didn't. Zubat still flailed under Sentret. Sentret was getting tierd quickly.

    "Sentret, you really can show Zubat how to use bite!"

    Sentret did, but grabing its chance, Zubat flung its tail at Sentret. Sentret was sent flying into a tree.

    "Sentret, are you okay?" Daniel asked calmly.

    "Tret, sent-tret," Sentret replied faintly. Sentret, with no energy left to fight walked up to Zubat, who was dancing in the air and grabbed it. Sentret used its tail to lay Zubat on the ground. Sentret put its head on Zubat and fell asleep.

    "What in the world are you doing!" The female rocket member screamed at Daniel. "No pokemon sleeps on my Zubat and gets away safely!"

    "Um, Pauline, I don't want to tell you this but Sentret justed knocked Zubat out. it must been some totaly origanal attack." The male member said.

    "Tyler, shut up. You only got a Krabby from the boss. He even said, since I got a Zubat, I am superior." Pauline said to Tyler. She then looked over at the snozing Sentret and saw that Tyler was right. Sentret's little 'sleep' attack had knocked Zubat out.

    Daniel looked over at Sentret. "Sentret we did it. You won! you beat the Zubat! We won!" Daniel let Chikorita out of its poke ball and, with Sentret, they partied a little before heading back to New Bark Town.

    "Eh, stupid little punk," Pauline said. "We'll get him next time."

    Pauline's cell phone rang. She picked it up. "Hello, Pauline speaking," She said, extreamly agitated.

    "Don't be so harsh, Pauline. It was only one battle lost," the person, undoutably her boss said. "But I do have one thing for you and Tyler to do."


    "The kid you battled, Daniel. He is very powerful. If he gets past all the gym leaders of Johto, he will have the power to take over our organisation. you two must stop him. defeat him as many times as possible so he can't procced. I know you are only new members but I trust you."

    "Okay, we will do our best."

    "Good, and one last thing. Don't let the boy obatain any companions. That will servely decrease the chances of you completing your mission. Good luck."

    "What did the boss have to say?" asked Tyler.

    "Lets put it short. The boss just promoted us." Pauline explained."I'll tell you the details once I am sure no one can hear us."
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    So sorry about not getting back to this. Things kept on popping up and I didn't have time to even reply that there won't be a new post. Tomarrow there will be. Promise.

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