A very crude Machamp. Maybe States?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Blue Wave, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Blue Wave

    Blue Wave New Member

    Having played 15-10 at Cities with Gyarados, and then 1-10 at States this far with the very same deck, maybe it's time to try something else?
    This list is highly generic, if not downright bad - this is why it's here, of course!

    4x Machop SF
    3x Machoke TM
    3x Machamp SF
    1x Machamp LV.X
    3x Uxie LA
    1x Uxie LV.X
    1x Azelf LA
    1x Mesprit LA
    1x Unown Q MD
    1x Regice LA


    4x Pokémon Collector
    2x Bebe’s Search
    2x Looker’s Investigation


    4x Super Scoop Up
    4x Rare Candy
    4x Pokémon Communication
    2x Warp Point
    1x Devoluter
    1x Luxury Ball
    1x VS Seeker


    3x Broken Time-Space


    10x Fighting
    3x Double Colourless Energy


    The strategy is plain and simple. Get out Machamp SF, then start hitting away with Take Out, Hurricane Punch, and possibly Rage.
    I have considered Machamp with 2 SF and 2 Prime, but had no real clue as of how to build it:redface:

    Therefore, any help is appreciated with this somewhat speedy version. I am 100% sure I´ve missed something very important - that´s what you get for only playing Gyarados during three-four months!

    If you have to, change 30 cards; this list is very buggy, that I can tell because I´ve tried.
    The lack of teches seems quite disturbing, since the only thing in here against Gyarados happens to be Devoluter.
  2. Mike130593

    Mike130593 New Member

    Machamp SF are known for their speed. You need draw cards such as Poke drawar+ and pokedex.

    In my machamp deck which is similar to this on I run

    2 Unown R
    4 Poke drawar+
    3 Pokedex
    3 Uxie

    This is all for draw power.

    Other changes I would make are changing out the machamp level x for a prime. I can see why you would play the level x because you can do a hundred for one energy but the prime is a better play. The level x means that a physic restore from Uxie can almost knock you out.

    Also yo may want to add in some junk arm to get trainers back

    As for cards you should take out the double colourless arent really needed, 10 fighting energy is too much, you only need six or seven. You dont need super scoop ups because you should have a constant stream of machamps, there is no need for healing.

    Hope this helped
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