Absol/Houndoom with strtegy and pokemon description

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Karsten_chetcuti, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Karsten_chetcuti

    Karsten_chetcuti New Member

    I wanted to play a disruption deck, and when absol was released I was always thinking what to play with it to make a complete disruption deck. I know that many people played the Dark Wing Deck, but I wanted something different so I decided to play him with the new houndoom.

    Author: Karsten ‘Karist’ Chetcuti
    Date: 9th May 2008
    Format: HP-GE
    Deck: Houndoom / Absol


    4 Absol (SW)

    4 Houndour (GE)
    4 Houndoom (GE)

    1 Umbreon* (POP5)


    4 Pokedex Handy 910 (DP)
    3 Celios Network (CG)
    3 Night Maintenance (SW)
    3 CC (CG)
    3 Steven’s Advice (PK)
    3 Team Galatic’s Mars (SW)
    2 Team Galatic’s Wager (MT)
    2 Castaway (CG)
    2 crystal Beach (CG)
    2 Roseanne’s Research (SW)
    2 Dusk Ball (MT)
    1 Scott (PK)


    6 Basic Dark
    4 Fire
    4 Multi
    3 Special Dark

    Main Strategy

    This deck depends very much on luck, because it focuses on discarding cards from your opponents hand and therefore you need to be lucky to discard their most important cards.

    The best starter is obviously absol; the main strategy is to start with absol, if not try to get as fast as possible, than use his 1st attack to try to get your opponents hand down to 1 card, it shouldn’t be that difficult unless your opponent KOs absol. If you manage to get your opponents hand down to 1 card it shouldn’t be that difficult to win unless your opponent play a card that makes him draw a number of cards (for example copycat, Steven’s advice, Galatic’s wager or some professor card) or if he uses a poke power, like for example claydol; to counter the poke powers there are the CC, which shouldn’t be very difficult to get with the castaway.

    Anyway, after you destroyed your opponents hand, try to get houndoom ASAP and start KOing your opponents pokemon.


    Houndoom is the main and only attacker in the deck. It has a good 90hp, dark type therefore can abuse of dark energies. 1st attack is quite good since does 20 and discard a card and 2nd attack is very good, because with 2 energies can do 70 (if discard a dark energy) or 40 + burn (if you discard a fire energy) or 70 + burn (if you discard a multi energy). Weakness and resistance are fairly good and normal retreat cost.

    Houndour is there to evolve Houndoom, he is one of your possible starters, you have 44% chance to start with Houndour, personally I don’t like this Houndour very much and I’m playing him just because he is the only legal Houndour to play lol. The only good thing is that Houndour is fire type.

    Absol is the best starter in this deck, again you have 44% chance to start off with absol. This card is amazing, especially because of the first, which can discard up to 2 cards from your opponents hand; 2 cards can change the whole game. Lately absol haven’t seen much play because of claydol, but absol can overcome claydol, or by try to prevent claydol from being played by discarding it (matter of luck), or else by playing the CC. Absol’s 2nd attack is also good because it can surprise you opponent, and with a special dark it can deal 50 damage, which will KO an average basic pokemon.

    Umbreon* is another possible starter, the worst starter, you have 11% of starting with Umbreon*. Umbreon* is there for the poke-power, because will discard a card from your opponent’s hand, its attack is also fairly good; it can help you to snipe. You must also be wise when to play Umbreon* and your CC because if there is a CC you cannot use the power. Also when you need to stall send out Umbreon*, so that it gets KOed and then you can retrieve it with the night maintenance and reuse the power.

    Pokedex handy

    It seems as a bad card, but actually can help you a lot, because you can revel the top 2 cards and choose one of your choice, and the best part about it its that its not a supporter.

    Cessation Crystal

    This is a fundamental card in this deck, because it will shut all annoying powers and bodies, like for example claydol and all the powers in GG, this can prove very important at the end of the game.

    Crystal Beach

    This is another important card, since it nullifies all special energies which provide more than 1 energy, therefore it will nullify both the double rainbow and boost energies, which are being played very much in this new format.

    Team Galatic’s Mars

    This card has the ability to draw 2 cards and put an opponent’s card at the bottom of his/her deck. As a drawing card it isn’t the best but the 2nd effect is very good, because in this deck it helps to destroy your opponent’s hand.

    Team Galatic’s Wager

    This card is being played very much, it reminds of the legendary rockets admin; it is quite good because it can ruin your opponent’s hand. In deck this is played when you wasn’t able to destroy your opponents hand with absol.


    In this deck this is also a great card, because it can grab from the deck and energy, supporter and poke tool (CC). The energies could be very import since houndoom discards energies.


    Scoot is mainly in the deck to be able to grab the crystal beach


    I will post the match ups later because I don’t have them all yet.

    First of all thank you for reading this article, I know that this isn’t the best deck there is and that is counts a lot on luck, but its fun to see your opponents face when you discard him a very important card. I describe this deck as crazy as it can win against everything but also can lose against everything. So if you consider yourself lucky you should give it a try.

    Thank you once again
  2. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Why not 4 special darkness energies? Double rainbow may be needed to keep up the pace of discarding for Houndoom. I know it's tough on multi but if you don't any deck particularly GG that goes rush aggro will be very problematic.

    Good article structure.
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