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  1. sacredj

    sacredj New Member

    Redshark 3.91 Deck List
    Date: Thu Mar 24 22:16:44 2011

    Name: Absolutley


    POKEMON: 23
    Stage 1: 4
    4 : Lucario, CL-14
    Basic: 19
    4 : Sableye, SF-48
    2 : Crobat G, PL-47
    4 : Absol (Prime), TM-91
    3 : Uxie, LA-43
    2 : Unown Q, MD-49
    4 : Riolu, PL-91

    TRAINERS: 21
    Trainers: 3
    2 : VS Seeker, SV-140
    1 : Luxury Ball, SF-86
    Pokemon Tools: 3
    3 : Expert Belt, AR-87
    Supporters: 15
    3 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    3 : Judge, UL-78
    4 : Seeker, TM-88
    3 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97
    2 : Palmer's Contribution, SV-139

    ENERGY: 16
    Special Energy: 11
    3 : Warp Energy, SF-95
    4 : Double Colorless Energy, GS-103
    4 : Darkness Energy (sp), CL-86
    Basic Energy: 5
    5 : Darkness Energy, CL-94


    Start with sableye/absol. Sableye gets collectors to set up etc. Absol hurts bench as soon as they start and going second will start wrecking turn 2. Lost zone a bunch of pokemon with absol (mostly the other saybeles and maybe a lucaio line). When it is no longer efficient to use absol, switch to lucario and wreck some more.

    crobat g to help snipe week stuff of the bench/what absol falls short of k.oing also can be used as lost zone fodder.

    well what do you think?
  2. jalkan

    jalkan New Member

    i quite like it.
    but i would say to cut down big time on the expert belts.
    lucario is quite week and can be KO'd pretty quickly with uxies. luxchomp would just take prizes wayy quicker than you.
    also, you don't need 16 energy especially with 2 palmers and 2 expert belt.

    my fixes:
    -2 expert belt
    -3 basic dark
    -1 palmers contribution

    +2 poke'turn
    +1 cyrus conspiracy (to search out an energy/supporter/turn)
    +2 pokemon communication
    +1 energy exchanger

    i think these changes will make it run a lot smoother, less clunky and hopefully more consistent.
    i hope i helped.
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