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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by Ace_Gaming, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Ace_Gaming

    Ace_Gaming New Member

    Dear players,

    After giving this a lot of thought and careful consideration, we feel that now is the time to bow out gracefully. Ace Gaming will be closing it's doors.

    Theres a great many reasons on why we have come to this decision. The sad fact is that it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain a strong player base. Interest is dwindling, and has been for sometime now. It has taken all my time and effort in order to try and maintain interest in the game. The issue I have with this is I will be starting university later on this year, and simply will not be able to spare the same amount of time I have been doing to keep this going. Under different circumstances, yes I would love to be able to do this on a full time basis - but the reality is I can't. And I'm not sure many other people could either.

    Please understand that this is a very difficult decision, for me personally, to come to. I have literally kept my nose to the grindstone for the past 3 years and built upon what was before, a very very limited gaming community. It really does hurt to be leaving all that hard-work behind, and more-so to know I'll be letting down a lot of our most loyal members - and for this guys, I apologise from the bottom of my heart - I really do. Weekends won't ever be the same again! :frown:

    I will of course offer my full support to anyone who wishes to carry on running tournaments & leagues for this area, in any way I can. Please get in touch with me if this is the case. I only hope that they can suceed where I failed. However, just to be clear it WILL NOT run under the name "Ace Gaming".

    Our eBay shop will remain open over the next couple of months just whilst we clear out all of our stock. Bear in mind all of this will be severly discounted in the days to come, so do be sure to pick up a bargain.

    Finally, I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that's supported us over the past three years; especially to our players who without we could not have achieved what we did. It's been an absolute pleasure knowing you all, you've been fantastic and words cannot express how much I will miss it. :frown:

    So from Ace Gaming, farewell to you all.

    Ben Hargrave
    Owner, Organiser, and Player.
  2. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    Uh...What is Ace Gaming?
  3. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member


    anyways.... although i have only been to one or your tourneys i felt that you did a great job..... hope to see you around ... :)
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Can someone post WHAT AREA in the world this affects?
  5. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Well, clicking the store link in his sig, it goes to a UK ebay store, so my guess will be the UK.
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    It's a UK store, Pokepop :)
  7. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    to be more exact its the north east region of UK
  8. Jaedon

    Jaedon New Member

    You'll be missed...

    Hi Ben,

    You'll certainly be missed, but thanks for all the help in getting us started. If any of your players want to keep their hand in, we'll be delighted to welcome them to our League in Leeds (Friday nights) and we hope to run tournaments in the months ahead. You're always welcome to join us... anytime!

    You've got my e-mail address I think, but PM me if not

    All the best for Uni

  9. kalisco

    kalisco New Member

    Poliwhirl doesn't understand why we haven't been to Hessle this year :frown:
  10. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    poliwhirl can come down to london, kylie miss poliwhirl :)

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