actually PLAYABLE Dragonite ex deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by coolhedgie, Apr 26, 2004.

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  1. coolhedgie

    coolhedgie New Member

    Hey I thought of Dragonite ex combo the other night. This card and the word "playable" usually never belong in the same sentence, but I think this could match the speed and possibly power of many decks out there if used correctly. :
    Pokes: 18
    4 Dunsparce (SS)
    4 Dratini (dragons)
    4 Dragonite ex
    3 Magma's Numel
    3 Magma's Camerupt

    Energy: 18
    8 Lightning
    8 Water
    1 Rainbow
    1 Multi

    4 POR
    4 Rarecandy
    1 Fisherman
    4 Nurse
    2 Strength charm
    3 Pokemon Reversal
    3 Magma Ball
    1 Birch
    2 Warp Point

    Strategy: Get one or two camerupt, one drag ex, and a few energies in your hand by second turn. This makes drag ex quick and 70 a turn for the rest of the game (hopefully) nurse removes the dmg from camerupt every few turns, and also from drag ex when needed. One multi and one rainbow are included on the off-chance you end up needing to fight with camerupt. Strength charm is tEcH for 150 HP monsters.
    I'll take any suggestions; the one thing I have problem with is a Bex getting to my camerupt. Other than that, with the testing I've done so far, the decks works oddly well. :D
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  2. TennisEmperor

    TennisEmperor New Member

    Dragonite ex is better with Swampart/magneton. Use magneton to get energys back from discard and swampart to attach two energys per turn. If you are going to use camerupt atleast add in 2 skitty/2delcatty/4oracles to help setup and for discarding energy to get with camerupt.

    And by the way dragonite ex is playable and it made it in the top 4 at one of the tournaments i was in. You just have to use swampert and magneton with it.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  3. coolhedgie

    coolhedgie New Member

    I tried the swampert idea once, but it was too slow. It got pwned. Also, the idea of this deck is for a quick 2nd turn force. I try not to fumble around with long-term advsntages like delcatty. :p Regardless, thnx. Anymore suggestions?
  4. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Heya hedge. I made a deck like this not too long ago.. its extremely fun to play with!
  5. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    it doesnt work hedgie....
    camerupt only takes basic nrg cards from discard and puts it on camerupt along with the damage.

    but i dont think it can work as smooth as u think.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  6. Hero

    Hero New Member

    dragonite's call for power.

    and btw, I said it was fun to play with.. I just didnt have luck with it :x

    possible fixes: fastball (only 2 evolutions.. you want one or the other, id probably run 4 :O)
    kill the str charms, max poke reversals
    -1 POR, -1 nurse, -1 birch, for TV reporter ;D
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  7. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    Like I said before hedgie

    Dragonite EX and Playable dont belong in the same sentence
  8. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Either that or I suck. I thought I made my dragonite ex deck to the best of my ability and it just didnt work out. I was very sad to see such a cool pokemon go to waste T_T

    I ended up blaming dragonite for my failures. Go me :(
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  9. TennisEmperor

    TennisEmperor New Member

    Ok the swampert works a whole lot better than this because even if dragonite ex dies youll still have a backup. Plus this deck will loose later on in the game every game using camerupt but if you use swampert it actually works and you can also use latias ex in this deck.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  10. Hero

    Hero New Member

    or turbo amphy/lanturn ;x
  11. coolhedgie

    coolhedgie New Member

    rofl jermy ;x niiiiice :p

    regardless, k thnx
  12. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    rofl jermy i meant that too... yea std is the best to use drag ex with, plus you cover swampy's lightning weak with drag's resistance
  13. coolhedgie

    coolhedgie New Member

    pokey drag ex doesn't resist electric ;/
  14. Hero

    Hero New Member

    ROFL ;/

    Hes thinking gameboy, where dragon resist light ;x
  15. NEWMAN

    NEWMAN New Member

    newman here, i like your deck idea i was the first at least in my area to give this card a chance when aq ma came out i thought of something very similar to this which i think you might have more fun with i give you props though for using and thinking of something fun different but competitive...ok so here we go.

    4x dratini
    1x dragonair
    3x dragonite EX
    3x Aquas Lanturn
    2x magnemite
    2x magneton

    7x water energy
    7x electric energy
    3x boost energy (i will explain)

    3x oracle
    3x weakness gaurd VERY IMPORTANT unless you areodactyl
    3x juggler
    3x birch
    2x copycat
    2x switch
    1 town volunteers
    3x pokemon nurse
    2x oran berry
    3x archie
    3x rare candy

    play around with this and see what you think, dragonite for resistance to grass and fighting protecting your weakness on lanturn and magneton. magneton for water, along with boost for quick damage or just against water. weakness guard to protect you from crystal shard most decks only run a max of two and colorless pokes etc. magneton to get energy back juggler or just to put right back down on dragonite the next turn. what i like about the deck is you have few basics you garranty your self a dratini or magnemite which you can do quick damage with second turn. most of all though the opportunity to do 70 damage every turn like you were doing with camelrupt. good luck to you in the future.

    p.s. if you dont know me im the one who envented wailord fossils. HA HA HA
  16. coolhedgie

    coolhedgie New Member

    k thnx everybody ;p
  17. Mr_Fuji

    Mr_Fuji New Member


    4x Dratini
    3x Dragonite ex
    2x Magnemite
    2x Magneton
    2x Team Magma's Numel
    2x Team Magma's Camerupt
    3x Dunsparce

    6x water
    7x Lightning
    3x Boost

    4x TV Reporter
    4x Professor Oak's Research
    4x Rare Candy
    3x Pokemon Nurse
    3x Pokemon Reversal
    3x CopyCat
    2x Warp Point
    2x Professor Elm's Training Method (GOOD IN THIS DECK)
    1x Town Volunteers

    Okay, It's a bit rough. I'd need to playtest.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2004
  18. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    As soon as I saw it I was about to say something just like this.... then I saw Newmans post.... Dropping Swampert line for Aqua Lanturn is defenitely the way to go here... the Boost are greatness here for the 120 daamge attack (even if it is a flip)... now for my rendition....

    3 Sparce
    3 Dratini
    1 Draginair
    2 Drago EX
    1 Drago Exp (free retreat baby!!!!)
    2 Mite
    2 Ton
    2 Skitty
    2 delcatty
    1 M Fossil/Under Sea Fossil (prolly better for Sparce to find)
    1 Aero EX
    2 Aqua Lanturn

    7 Lightning
    7 Water
    2 Boost

    4 Oracle
    3 Copycat/Oak/Shaman (personal preferance)
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Archie
    2 Aqua Hideout (tricky little Drago aint he....)
    1 Town Volunteers
    4 Nurse
    3 Reporter/Juggler

    This is personally closer to what I would play. Aero here for the Shard protection, you only need a 1/1 with Oracle Catty combo. Should recyclye nicely, and Ton can be a big hitter too.... Boost helps everyones attack (cept Lanturn/Sparce) which is nice....
  19. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    my bad its flygon that resists electricity...
  20. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel Active Member

    Yeah, but this could make a nice speed deck although, like many speed decks, it gets fragile if the opponent gets set up.
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