Adrian Saunders' Arkansas States Report

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    Hey there everyone! I hope you had as much fun at your state’s championship as I did. Well, this one isn’t ‘my’ state, but I was born and raised in Arkansas, so I felt that I needed to invade their borders and own their players. Which I sadly did. I went 5-2 that day, with only one loss to an actual player (more on that in a minute) and plenty of experience gained. I played something that was half my own creation, and half based on a tried and true idea. I played Sablelock at my last states, which was Oklahoma. I was ok with it, but still am not anywhere as good with it as I should be. I decided to go with a similar idea, Sableye locking, and pair it with some usual characters, and add a tech to increase the damage output of the deck. Since I played Blaziken FB as my primary attacker, I was told I was playing “Chenlock” all day long. Though I am familiar with the deck, I have to say that it could be said that that’s what I was playing, but my build is so ridiculously off track from Jason Chen’s original that this can’t be called Chenlock. So I proudly named this wierdo beast “Shadow Baller”, because Drifblim FB is amazing in this format, where a bench clogged with Uxies, Azelfs, Lucario GLs, and Vileplumes can all be exploited for their weaknesses. Anyway, onto the story.

    Denver and I left home at about 5:30 am, which is long after we should have left. We were optimistic, but early success didn’t bode on the late drive problems we were going to have. Denver set up TomTom, as usual for any road trip we take, and I quickly fell asleep. Lo and behold, I awoke with about 40 minutes to go until we got to Little Rock. Denver was visibly agitated and wanted me to look at the GPS. Apparently, we were scheduled to be about 40 minutes late. Registration ended at 10:40 and were going to arrive at 11:20. I got out my phone, turned on the GPRS and loaded Google Navigation. I decided that taking a certain exit and back highway along 9 would be more direct, and it is this I blame for the later shenanigans. We ended up getting lost, and instead of avoiding having to go through Little Rock, that’s precisely where we ended up, after taking the freaking scenic squirrel route. So we arrive an hour late, and have trouble locating the play area. When we find it, we were shocked to see that the first round had yet to begin. We registered in a hurry, but were still forced to take a first round loss. I was fine with that, and an hour later, I began my saga.

    Round One vs. Automatic Loss (0-1)

    Yeah, we were late, and this is what happens. All I can say is that you should play your trips better than we did.

    Round Two vs. KGL (1-1)

    This guy was pretty nice, but mentioned that he wasn’t very good. Although I personally hate when people admit that they aren’t good, I also expect to only have epic six turn battles with insanely skilled opponents 110 percent of the time (See last game of Oklahoma States). I didn’t start Sableye in this game, but rather Drifblim FB. I love the card, but its two retreat cost meant I had to poketurn it out of the way or risk getting mauled. He starts with Sableye, impersonates a Bebe’s Search, and get’s the bottom half of KGL. I think to myself, “this is cake”. Legends are harder to set up than FlyChamp, so I figure I had this locked up. I quickly get out a Blaziken and poketurn Drifblim out of the way. He puts a Mantine into play at some point and this along with Fire Breath lets me Vapor Kick two Sableyes to death. He gets a Magnezone Prime into play, and uses Magnetic Draw. I remember that I sprayed it add insult to my two prize lead. I was beating his setup, but I didn’t rest. I put a Psychic energy onto Drifblim as insurance, and continued to sweep him, killing Mantine and something else random. He ended up benching a Budew SF. If you’re not familiar with it, it has only 40 HP. I remember really wanting to kill it with Shadow Ball to take my last prize, so I poketurned Blaziken to get the fire energy and Gain back, (even though I could have used Jet Shoot to win the game) and then I attached it to my newly promoted Drifblim, and Shadow Balled that friendly bud for the game.

    Lunch (autowin)

    I went with the Brocats to a local Steakhouse/Grill, and had a burger with Charlie and Denver. Charlie hit on the waitress, but got the cold shoulder. I’d like to mention that Charlie was looking sharp dressed like a 1930′s gangster.

    Round Three vs. Sneasel/Sableye (1-2)

    I reflect on this game often, and though I can’t imagine it playing out any better, I really did get stomped all over. My opponent was a nice guy, who oddly enough had the word “Topdeck” on his arm in sharpie. I thought “Does he forget to draw?”, but we didn’t really discuss it. Once again, I didn’t start Sableye, but my opponent did. After he impersonated for like three Sneasel, I benched some stuff and then Judged us, hoping to slow him down. I ended up really shooting myself in the foot though, because he still had a Sneasel on the bench. I had no idea what Claw Snag did, but I wish I had. Its power lets you discard a cards from your opponents hand when you evolve it. He did what I just described and saw that I had BFB X in my hand, and he discarded it. He then impersonated a Team Rocket’s trickery, and I had to discard yet another card. I couldn’t draw into anything good, because he used Second Sight Slowking to disrupt my topdeck. Suddenly it made sense why he had it on his arm: to remind himself to use Second Sight. Well his ideal setup to my dwindling hand let him sweep my field with minimum resistance.

    We played a pickup game which was very close, but I lost due mostly to a crucial misplay in what I decided to Luring Flame, and in part to Charlie screaming absolutely accurate advice into my ear directly.

    Round Four vs. Recon (2-2)

    If you’re wondering what Recon is, then you probably haven’t seen the theme decks for the new set Call Of Legends. One is called Recon, one is called Retort. And yes, this guy was playing with the theme deck called Recon. It’s the one that features Tangrowth. This kid sat down and began shuffling roughly with his unsleeved cards. It kinda concerned me, so I asked why he decided not to use sleeves. He said that he didn’t have any. He explained on his own that this was his first tournament, and that when he arrived and had his deck checked, he was told that some of his cards were “illegal” and not “suitable” for tournament play, so they gave him a theme deck. Imagine a kid actually doing the “quotes in the air” thing with his fingers. I laughed a little.

    Anyway, we set up and he starts Tangela, and Magmar. I finally start Sableye, and get a decent setup. I impersonate a Cyrus’s Initiative, and get one heads. I see that he has Tangrowth and plenty of grass energy in his hand, so I make him lose the Tangrowth. On his turn he benches a Pidgey I think, and then attacks with Nutritional Support to attach a grass energy. I let this go on for a while during my setup phase, and when I finally retreat Sableye to start attacking, his Tangela has about seven grass energy on it. I cringe to think what Tangrowth could be doing to me had I let him keep it. Anyway, I Jet Shoot a couple of times to clear his field and get the win. I hope he comes back in the future, considering he actually got a win at a “Big Four” tournament with a theme deck.

    Round Five vs. VileGar (3-2)

    This was a nice girl, and apparently she was sitting next to her boyfriend, who was destined to make top cut. She played VileGar, but my lock/Drifblim FB Combo completely outsped her.

    She started Azelf to my Sableye, and I impersonated a Judge. On her turn she benched a Spiritomb and passed. I got out a Blaziken FB and Drifblim FB. I impersonated an Initiative, and got one heads. I put something moderately useful to the bottom of her deck. She then top decked a collector for Gastly, Oddish, and Uxie. She benched them all and then used Set Up. I couldn’t spray it, so I just let it happen. She evolved to Haunter, and had to pass one more time, so I attached Psychic to Drifblim, and I promoted and killed her Azelf with Jet Shoot. She promoted Spiritomb, and then Darkness Graced for a Gloom, while also evolving to Gengar on her turn. I used Jet Shoot to KO her Spiritomb, and after promoting Gengar, she used Communication to get out another Gastly. I managed to get out a Houndoom, and used Fire Breath. It was successful, and then taking a risk, I just used Jet Shoot for the KO, and she flipped tails on Fainting Spell. She couldn’t do anything but promote a Gastly, and next turn I used Shadow Ball on her Gloom for the game.

    Round Six Machamp/Donphan (4-2)

    This guy was one of the loudest people who I had ever met. He persistently shouted conversation across the room to others during the round, and no one stopped him. He played Machamp/Donphan, and having sat next to him the round before, I was confident I could beat him.

    He sarted Sableye to my Sableye, and he impersonated a Collector for a Machop, a Phanpy, and an Uxie. On my turn I used Collector, got a Blaziken FB, a Houndour, and an Uxie. I benched through and set up, attaching a Gain and energy to Blaziken. After I could no longer play through my hand, I impersonated a Judge, and he called grumbled as he shuffled his hand away. He had to Bebe’s to get out a Phanpy, to which he attached energy, then Impersonated a Bebe’s for the Donphan Prime. I played through my five card hand to get Blaziken active, and then I used VS Seeker to get back Judge and played it again. I then used Jet Shoot to kill his Sableye. He promoted Phanpy and couldn’t find the Donphan, and then I wrapped it up with Jet Shoot.

    Round Seven vs. DialgaChomp (5-2)

    This was the roughest game for me, not because it was hard, but because it was against Denver, my fellow teammate. We were both 4-2, and thus this game meant that we couldn’t both end 5-2. Just that sucked. Denver almost conceded to Ty the round before, having felt bad for playing Dialgachomp against Ty’s newly revamped (and effective) MewPherior. So Denver ruined Ty’s run and then had to play me. I thought about the chance of either of us making top cut and then whether or not I should concede. But then I thought that I didn’t ride all this way to give up to my friend. I won’t even share the nasty details of this game, suffice it to say that Blaziken FB totally owns Dialga G X. This game was brutally short and I came out the winner with Denver only taking one prize. Sorry bro.

    After the emotional defeat of my friend, my exhaustion caught up with me. The TO took my deck to be checked for top cut. I went outside to trade and get some stuff I needed. I showed Daniel Parham my deck, which he said was “effective”. That praise was sufficient for someone as new to the game as me. I traded happily, reflecting on my success. The TO shouted that the standings were posted, and I hustled over to the wall where the paper was taped up. I saw that top sixteen was listed, and I was …. seventeenth place. I missed top cut by one place. I couldn’t believe my luck. I held some hope that if someone dropped I might still make it in. But things didn’t quite work out that way. I rue that we were late, thinking that if only we had made it on time I could have won my first round and been in better standings. But even if that was the case, I would have played six different people throughout the day, and these people would have won their first game. So in the end, I know my seventeenth place rating was exactly what I deserved. Ty told me the TO was looking for me, and after he gave me my deck and list back, he told me “better luck next year”.

    I will post my decklist on my team's blog later. Check it out to see all the nuts and bolts!

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