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    You can read the full (long) report on my TCG blog: But I will post an excerpt here. Hope you like it!

    Round Five vs. Tyranitar

    I was proud of this game. I played a girl named Keeli Armitage, and her Tyranitar was pretty good. It got out two of the beasts, both to tanking level, but I still won.

    I started with Sableye, and began my ususal disruption. She used a fast Rare Candy/BTS style of deck, and quickly had Tyranitar out and was using Power Claw. She took several prizes while I rushed to get out my Promocroak. By the time I got it out, I had put enough damage onto T-Tar to so I could one shot it with Poison Revenge. I took two prizes for that one, but it was still on. Being one prize in the lead, Keeli opted to stall. She got out an Umbreon UD, which I loathe, and I realized that the only thing on my field that could damage it was my little Murkrow. I decided to Build up my benched Honchkrow, while Murkrow did 40 Cumulative damage with Flap. Right when I was about to lose Murkrow, she switched to T-Tar taking out my murkrow, and taking advantage of this, I used Toxicroak to do 120 damage and poison. She slapped a rescue energy on it, and then killed my Toxicroak. I don’t remember what I used next to attack, but poison killed her Tyranitar between turns. I took two prizes and the Rescue did nothing. She put forward Umbreon and my Garchomp C X took my last prize on her benched something or other. Good Game.

    Round Six vs. Magnezone

    This game was a brutal example of how nasty a lock can be. After his first turn, he had a little crew of Magnemites going, and I judged. I kept this up with Impersonate/VS Seeker, and impersonated some Cyrus’s Initiative in there somewhere. After the lock stage, he didn’t have more than 2-3 cards in his hand for a while. Judicious use of Chatot G kept him from lucking out of it. He managed to get a Gyro Ball Magnezone out, but he didn’t have the energy to do anything with it. One Chatot drop revealed two lightning energy, a double colorless, and a pokemon collector. I didn’t want any of that in his hand, but I gave him the DCE, and did my best to get out Honchkrow. By the time he did his first Gyro Ball, Big Daddy Krow was ready to do work. His crew of magnemites and whatever else turned into +30 damage, and even with Lightning weakness, BDK showed this guy what was up. Good Game.

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