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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by waterblast, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. waterblast

    waterblast New Member

    please help does well and sets up pretty fast - but i end up losing a lot of times and i don't know why :( if some one can please help me and make some changes i would be very thankful... :pray:

    btw - it crys against rampario decks - still need to test against mario decks ...

    Pokemon = 20

    3 elekid dp
    3 electabuzz df
    3 electivire dp
    1 electivire mt

    4 chansey
    4 blissey

    1 squirtle pop 4 -----
    0 wartortle (instead of worrying to apply and FF energy AND a fire energy to one poke - should i make the line 2 - 1 - 2 or 1 - 1 - 1 ?)
    1 blastoise d cg -----

    trainers = 24 ( i think this is where i need help the most)

    DRAWERS = 10

    4 TV rep

    4 Pokedex Handy 910

    2 Stevens Advice ( i think i might change these for 2 warp point or stone - need your opinions though)


    4 Celios (dont know if i should have 3 celios)

    3 Holon mentor

    2 quickball

    OTHERS = 6

    2 rare candy (mainly for blastoise - can also help T1 knock out with blissey)

    2 windstrom (for CC) (should i make it 3 windstorm?)

    1 night maintence (for electivire x)

    ENERGY = 16

    4 boost energy

    2 multi

    10 lighting energy

    strategy = Well blissey will be your main attacker and he'll have so many energys on him (considering he can get from the discarded pile.) Before he will be knock out intense voltage all the energy to electivire. then electivire will go for the kill. before electivire gets K.O then you intense voltage it to another electivire (if you didnt already discard it with giga impact) if you did - then level up to vire level x - intense voltage 2 energys to him so that he can attack.

    so please tell me your opinions! thanks! :pray: :pray:
  2. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    To get out a your 1-0-1 Blastoise you rely on topdecking one of those two rare candy, while the Squirtle and Blastoise are searchable. But then the whole thing is still useless if your opponent runs cessation, which a lot of fighting type and Lucario based decks tend to do. You could use the same number of spots on two Holon FF (not searchable) and two Fire Energy (searchable with Castaway)
  3. waterblast

    waterblast New Member

    yeah..thanks. i understand what you are saying but my plan is to have a lot of drawer cards (which i do) then hopefully get my rare candy...if they are running cessation i have windstorm. ive tried holon energy FF and it really dosent work. i have to wait 2 turns to attach it and by the time i do my poke is already dead. appreciate the advice....thanks!
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