Alpha and Alpha omega from mmbn3

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    For all the megaman fans here is alpha and alphaΩ

    Alpha 120 hp :psychic:

    Recreation Pokepower
    Once per game you return all pokemon, energy, trainers, ect. into their respective players decks (excluding prizes)(Everything in hand, discard, inplay excluding prizes).

    Atomic bomb
    :psychic::colorless This attack does 30 damage to all of your opponents bench pokemon. If the defending pokemon has a pokepower to stop this attack the defending pokemon takes 30x the number of bench pokemon.

    Retreat :colorless:colorless

    AlphaΩ 150 hp:psychic:
    Evolves from Alpha

    Back up Pokebody
    AlphaΩ can use any effect that was on Alpha.
    Alpha can only be KOed and taken out of play by Megaman Wood style with grass stage and Undershirt. If AlphaΩ is KO'ed your opponent takes 2 prizes and you remove all trainers, damage counters, ect off AlphaΩ

    Shock Dance
    :psychic::lightning:colorless 50
    Choose 2 of your opponent bench pokemon. This attack does 30 damage to those pokemon.

    Retreat (CCC)
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