Ambler, PA - City Championship 11/25

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    Sunday, November 25, 2007 - reg.starts at noon , play at 1:00pm
    Dimension Collectibles
    10 N. Main street, Ambler, PA 19002. Phone:215-643-1258

    Seating is limited to 50 players. It will be based on a 1st come, 1st serve bases.

    City Championships 2007-2008
    Format is Modified Constructed. Each player needs to bring a deck of exactly 60 cards (no sideboard). Pre-constructed decks are always a good alternative for a new player to use in the tournament.
    Cards from the following sets are legal:

    * Holon Phantoms
    * Crystal Guardians
    * Dragon Frontiers
    * Power Keepers
    * Diamond and Pearl
    * Mysterious Treasures
    * Secret Wonders
    * Diamond & Pearl: Trainer Kit
    * POP series 4 and POP series 5 and POP series 6
    * All Black Star promos numbered 037-041 and DP01 and higher
    * and all new sets as they are released

    Entry is Free. Each participant receives a promo card and a pin (while supplies last)

    Prizes to the top 4 in each of three age groups.
    # 1st Place wins 18 booster packs, a medal, and a bag of goodies
    # 2nd Place wins 10 booster packs
    # 3rd Place wins 4 booster packs
    # 4th place wins 4 booster packs

    The age groups are based on the player's year of birth

    * Junior Division: Born in 1996 or later
    * Senior Division: Born in 1992, 1993, 1994, or 1995
    * Masters Division: Born in 1991 or earlier

    How long will the tournament last?
    We usually play 4-5 rounds of swiss pairings (everyone gets to play all rounds) and then we cut to a top 4 in each age group that has enough players to support a playoff. rounds last 30 minutes each.
    Deck lists will be used.

    Contact the store for details @ (215) 643-1258


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