Amphy/Cress Spread

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by r e i n, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. r e i n

    r e i n New Member

    Ampharos x2
    Flaffy x1
    Mareep x2
    Absol ex x3
    Cresselia lv X x2
    Cresselia x2
    Rayquazza ex d x2
    Pachirisu x2

    Steven's x2
    Felicity's Drawing x3
    Team Ga. Mars x4
    TGW x2
    Mentor x4
    Celio's x4
    Warp Point x2
    TSD x2
    Candy x3
    Castaway x2
    Strength Charm x1

    Rainbow x4
    DRE x3
    Lightning x6
    Psychic x2

    Just a quick list.

    Strat: Spreading damage to setup KO's asap. Use Pachi as the preferred starter and get the Amphy's going with Cresselia as a reliable backup. By setting up damage you can utilize Cresselia's ability to draw an extra prize with a KO which IMO is amazing.
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    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    more pachirisu, less absol ex,

    ampharos is a little ineffective against gallade for a number of reasons, cresselia is a good card but i don't think you will be spreading much against , gardy, or fire truk since they can opt to not play supporters,

    good strategy!
  3. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    take out:
    1 absol ex
    1 stevans

    add in:
    2 pachirisu
  4. Danny B

    Danny B New Member

    You kicked my butt with this at BR's against my Gatr deck....

    I agree with the people above thoe:

    1- Absol Ex
    1- Something else (TSD?)

    2+ Pachirisu

    Cressy takes 3 energy to attack, and with his HP, I don't advise him, but his powers pretty cool

  5. r e i n

    r e i n New Member

    Thanks guys. I've been also thinking of adding a few other cards to give it a Destiny approach. Bleh, yeah, I agree with the more Pachi less Absol. I'm afraid of being outsped though.
  6. piñata

    piñata New Member

    Im not sure four lvx is good u might want to put a regular Cresselia in there

  7. r e i n

    r e i n New Member

    lol, my mistake. So I decided I'm probably not gonna use this for States. Though I'll let one of my friends use it as a guinea pig. I was really waiting for Zappy and a few other cards in DP4 @[email protected]
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