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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Amt, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Amt

    Amt New Member

    Hi! Welcome to my haves and wants.

    Rules -

    1. I have no refs here, so I will be sending first for the time being.
    2. I will trade over seas, and live in the US.
    3. All cards offered must be English, unless otherwise stated.
    4. No rippers.
    5. Have fun. ;D

    All of my cards are 99-100% mint condition and English, unless otherwise stated.
    I am currently updating with the rest of my haves and should be done by tomorrow night, so stay tuned!


    Breloom SW RH x3 (HUGE Want)
    Dugtrio CG x1



    Gardevoir ex (DF) x1
    Shiftry ex (PK) x1
    Swampert ex (CG) x1
    Sceptile ex (DF) x1
    Latios ex (DF) x2
    Latias ex (DF) x1
    Exploud ex (CG) x1

    Majestic Dawn


    Garchomp LV.X x1
    Leafeon LV.X x1 (Traded)
    Glaceon x1 (#5)
    Glaceon x1 (#20)
    Phione (Wish) x3 (2 RH)
    Dialga x1
    Palkia x1 (RH)
    Rotom x2
    Manaphy x1


    Leafeon x1
    Infernape x1
    Glaceon x1
    Bronzong x1
    Omastar x1
    Empoleon x1

    Great Encounters


    Darkrai x3
    Pachirisu x3 (1 RH)
    Sceptile x2
    Rotom x1
    Wailord x1 (RH)


    Houndoom x2
    Milotic x1
    Palkia x1

    Secret Wonders


    Gardevoir LV.X x1
    Gardevoir x1 - on eBay atm
    Gallade x2
    Darkrai x1
    Electivire x1
    Furret x1 (RH)


    Electrode x2
    Ampharos x1
    Pidgeot x1
    Golem x1
    Xatu x2
    Furret x1

    Mysterious Treasures


    Honchkrow x1
    Meganium x2
    Raichu x5
    Mesprit x4
    Lumineon x4
    Magmortar x3
    Typhlosion x5
    Tyranitar x3
    Aggron x3
    Alakazam x3
    Bronzong x4
    Ambipom x2
    Celebi x4
    Azelf x3
    Feraligatr x3
    Uxie x2
    Blissey x2


    Abamasnow x5
    Rampardos x2
    Ariados x2
    Exeggutor x2
    Glalie x2
    Manectric x2
    Mantine x3
    Mr.Mime x2
    Ninetales x2
    Slaking x1
    Sudowoodo x2
    Unown x2
    Ursaring x2
    Walrein x2
    Nidoqueen x4
    Toxicroak x2
    Whiscash x3
    Kricketune x3
    Gyarados x2
    Chimecho x2
    Crobat x2
    Bastiodon x3

    Diamond and Pearl


    Dusknoir x1
    Staraptor x2
    Lucario x3
    Magnezone x1
    Infernape x1
    Rhyperior x1
    Luxray x2
    Empoleon x3
    Dialga x1
    Torterra x3
    Piplup x1


    Noctowl x2
    Machamp x3
    Medicham x1
    Hippowdon x1
    Clefable x1
    Lopunny x1

    EX Dragon Frontiers

    Holo / Reverse Holo

    Snorlax x4 (2 RH)
    Nidoqueen x2
    Nidoking x3
    Ampharos x1
    Swellow x1 (RH?)
    Heracross x2
    Ninetales x5


    Gligar x5
    Xatu x5
    Lickitung x1
    Dewgong x1
    Cloyster x1
    Seadra x3
    Arbok x1
    Ledian x1

    Trainers / Energy (from all sets)

    Warp Point x8 (3 CG, 5 DP)
    Double Full Heal x 5 (2 CG, 3 DP)
    Holon Mentor x9 (DF)
    Copycat x2 (DF)
    Roseanne's Research x4 (SW)
    Professor Oak's Visit x2 (SW)
    Team Galactic's Mars x1 (SW)
    Quick Ball x9 (7 MT, 2 MD)
    Premier Ball x2 (GE)
    Moonlight Stadium x1 (GE) (RH)
    Buffer Piece x3 (DF) (1 RH)
    Great Ball x1 (PK)
    Master Ball x2 (PK)
    Poke Ball x9 (4 DP, 3 MD, 2 CG)
    Rare Candy x12 (9 HP [2 not mint. 1 in German], 1 SS [not mint], 2 MD [Japanese 1st Edition)
    Night Maintenance x9 (8 MT, 1 SW)
    Switch x12 (5 DP, 4 DF, 2 DS, 1 SW)
    Phoebe's Stadium x2 (PK)
    Strength Charm x4 (1 Deoxys, 3 DF [1 RH])
    Team Galactic's Wager x9 (MT)
    Potion x22 (4 SW, 1 DS, 9 DP, 8 CG [1 RH])
    Professor Elm's Training Method x6 (5 DF, 1 UF)
    Felicity's Drawing x1 (GE)
    Mom's Kindness x3 (MD)
    Bill's Maintenance x4 (CG [3 RH])
    Mr. Stone's Project (5 HP [1 RH], 5 DF [1 RH])
    Dusk Ball x7 (2 MD, 5 MT)
    Bebe's Search x13 (3 SW, 10 MT)
    Fossil Excavator x21 (20 MT [4 RH], 1 MD)
    Cessation Crystal x3 (CG [1 RH])
    Crystal Beach x1 (CG)
    Amulet Coin x2 (GE)
    Leftover's x2 (GE)
    PlusPower x8 (7 DP, 1 SW)
    Steven's Advice x2 (PK)
    Castaway x6 (CG [2 RH])
    PokéNav x2 (CG)
    Dark Energy (Basic) x7 (DP)
    Metal Energy (Basic) x11 (DP)
    Double Rainbow Energy x1
    ∂ Rainbow Energy x2
    Dark Energy (Special) x12 (7 MT [1 RH], 1 MD, 4 PK)
    Metal Energy (Special) x13 (6 MT, 2 DS, 1 EM, 1 HP, 1 PK, 2 UF)
    Multi Energy (Special) x4 (2 MT, 1 PK, 1 HP)

    I have many commons and uncommon cards from all sets. Just let me know what you're looking for and I'll check to see if I have it!

    Thanks for looking.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2008
  2. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    i have 2 claydol, i'm interested in your Leafeon lv.x
    please cml for more
  3. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Interested in your Honchkrow, your basic Dark Energies, and your Copycats. LMK if you see anything you like. 8)
  4. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    cml for garch.x please!
  5. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    cml for leafeon lv x. i have a claydol for trade that's not on the list
  6. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    CML for Leafeon Lv. X. Will trade high for it.

    also, your Azelf's, and Uxies.
  7. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Amt! CML for the Leafeon Lv.X and any Garchomp MT if you have any =]
  8. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    empoleon lv.x
    torterra x promo

    leAFEON LV.X

  9. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Hey. Interested in your Phiones. Could you please check my haves?
  10. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    I have a Cresselia Lv X and Claydol.I was interested in your Leafeon Lv X
  11. xkurtiskamikazex

    xkurtiskamikazex New Member

    CML for your Leafeon LV.X x1
    i will trade greatly for it. =D
    i'll get back to you sooner if you post on my thread or PM me =]]
    thank you
    PS: im also new here
  12. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Is there anything at all you're looking for besides GE Claydol and Cresselia Lv.X?
  13. Amt

    Amt New Member

    I will edit this post later with responses to all of you. Atm my internet is down, so I'm using mah phone to post this. ;D
  14. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    cml for leaf and Chom LVX Thanks!
  15. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Cress Lv. X (GE + Claydol (GE) for Leafeon Lv. X (MD), if mint. LMK. Thanks.
  16. Amt

    Amt New Member

    Taylor45 - Nothing, sorry.

    Kyogou - Your Garchomp for Honchkrow?

    xchasex - Nothing, sorry.

    Yukimenoko - I like your 2 Togekiss GE. Is there anything else on my list you'd like besides Leafeon LV.X?

    George2FRESH - I'll do two Uxie and two Azelf for your Torterra and Aerodactyl line.

    Serebii1997 - Hey thur. Would you do your 2 Empoleon MD for 1 reverse holo Garchomp? I can add in another if not.

    dragonfire - No thanks.

    secretsof2113 - Don't see anything I need, sorry.

    chanman50 - I'll PM you.

    xkurtiskamikazex - I like your Nidoking SW. Anything else besides Leafeon LV.X that you want?

    Politoed666 - I have just about everything I need, so you can just offer what you want if you see something you like of mine.

    twinkle - Don't see anything I like.

    pokemonforever - I'll PM ya.
  17. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Deal. I'll PM you.
  18. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    i like your cresselia lv x
  19. Amt

    Amt New Member

    Cressy LV.X is on my wants, not my haves.
  20. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    Amt:You didn't PM me,so I'll pm you
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