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  1. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Are AMU decks still competitive? I imagine not - they're a little outsped by SP Pokemon and too badly beaten by Machamp techs and such - but I'm curious. I remember they were quick and annoying when last I saw them.
  2. Shen

    Shen Active Member

    I think they died a little when Dialga G lock got popular 'cuz they relied so much on trainers. With its popularity dying (A little, you still see it in decks like DPL) it might have a chance. It might be a little on the vulnerable side to power sprays since the whole deck is almost "play from your hand powers," but I think its hardest match-up is prolly Gengar without a solid way to get around Fainting Spell (Besides Palkia) and having many powers to pick on (Including Palkia). You should be playing 3 Unown G for Machamp which really turns around the match-up and helps a ton against Gengar.

    IIRC in the What won BR's thread there were at least 2 AMU's top cutting and both won.
  3. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member


    So, the AMUs themselves, plus Palkia G and Mewtwo X? And lots of Unown G.
  4. Shen

    Shen Active Member

    Yeah that sounds good... a basic frame would be like

    3-1 Uxie (LA of course)
    2/1-1 Azelf (2 LA, 1 MT, and the X, you can mix the basics if you wish)
    2/1-1 Mesprit (2 LA, 1 MT, and the X)
    3 Unown G
    1-1 Mewtwo
    1-1 Palkia

    I still like Claydol in AMU myself just so I don't run out of steam late game but it's really just a personal preference. There's still other variations of AMU you can play with, Leafeon ain't a bad idea for repeated Supreme Blasts (Which is a nice Mewtwo counter without having to play around it with Palkia and then lock the game out with Mewtwo). Otherwise Energy Pick-Up is good to Supreme Blast in succession, or I've seen some with Energy Switch but that doesn't really accelerate rather it just preserves energy.
  5. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    I was actually strongly considering Leafeon, too.

    Thanks, I am SO looking forward to trying this. ^ ^
  6. Bellawesome

    Bellawesome New Member

    Just dont give up right away - I'm sure some of last year's top AMU players can attest to that the deck is INSANELY hard to play. You play perfectly for a day, it's likely you'll win that day. Make lose. Many of the ones AMU players commonly made were the ones that changed the game since that type of mistake was so common. Just play slow and steady with it.
  7. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    I ran AMU/ Palkia for nats with zero Unown G and T32'd while beating a Machamp deck.

    The dream is still alive. Believe it.

    And to Jon, yes the deck is hard to play. Takes skill, unlike Gengar did :/
  8. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    I see AMU is pretty popular.

    Okay. I'll work with it. ^ ^

    And I'm excited by difficult decks. I can't say I'm incredibly skilled yet, and I make a LOT of silly mistakes, but I think playing really tough decks will help that, and simple decks are no fun at all anyway.
  9. silverst31n

    silverst31n New Member

    my friend isaiah won a battle road with AMU because everyone was playing sp and only like 2 of the sp decks had outs to mewtwo lv.x.
  10. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral Active Member

    Its not a big deck anymore because:
    Dialga G deafen locks it
    Flygon Lv.X snipes it
    Machamp takes them out
    Mewtwo Lv.X eats them for lunch

    It's kind of hard when you don't have a lot of answers to those...not to say they're impossible to beat of course, just saying these decks/techs are EXTREMELY common and would rock AMU.
  11. Shen

    Shen Active Member

    Dialga G is dying thanks to Blaziken/Infernape popularity. It's out there but not such a straightforward deck anymore.

    Flygon Lv. X takes 3 Energies to do 150. You need to get the energy on there firstly while surviving, don't forget Palkia can pick out a benched Flygon. And once you do fire it off, AMU can come back with 200.

    Machamp has been discussed. Unown G's turn the match into a near autowin when you account for weakness, and supposedly you can get by without any at all (Thought I wouldn't recommend it in a Machamp filled area, or Gengar filled).

    You have a Mewtwo Lv. X of your own, and you can Palkia around theirs. Get ahead in prizes then just stick your Mewtwo out there until time is called. Don't forget Leafeon variants can just play around it.
  12. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    A well-played Flygon takes 1 and an Upper or DCE. And if they Extreme Attack, I can't come back for 200 for another turn because I can't level up the turn something comes out - giving the Flygon time to Extreme Attack something else. [This is my only disagreement, the others are just adding on]
    That said, I could just run a Ditto or two. Hah.

    Machamp can't counter AMU like it can counter SPs. SP hates losing its Energy Gain but AMU doesn't care.

    And there are ways to get around Mewtwo X (I've come up with one I like quite a bit ^ ^).
  13. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    I personally like AMU with 4 Unown G and a 1-1 Mismagius SF, along with the 1-1 Palkia. It's the way Koji and Yamato play it, and it's beastly
  14. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    Kayle: Restructuring out other pokes to get around Mewtwo doesn't work...... if they play it right.
  15. xcfrisco

    xcfrisco New Member

    Upper doesn't count as two energies for lv. X's and DCE isn't even out yet.

    I think SP are the much better all basic deck, with less bad match-ups and a better support system.
  16. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    From the point of someone who's played it since the cards were out in Japan, I can tell you it isn't as dead as people think it is; it's just becoming a deck where you really have to think out of the box to make it competitive again.

    1st off, just to counter about Flygon: when built right, AMU should BY FAR outspeed flygon. I don't think I've ever lost to Flygon with my AMU deck and I know my friend that plays it with Gardevoir hasn't either.

    Personally, I never liked Palkia; it just never struck me as something you really needed and it always struck me as being a lil luck based in sense (of course that;s just my take).

    I never liked unknown G; sure it helps against machamp, but I prefer trying to beat it without it, and as for mewtwo, I always liked using Leafeon as my tech of choice and therefore could use that (leafguard) to counter.

    I've shelved my AMU deck for now (until HGSS) simply because the hardest matchup for it has been and will continue to be, Gengar. Gengar Level X will tear through AMU unless you can SSU and spam Psychic lock and THEN out speed them in taking prizes. Statistically speaking, it's futile to resist...

    But I still like playing with Fairies, even though I always preferred calling them spirits...but it's irrelevant. The deck is still fun and complex enough to make each game it's own unique experience. Definately a 10/10 in being a deck where the player makes it win and not a deck that just sets itself up to own everything (Dialga/Palkia/Gengar/Machamp/GG)
  17. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Yeah, the Gengar matchup really seems to be the worst. I'm not entirely sure what to do about it - something Dark-type that I don't care about that can absorb Fainting Spell would be ideal, but anything I come up with off the top of my head takes up too much room.
  18. Box of Fail

    Box of Fail New Member

    ^ Mightyena LA might work, it already helps against Mewtwo and SPs.
  19. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Harass falls 20 damage short of the KO, factoring in weakness (which may or may not be present), even on a full bench. One pluspower would do it, but why would an AMU deck run pluspowers?
  20. Shen

    Shen Active Member

    Well I wasn't counting DCE 'cuz it isn't even out yet... but Flygon Lv. X can't use Upper Energy 'cuz it's a Lv. X :p But even if they Power Swing just keep another Mesprit on the bench and promote it after your active gets KO'd, then Premiere Ball or something.

    I don't get what you mean by you can't Lv. Up the turn something comes out... just keep another on the bench. You might have to limit yourself from benching Palkia though to keep spare pixies out. That's a lot of theorymon though, I really don't know how that'd play out lol but I'm just saying it's not unheard of to Lv. Up that fast. Some AMU's play Night Maintenance or Bebe's, which allow you to get the KO'd Pixie out of your discard and either directly into your deck or shuffled in via Bebe's effect... then you can try and Level Max. That's a gambler's move so only use it in desperation lol

    Also, it helps alot to pick on benched Flygons with Reconstructure if you're sure you can get it going. They won't have enough time to get ready. Even if you attach manually and do 200 every other turn... they need 2 or 3 turns to Power Swing and 3 to X-Treme Attack, and it takes you two turns to Supreme Blast at MOST.

    How? Unless the player STARTS with Mewtwo and doesn't bench anything else, there's at least 1 prize sitting on their bench. Then you push your Mewtwo after you get a prize ahead (It'd be practical to get your Mewtwo out ASAP then just take your time getting Palkia out, and Giga Burn whatever is benched). How does their Mewtwo get around your Mewtwo?


    For the Gengar match-up, I'd suggest benching the MT versions of the regular Pixies so Shadow Room doesn't do as much... and then Guard Palkia and Uxie (30 damage on Shadow Room is no big deal 'cuz you can just Healing Look it off). Reconstructure around Gengar the best you can. If you get a prize ahead, Gengar can't win on Fainting Spell flips alone so you might have to attack it straight up a couple times.
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