An Epic 1st place states report! w/ Gyrados

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Epic, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Epic

    Epic New Member

    As most of you dont know, im a senior from the New England area and dont post frequently. But anyway, I went to the NH states last weekend. Deciding a deck was very hard for me, i had tested every variant of SP you could think of from every tech and every different combo and just wasnt comfortable with it. One of the reasons i had so much trouble was i took a break for about a month(?) before states of not paying attention pokemon related because me and a couple buds decided to try playing Magic The Gathering. So i had NO idea what to play but i narrowed it down to two deck, Dialgachomp or Gyrados, i picked gyarados bc ive played it for so long and know my matchups so welll, it can give even a bad matchup a run for its money.

    So i wake up on saturday at around 8, i thought it was 7 because thats when i told my mom and dad to wake me up. So im an hour behind schedule and freaking out, i didnt think we would make it there but turns out we did. when i get there i filll out registration and and start my deck list, some freinds come over and bother me about what im playing. Basically all my freinds including me beleived i would go because i hadnt played pokemon ( except the last couple of days ) for about a month.

    Pairings go up, and i sit at my seat....

    Round 1 VS Grace w/ Gyrados mirror.

    I know Grace very welll, we are good freinds and our lists are very similar but i feel i have an advantage because i know the deck to well. I start with a sableye to her magikarp, i bench a karp and impersonate for a karp, uxie, and mespirit. She she then collectors for regice double karp, plays regice and dumps 2 karps. My next turn i get a gdos out swinging big and power lock her and get the mespirit back in my hand. I power lock her for about 3 turns gettting a huge lead! she finallly gets a gdos up and kills mine, i retrieve and we start prizes. I hit a walll where im not getting any draws or Poketurns! she evens out the primes but i finally ko a belted gdos to bring it down to 2-1 (me) we hit each other back and forth, i hit her she SSU's and then she hits me; i warp energy seeker, at one point if she had one more crobat she would have won. The early prize lead was to much for her and i end up winning. GG grace, probably the best all day! (;

    inbetween rounds I loose all hope of me doing good, a Gengarplume is 1-0 and a Duskplume is 1-0

    Round 3 VS Gabe w/ Charizard

    He starts tomb to my sableye, i impersonate; get my stuff and proceed to KO him next turn for the win. Sorry it had to go that way gabe! :/

    Im pumped! the Gengarplume played vs the Duskplume, and now only Duskplume! :)

    Round 3 VS Warren w/ IDK???\

    I start sableye, impersonate for mespirit, uxie and a crobat G. After that i power lock him and sweep with a sableye and basic dark energy. GG warren

    omg 3-0, im pumped i thought that there was a chance illl win! :)

    Round 4 VS Joe w/ Luxchomp

    He starts with Luxray to my sableye, i impersonate for a collecter for karp, karp, regice. He drops crobat G cyrus's for Egain collector and L energy, attaches Egain and energy doesn 30 to me. I regimove do some crazy stuff and seeker donk him. GG joe!

    im garanteed top cut! :)

    Round 5 VS Kiko w/ Luxchomp

    i get a garbage start....he gets way ahead, i come back and bring it to 1-1 prizes...oh btw he sprayed my azelf 3 TIMES! :D nicely played Kiko

    TOP 4 vs Daniel w/ Dialgachomp

    games 1
    I get good hand and take a bunch of prizes, i eventually seeker his bench guys up and kill him that way. GG
    game 2
    He donks my magikarp
    Same as game one

    TOP 2

    I pretty much was in the driver seat most of the game until i ran out of resources, there was a turn where i needed a belt to win the game and i just happened to draw it off of an uxie drop. GG

    He donked my lone sableye

    I donked his lone uxie

    all in all a good day, i sold my box of cards. Hung with freinds.

    gyrados for being best deck
    donking for being annoying
    me, for seeing the future and predicting how all my freinds would do in top cut
    did i already say donking?
    oh and the judging was better then last states, i actually got to use regimove ( inside joke with a few freinds)


    Raymond not making top 2 :(
    CoL for being such a bad set

    I might write a report for next states, but good luck to everyone and thanks for reading! :)
  2. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Slops: Josh going 2-3
    Nice job btw. Top 2 games seemed pretty terrible though :p
  3. Epic

    Epic New Member

    yeah, i agree. But either way my list was basicallly built to dominate SP and the games i didnt get donked it did its job. thanks

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