And Gardy Takes 2nd!! (Milford, Mass CC Report)

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Magnechu, Feb 24, 2004.

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  1. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Well, this is my first tourney report...EVER. So, bare with me...

    Our family was away on vaca over the weekend, so we went to Milford instead of PCNY, where we usually go. Reading over all the complaints about, I'm GLAD we didn't go there this time.
    Anyway, we got there almost 2 hours before the tourney actually started and about an hour before registration, so me and my bro decided to playtest a little against the locals. We met some cool people there, such as BJJ, his son Brian, Marill, Flare Starfire and JohnnyBlaze. All in all, we had a lot of fun. Here's my decklist and then match results from what I can remember:

    4 Ralts (2 SS/2 R/S Hypno Blast
    3 Kirlia (R/S Super Psy)
    2 Gardy (R/S)
    2 Gardy ex (SS)
    4 Wynaut (SS)
    3 Wobb (SS)

    4 POR
    4 TV Reporter
    4 Oran Berry
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Fan Club
    2 Fast Ball
    2 Switch
    2 Warp Point
    2 Crystal Shard
    1 Town Volunteers

    13 Psychic Energy
    3 Boost Energy

    Round 1 vs. Brian Jr. with Amphy ex/Espy/Cacturne
    Boy, this was a close match. We both start out decent with him going first. I think this was the only game I didn't start with a Wynaut in my opening hand. :( The game went back and forth and for awhile we both just sat there waiting for the card we needed. Near the end, I did 50 with Feedback to his Cacturne and then he retreated, but forgetting he had a Boost in his hand to KO my bench Gardy!! He sounds up an Amphy ex with 50 damage and no Energy and passes. My turn and I can't OHKO his Amphy. He then realizes his mistake. He draws the card he needs--Switch. He Switches and Boost's for the win. Great game and a very close one too!!

    0 Points

    I check up on my brother (in the 10- group) and he won his first match. :)

    Round 2 vs. Koni (??) with Crawdaunt/Kingdra ex
    This was a fairly quick game. I get set up fast with Wynaut and he doesn't have much more than a Corpish and a Horsea. Once I get Gardy ex up, I start pounding away. He managed to get 1 Kingdra ex out, but too late. I win because he has no bench

    3 Points

    My bro just lost his 2nd round to another Ninjask deck. Who would've thought, 2 Ninjask decks in the 10-? (My brother was playing Ninjask/Fossils)

    Round 3 vs. Nick Starre (I think??) with Blaze/Cargo ex/Yama
    I battled him before the tourney, so I knew what he was running. I don't start with Wynaut in my first 7 cards, but he mulligans twice to get me Mr. Wynaut. This game was good, but I swept the floor with Gardy ex. At one time, he was about to discard 4 Fire Energy and a Multi Energy to OHKO my Gard ex (which had 10 damage on it) but I reminded him that Cargo could only discard BASIC Energy. That might have saved me the game. *Phew* From there on, Gardy/Wobb/Gardy ex dominated completely.

    6 Points

    My brother won this round to go 2-1 in the tourney. Yes, the 10- only had 3 rounds.
    Also at this time, Brian Jr. dropped out of the tourney after going 3-0 so other people could have a shot at winning, since he had already won the Auburn, Mass CC. Great sportsmanship Brian!!

    Round 4 vs. ?? (Sorry, forgot name) with Delcatty/Wailord TecH
    He started with Skitty and Wailmer while I started with Wynaut and Ralts. I got set up fairly quickly while he powered up his SS Delcattty. He KO's Wynaut and I send Gardy up. Good thing Gardy has the same attack as Catty, but for 2 less Energy!! :D I KO Catty and it's downhill for him there on. He gets a Wailord but it can't compare to Gardy ex+Boost Energy.

    9 Points

    Now, this was the top score in the 11-14 age group and there were 3 people with it: Me, PokeMeBob's son, and someone else. I ended up in second, with Bob's son coming in first because he beat the 3rd place person and I beat the 4th place. =/ Whatever though, I'm happy with 2nd.

    The Top Decks were:

    1. Ninjask/??
    2. Aggron ex/Wailord <----JohnnyBlaze's son (I'm pretty sure)
    3. Ninjask/Fossils <----My bro

    1. BAR <----Bob's son
    2. Gardy/Gardy ex/Wynaut/Wobb <----Me
    3. BAR

    1. Cradily/Armaldo <----babayaga
    2. BAR <----BJJ's wife
    3. Niniken

    I think these are correct. If they aren't, someone LMK.

    In conclusion, this was a great tourney!! I'd like to thank BJJ, PokeMeBob, Marill, and TJ Collectibles for the wonderful event!! I hope to come to more tourneys here in the future. Thanks for reading everyone!!

    ~Magnechu :)

    PS-I saw a RH TV Reporter there too. ^_^
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  2. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Magnechu - Im glad you went to Milford instead of PCNY. What a major difference in how organized Milford is isnt? Congrats on your 2nd place finish. I believe the 3rd deck in 15+ was Nick Cap. with Aggron/Xatu. Great report.
  3. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    congradualtions on your 2nd place finish

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