Another Side Event Added to the Georgetown Ontario Battle Roads

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by ugly psyducky, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. ugly psyducky

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    See details below:

    Georgetown Battle Roads Side Event

    Starter Deck Battle

    The Georgetown Pokemon League is pleased to announce a Starter Deck battle to run coincidently with the Professors Appreciation Tournament. This will be a non-sanctioned event. Details are below:


    To play, the participants must use a starter deck from the current Modified Format (HP-on). Lavaflow (Secret Wonders) is an excluded deck. Participants must either use a starter deck that they bring themselves or one that is randomly chosen by them at the start of the tournament.

    Touramnent Rules

    The tournament will not be age segragated, but will be limitted to 26 participants. In the event that more than 26 registrants are recieved, then the participants will be chosen from youngest to oldest. It will consist of the required number of single game swiss rounds only with one extra round of swiss to further segragate tie breaks.

    Tournament Start Time

    Registration for this tournament is to be completed by 12:00 pm, tournament will start when the last participant finishes their Battle Roads Games.


    There will be a random draw at the start of each round for Pokemon merchandise. The following will be the prize alotments:

    1st Place 18 packs of GE or MD + 6 Packs of POP6 and 6 Packs POP 7
    2nd Place 9 packs of GE or MD + 4 Packs of POP6 and 4 Packs POP 7
    3rd Place 5 packs of GE or MD + 4 Packs of POP6 and 4 Packs POP 7
    4th Place 4 packs of GE or MD + 4 Packs of POP6 and 4 Packs POP 7
    5th - 12th 3 Packs POP6 + 3 Packs POP7
    12th - 26th 2 Packs POP6 + 2 Packs POP7

    ALSO for participants in the Professors Cup Appreciation Tourney, please ensure that your name appears on the list of Active Professors or you bring a copy of the email sent to you automatically at the end of your professors exam.

    With the exception of our PTO (Marvin) to whom we have given an exception too, for his exceptional efforts in make Pokemon viable in Ontario, we will not be making exception to this requirement.

    If you are planning to play in this event I would appreciate you responding to this thread so we can make an accurate as possible head count for prizing.

  2. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    Hmm, the Theme Deck challenge sounds like an interesting tournament (though I won't be playing that one) :lol: ... so I assume no modifications allowed for the theme decks? :wink:
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  3. ugly psyducky

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    Yes, you are right Kevin ... no modifications to a Theme Deck of your choice or get one randomly assigned to you at the start of the tournament. In general, its being run to give the kids of those playing in the PAT something to do as well as a bunch of my players one more shot at winning some prizes before I close up the GPL owing to new work comittments.

    I'll take that as your official note of participating in the PAT.

    Here's my list of players confirmed or likely and on the Active Professors list playing on Sunday in the PAT, if I'm missing anyone please chime in:

    Kevin L.
    Mark S.
    Sean (my curse buddy)
    Genesis P.
    Paul S.
    Marvin P. (probable)
    Robin M.
    Jenn M.

    Other players expressing an interest, but not yet on the Active Professors list

    Greg C.
    Janice K.


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