Any good ideas to improve my chansey's moveset?

Discussion in 'Single Pokemon Strategy' started by SnorlaxGamer, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. SnorlaxGamer

    SnorlaxGamer New Member

    My chansey is lv26 holding an exp share because i want it to level up real fast.
    It's ability is serene grace.

    The moves it knows right know are:

    Double team

    Anyone? Do i need to replace a move with something else?
    I'm pretty sure double team would be replaced, but honestly i don't think psychic is a good move on my opinion. Because when you encounter a strong fighting type pokemon and your chansey's speed is really low how are you going to fight it?

    Anyway, that was just my opinion . I used chansey in fighting bruno and it got pwned.

    Ok, so really what's a good moveset?
  2. Pikamaster

    Pikamaster Active Member

    Real fast.

    1. Get a Calm or a Bold nature with Natural Cure.

    2. EV train it, IV train it if you're really serious. There are several nice EV guides out there, even one on Pokegym in the electronic games section. 252 HP/252 D/4 SpD would be fine.

    3. Blissey is a support Pokemon, not an attacking Pokemon. If you look, it has Base 10 Defense and not great Special Attack, but amazing HP and Sp D. If you really want to make it an attacker, use Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, SoftBoiled, or some variation on that. If you want support, use Heal Bell with it instead. There are a few sets out there, but really support is the best. Keep in mind, Blissey (or Chansey, as you keep saying) really cannot take a physical hit at all.

    If you'd like more help, just ask and people are sure to answer. Good luck~

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