anyone has jumbos?

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by hieudtran89, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. hieudtran89

    hieudtran89 New Member

    Nintendo promos

    -light dragonite mint from destiny
    -espeon from discovery
    -light dragonair from destiny
    -shinging noctowl from destiny (mint)
    -mewtwo promo from the 1st movie
    -misdreavus promo
    -houndour holo from discovery
    -ninetales base
    -lugia 1st from gen.
    -ursaring holo from discovery
    -smeargle holo from discovery
    -magneton holo from revalation
    -forretress non holo from discovery
    -delibird holo 1st from revalation
    -dark hyno mint, and 1st
    -poliwrath holo from disocvery
    -gio.'s persian
    -team rocket's meowth promo
    -dark ursaring
    -1st ed. sudowoodo from rev.
    -pichu promo
    -koga's ditto
    -dark donphan
    -non holo magnetmite from discovery
    -marril promo
    -koga's beedrill
    -dark arbok non holo 1st
    -koga's arbok
    -bellosom from gen.
    -weezing from exp.
    -yanma 1st ed. holo from discovery (mint)
    -heracross 1st from gen.
    -non holo feraligatr from exp.
    -japanese downpour feraligatr
    -dark feraligatr
    -politoed from discovery mint
    -azumarril from gen.
    -suicune 1st from revalation
    -lt.surge's fearow 1st and mint
    -swampert non holo
    -darkness energy reverse holo from rubby and sapphire ex.
    -sceptile non holo
    -Sabrina Holo
    -Eco Gym
    -No Removal Gym
    -Reverse Holo Rainbow Energy
    -Seviper (RH)

    and Money, but not a lot.
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  2. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    That last Ho-oh - which one is it? Also, you might want to edit out the cards you no longer have (Like the VS Bugsy's Scizor) ;).
  3. hieudtran89

    hieudtran89 New Member

    It's the Holo Revalation one.
  4. Noah121

    Noah121 Active Member

    I can trade you the following:
    x1 Jumbo Electabuzz
    x1 Torchic (Nintendo promo)

    I want from your cards:
    x1 Espeon (Discovery HOLO)
    x1 Light Dragonite
    x1 Magneton (Revelation) (low priority)
    x1 Koga's Beedrill (low priority)
    x1 Dark Feraligatr
    x1 No Removal Gym

    Make me an offer, please.
  5. hieudtran89

    hieudtran89 New Member

    Noah: Hey, I don't want the electabuzz jumbo anymore. thanks anyways. I just got a torchic promo but i can use another one. Would you trade it for a Koga's Beedrill?
  6. Noah121

    Noah121 Active Member

    I might consider that. What other Jumbo's are you looking for?
  7. hieudtran89

    hieudtran89 New Member

    I want any nintendo jumbos, such as Grovyle Jumbo, Combusken jumbo, or marshstomp jumbo.
  8. Noah121

    Noah121 Active Member

    I don't have any Jumbos from Nintendo.
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