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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Apollo, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    gym guys i live in australia you don't trade overseas don't offer
    my stuff is mint and i expect the same unless what i have ain't mint for some weird reason
    make an offer the worst i can do is say no.
    all trading refs count for this site only as is dictated in the forum guidelines.
    Only offer what is in my wants and only offer for my haves listed.
    i have common and uncommmons just ask i might have what you need
    just got an DP:MT box so bulk comm uncomm from there available
    i have a full list if you want older stuff link me to a list or just ask


    holon phantoms
    2 nosepass
    2 regirock
    rayquaza delta
    latias delta
    2 torkoal
    2 camerupt foil
    torchic foil
    horsea delta foil
    2 seviper
    2 surskit foil
    2 mewtwo delta
    2 golduck delta foil
    pidgey delta foil
    pidgeotto delta foil
    3 wobbuffet
    2 baltoy foil
    gloom delta foil
    omanyte delta foil
    2 regice
    3 latios delta
    corphish foil
    2 bellossom delta
    3 zangoose
    3 sableye 1 foil
    4 absol
    poochyena foil
    3 registeel
    2 mawile
    cradiy delta foil
    anorith delta foil
    pichu delta foil
    3 aron foil
    lairon foil
    claw fossil foil
    2 omastar delta foil

    crystal guardians
    diglett foil
    marshtomp foil
    3 swampert 2 gold foil
    2 meditite
    2 medicham 1 gold foil
    3 combusken 2 gold foil
    camerupt gold foil
    4 kingler delta
    gulpin foil
    treecko foil
    2 grovyle foil
    2 bulbasaur foil
    ivysaur foil
    seedot foil
    2 electrike foil
    pelipper delta
    3 spoink
    3 duskull foil
    3 dusclops
    Banette foil
    2 grovyle delta
    luvdisc foil
    2 krabby foil
    lotad foil
    muskip foil
    squirtle foil
    squirtle foil bubblebeam
    2 wartortle foil
    wartortle foil tackle
    3 blastoise 1 gold foil
    mawile foil
    aron foil
    tauros gold foil
    whismur foil
    2 loudred
    2 igglybuff
    sableye foil
    pokenav foil

    dragon frontiers
    2 Pinsir delta foil
    2 shellder delta foil
    3 cloyster delta 1 foil
    horsea delta foil
    2 seadra delta
    seadra delta foil ram
    jynx delta
    arbok delta
    kirlia delta foil
    snorlax delta gold foil
    dratini delta foil
    4 quagsire
    4 mantine delta
    2 gligar delta
    pupitar delta foil
    2 totodile delta foil
    croconaw delta foil
    feralgatr delta foil
    3 vulpix delta foil
    3 vibrava delta 2 foil
    2 swablu delta foil
    3 xatu delta
    4 nidoran male foil
    nidorino delta foil
    3 nidoking delta foil 2 gold foil
    3 tropius delta
    4 ledian delta
    4 nidoran female foil
    2 nidorina foil
    seel delta foil
    2 mareep delta foil
    holon energy GL
    old rod foil

    power keepers
    meditite foil
    medicham foil
    trapinch foil
    anorith foil
    vulpix foil
    4 ninetails 1 foil
    torchic foil
    charmeleon foil
    3 seviper
    2 lileep foil
    3 cradily foil
    chinchou foil
    4 lanturn 1 foil 1 old same text
    3 pichu
    raichu foil
    4 sableye
    3 wobbuffet
    2 banette foil
    duskull foil
    3 dusclops foil
    2 baltoy foil
    ralts foil
    kirlia foil
    snorunt foil
    2 glalie foil
    3 omastar 2 foil
    2 spheal foil
    3 zangoose
    swablu foil
    altaria foil
    bagon foil
    vigoroth foil
    2 slaking foil 1 gold foil
    vibrava foil
    2 mawile 1 foil
    aron foil
    2 aggron foil
    metang foil
    cacturne foil
    poochyena foil
    4 mightyena
    2 nuzleaf foil
    2 metal energy
    2 darkness energy
    master ball foil
    energy switch foil
    professor birch foil
    2 claw fossil foil

    diamond pearl
    4 heracross
    3 beautifly
    3 dustox
    roselia foil
    Mantyke reverse foil
    manaphy foil
    4 floatzel
    4 wynaut
    2 wobbuffet
    2 drapion
    dusknoir foil
    4 gengar
    meditite foil
    3 medicham
    2 machamp
    2 noctowl
    2 purugly
    4 munchlax
    4 snorlax 1 reverse foil
    2 bibarel
    2 clefable
    staraptor reverse foil
    skuntank foil
    weavile foil
    3 steelix

    mysterious treasures
    Aggron foil
    2 alakazam foil
    lumineon reverse foil
    3 uxie foil 1 reverse foil
    2 exeggutor 1 reverse foil
    2 gyarados
    mr mime
    2 nidoqueen
    2 ninetales
    2 ursaring 1 reverse foil
    2 whiscash
    Gible reverse foil
    unown i
    multi energy

    2 pre release dragonair delta dragon frontiers
    3 pre release cacturne power keepers
    2 flygon pop 4
    deoxys delta pop 4
    lugia pop 5
    ho oh pop 5

    Tradeable good stuff
    flareon star pk
    Flygon ex PK
    2 deoxys ex fastwave 1 pop 4 1 emerald

    2 Rayquaza ex deoxys
    POP 1 - 7,16
    POP 2 - 1,3,4,10,11,15,17
    POP 3 - 4,7,10
    POP 5 - 3,17
    celebi star
    Tyranitar ex delta
    torterra lv X
    pre release Armaldo sandstorm
    pre release Gyarados dragon
    regionals stamp machoke
    regionals stamp charmeleon
    nationals stamp charizard
    3 Trash exchange gym heroes
    2 kyogre ex hidden legends
    foil aquapolis energy cubes
    foil castform hidden legends
    2 reverse foil snow cloud castform hidden legends
    2 reverse foil sunny castform hidden legends
    3 foil holon's castform
    giovanni's nidoqueen
    nidoran f skyridge 82/144
    giovanni's nidoran male
    giovanni's nidorino
    nidoran male fire red leaf green
    2 foil nidoking fire red leaf green
    lots of strength charm foil DF
    3 Flygon dragon set the one with energy shower 4/97
    3 trapinch dragon set the one with rock smash 79/97
    lots of reverse foil pluspower diamond pearl
    lots of reverse foil switch diamond pearl
    Meganium MT
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2007
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    celebi mt for ursaring mt rev foil? lmk.
  3. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    My Reverse Foil Ambipom and my normal foil Typloshion for 2 Quick Ball, 2 Night Maintenance and 1 Feraligator MT.

    let me know :D
  4. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    krucifier - awesome sounds like a deal that's only 4 for the full set for me pm and stuff
  5. The_Envoy_of_Chaos

    The_Envoy_of_Chaos New Member

    Hey Rob

    POP 3: 7,10
    POP 2: 11, 15

    3 Castaway

  6. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    no spare castaways sorry envoy
  7. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    your Blastoise are they the metal fighting one?
  8. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    aggy - no if they were i would have put that i had blastiose delta,but i don't.
  9. fchangus2

    fchangus2 New Member

    my garchomp for your blissey?
  10. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    no thanks fchangus2
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