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Discussion in 'Other' started by drrty byl, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. dark_pokemon

    dark_pokemon New Member

    i have the 1.25 GHz powerPC G4

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  2. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Then you're out of luck I believe, but why wouldn't you have it? It probably is still in the box of your Mac, maybe ask your parents for it?
  3. dark_pokemon

    dark_pokemon New Member

    becaus ei got it from my godfather a little while ago and he never gave it 2 me...
  4. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

  5. dark_pokemon

    dark_pokemon New Member

    you are super nice guys=)

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    III. Install Apprentice.exe and Start Playing Using Darwine
    Navigate to the Wine Helper application in /Applications/Darwine/WineHelper and double-click it. From WineHelper, press "Command(apple)+O" for Open and navigate to the location of the file downloaded in step I.2. Select the Apprentice.exe file and hit Open. At this point, Darwine may give you a message in the output window about needing to configure itself. If nothing happens, simply repeat this step up to this point. Now follow the Apprentice installation instructions that show up.
    -Switch over to the X11 terminal window and navigate to the Apprentice folder by typing "cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Apprentice/" at the prompt (no quotes). Now type "/Applications/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/wine Appr.exe" (no quotes), cross your fingers, and hit Enter.

    An Apprentice window should launch and you can being using the program as usual. Set patches are applied in the same manner as on a "real" "Windows" machine by pasting files into the "/Users/-Your User Name-/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Apprentice/" directory. To run the program in the future you'll need to use the line "/Applications/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/wine Appr.exe" from the "/Users/-Your User Name-/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Apprentice/" at the X11 prompt, or download the dock launcher icon, which will run the script and start the program automatically.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy!

    I'll create a complete installer for this time permitting.[/QUOTE]

    so i downloaded the second darwin you gave me and now i don't know what to do here becaus ei didn't get the trix and darwin files for the second one
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  6. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    You still want to mount the file you've downloaded and drag the "Darwine" folder in the mounted image to your Applications folder. Inside that folder resides the WineHelper app you want to use. I haven't had a chance to test this on a PPC, but paths should be the same and Trix shouldn't be needed.
  7. dark_pokemon

    dark_pokemon New Member

    ok i already put in the apps folder
  8. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    So where are you stuck with the installation? Did you follow the steps after adding X11 and Darwine?
  9. renfield89

    renfield89 New Member

    I'm having problems running HamachiX on my MacBook. Once installed, all I appear to be able to do is invite users to the preset network called "mai_hamachi," of which there are already 2 members called "mai_porygon" and "mai_kingdra." This may be because I once worked with someone on Redshark. But I don't know how to create or join new networks, or even sign in to this network, or leave it.

    I can provide screenshots if necessary.
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Bill, any chance you can help me out in figuring out how to set up iChat and HamachiX so that I can talk to people on the Hamachi channels please?
  11. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    Yes, can do. I take it your "right-clicking" and everything is working fine?
  12. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    What do you mean by right-clicking? Appr and Hamachi both work fine for now.
  13. Michan

    Michan New Member

    This is a great tutorial, but I'm a little stuck.

    I've got to the step where I'm trying to open the Apprentice file, but am greeted with this error:

    Any ideas? I've tried repeating the step several times, but just can't get past it.

    Thanks in advance!
  14. renfield89

    renfield89 New Member

    I suck at computer-ing, in short.
    I'm trying to convert to using APPR, and never seem able to install it and all its components.

    I've been following the directions given here, and have installed all prerequisites *to the best of my /poor/ knowledge*:

    Once I get to step three, part three, I open WineHelper, attempt to open Appr.exe, and get an error message over and over, saying "Appr.exe was opened with an error, check the log window," which is empty..

  15. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    Have you enabled visibility for hidden files and folders?
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
  16. renfield89

    renfield89 New Member

    I have. Once I've done that, I try opening Appr.exe with WineHelper I get two messages. The first says "Runtime error 217 at 0009943B" The second says "Appr.exe has exited wit an error, have a look at the log window..." And nothing appears in the log window. Also, X11 is opened and does nothing.
  17. drrty byl

    drrty byl New Member

    Renfield, there's a continuation of support for your issue on another thread you created.
  18. Psyduck11

    Psyduck11 New Member

    Hi i have a problem with the point 3. X11 Window Manager: 10.3.9 or older, 10.4+ (or from the OS X installation disc)

    I was told I cant instal the download one cause I have a newer version on my mac

    than I found xterm (I dunno if it is the right program) and used the command but nothing happend

    bash: cd~/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Apprentice/: No such file or directory

    what shoud I do

    do i have to have the old version the X11??
  19. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    I just got a Mac and am going through these instructions but it looks like Darwine is just called Wine the guide here still applicable or do I need to do something different to get Apprentice going?


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