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  1. whojabija

    whojabija New Member

    This is my poison deck:

    Smoochum x 1 [DF]
    Jynx x 1 [DF]
    Ekans x 2 [DF]
    Ekans x 2 [GE]
    Arbok x 2 [DF]
    Arbok x 2 [GE]
    Croagunk x 2
    Toxicroak x 2
    Koffing x 2 [GE]
    Weezing x 2 [GE]

    Island Hermit x 3
    Roseanne’s Research x 2
    Night Maintenance x 1
    TV Reporter x 2
    Felicity’s Drawing x 2
    Dusk Ball x 4
    Holon Mentor x 2
    Moonlight Stadium x 3
    Bebe’s Search x 4
    Pokedex x 2

    5 fire
    12 psychic

    I'm in the Junior division, and I see a lot of Gallade.

    All advice is welcome, but please don't be too harsh -- I'm a noob :smile:

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    there's a girl i'm friends with that i know will play this deck because she won prerelease with arbok and always plays special conditions, in your age division special conditions could do well, fast kos can probably be disruptive in the younger divisions,

    i think you could take the toxicroaks out for more weezing but i suppose they come in handy against gallade, much like arbok, in a purely offensive way, i don't think you want to start with jynx but i bet it does help sometimes,

    for masters really though, other than a chance of donking a ralts it's not good against gallade, it's all damage and it can't take a hit from anyone, mag isn't as vulnerable, and in a format were everyones used to being one shotted, i just don't think that simply killing pokemon fast will help, because so many decks over power you
  3. Kimppa

    Kimppa New Member


    Try this:

    3-3 RBOK
    3-3 wEEZING
    3-3 Cacturn + Sidneys Stadium :)
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