Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Rew, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    I looked at arbok from GE and i think it's pretty good. fro one energy. 10+poison. Add in weezing you have up to 50 damage with one energy. thern if they are already poisoned up to 90? and they take poison on their turn... the thing is I don't know how it would set up.
  2. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    ^Pachirisu and Claydol?
  3. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    tried it. it's fun as heck to play, but loses to anything psychic and 80 HP is too low.
  4. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    Playing it with Cacturne PK definitely makes for a fun deck.
  5. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    yeh.. the 80 hp is bad... too bad energy root is gone.. wait how much hp did exeggutor have? =D
    psychic lock definantly knocks it out in one hit.
  6. WinkWinkNudgeNudge

    WinkWinkNudgeNudge New Member

    It is a very good counter for Skittles.
  7. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    oh yes, because it ko's with poison =D

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