Arkansas 1st Place State Champion with Luxchomp! *Masters*

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Charzano, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Charzano

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    Hey, Sam Liggett here. I played in Tennessee State Championships last Saturday with Luxchomp and I lost in the Top 8 on time in the third game vs the mirror match. I may write a report for that later, but just for a bit of background, I played Luxchomp for a few CC's, and then I tried out a bunch of other decks for States but ended up going back to Luxchomp in the end. On to the report:

    Wake up at 6 A.M to drive to Hot Springs for Arkansas' first state championship. Get there with plenty of time, and I can't decide whether to run a Weavile G or Toxicroak G, I ended up going with Toxicroak. We Have 69 Masters with a Top 16.

    ~Round 1~

    I got the bye. I was pretty mad. Out of all 69 Masters I had to sit out the first round. Oh well.


    ~Round 2 VS Logan S with Mewperior/Blaziken SP~

    I open Unown Q, 4 Lv X's in hand. I top deck SP radar and get out a Garchomp C. Snipe something turn 2, and get a Luxray from my prizes. A few turns later I draw an Azelf and Drop it for an Uxie, then things start rolling. Got out Dialga G X but he played a 2-2 Blaziken with a lot of fire energy, so I had to think about everything more than I would have liked. I ended up winning by a couple prizes.


    ~Round 3 VS Tuan D with Kingdra/Gengar~

    I poison bind his sableye, but he plays a PONT and gets a new hand with an SSU and scoops up the Sableye and KO's my Roserade with 2 Spray Splashes and a Dragon Steam. I KO his Kingdra with the Energy with my Luxray and then he just Level's down everything I have and plays Judges and PONTs trying to get Psychics. He evolved into the Gengar Prime when he needed the other Gengar I think. I win.


    ~Round 4 VS Chris B with Luxchomp~

    He misplays a few places, and I take out all of his pokemon that have energy attached. He realizes that I'm too far ahead and I only have 2 prizes left to his 5, and he scoops.


    ~Round 5 VS Kaitlyn W with Gyarados~

    She opens double Magikarp. I open alright. She sea sprays for one going first. I knock out the first Magikarp. She plays down another magikarp and a smeargle and tries to portrait, but i Spray. I poison bind the Smeargle after that, and she evolves to Gyarados, and discards the other 2 Magikarp with Junk arm. I catch her off guard and flash bite her smeargle for the KO and in the same turn Trash Bolt her Gyarados with Lucario in play in the same turn. After the game she told me she opened with all 4 Magikarp in her hand.


    ~Round 6 VS David C with DialgaChomp~

    I go first with Luxray start, Call for 2 more SPs. He drops an Azelf, drops a bunch of other cards, and then tries to Set up with 2 cards in hand and I spray it. He does have 3 garchomp in play and within the next 2 turns has 2 DCE and an Energy Gain. I have 3 Collector in my hand, get an Uxie, and set up for 2 basics and and Dialga G X. My only energy is the call energy, so I poison bind for a while while he Claw Swipes. Neither of us can get up until he top decks a Cyrus and Dragon Rushes my Garchomp. The next turn I top deck a Cyrus and we trade prizes for a while. Time is called later and he wins, but he could have won even if time had not been called. GG.


    ~Round 7 VS Joel K with VileGar/Blaziken FB~

    This game is pretty sad. He starts with an Unown Q and I can't KO it, and he really never gets anything up. I completely run through him. He gets something going 3 prizes into the game, but its too far gone and I win.


    So standings are posted and I am the Number 1 Seed going into the top 16. :biggrin:

    ~Top 16 VS Roger P with Luxchomp~

    Game 1: I focus on Koing Garchomps where as he focuses on just getting something going. I power spray at the right times and win game 1.

    Game 2: Neither of us start too great, I take the first Prize with Dragonite, and he responds with an Earthquake, but he played SP Radar for Garchomp X instead of a basic. I respond with an Earthquake+Flash Bite and Bench him to take game 2.


    ~Top 8 VS Chris B with Luxchomp~

    Game 1: This game lasts a really long time. I can't draw anything and he attacks me with Luxray rather than Garchomp. I finally get something going and we trade a couple of prizes, but I KO'd all of the threats on his side of the board and I spread out my energy better.

    Game 2: I spray an early Uxie, and he gets another one to set up for 5. He powers up his Dragonite with 2 Call and an E-Gain and takes out 2 of my pokemon before I get set up. Then I KO it with Earthquake and he brings up Luxray. I pull ahead and he can't overtake my lead.


    ~Top 4 VS David C with DialgaChomp~

    Game 1: He starts better, with Cyrus and gets a T2 Garchomp X with E-gain and 2 Energy on the bench. He flash bites my Dragonite to 10 and I let it go through, and then he Junk Arms away 2 Supporters and drops an Uxie which I spray. His hand is only 2 Cards, an Aaron and an SP Radar, and I get out a Luxray X, Bright Look Garchomp X, And Mach Blow for the KO. He can't quite come back form the Power Sprayed Uxie and I win this game.

    Game 2: I start with a good hand going 2nd. He used Call and has 3 Garchomp in play. I drop a DCE on my Garchomp, Energy Gain, play an Sp Radar for Dragonite, and then Drop an Uxie. He Sprays it. Then I play a Cyrus and get a Collector. I take the first prize, and he responds with a double flash bite+Claw Swipe for the Ko. I should have played this game more defensively. I Collector for another Uxie, Unown Q, and Smeargle. He sprays the Uxie and I use Portrait for a Cyrus. He grabs another Power Spray and Sprays Portrait the next turn. His 3-1 Garchomp line doesn't seem to be working out too well for him. I use portrait every time he knocks out one of my pokemon. Time is called and I'm one prize ahead on his turn. He takes a prize. I portrait, see that he doesn't have a DCE, which he would need to tie the game next turn, and I Mach Blow for the KO. He draws, tries to do whatever he can, and then can't take a prize and I win. I played 1 DCE that game, he played none.


    The Convention Center kicks us out, so we have to drive to a Nursing Home-like place where the play league in Arkansas to finish the finals.

    ~FINALS VS Logan S with Mewperior/Blaziken FB~

    Game 1: I set up a Dialga G X with an Unown Q on it and get out a Luxray X with 2 Energy. He takes the early lead and tries to do whatever he can with Luring Flame/Judges, but I just Flash Impact my way to Victory.

    Game 2: This game goes very similar to game 1. I start with Smeargle and use Portrait and all he has is a Judge. I get set up, but a bit slower this game. Delcatty proves to be a decent side attacker for him, but not being able to attack with Hard Crush Catches up to him and I Take my last prize with 6 minutes left in the match. This game was quite close though, I only won by one prize card in the end. GG.


    So I finally won something larger than a City. Thank God. I just learned a few minutes ago that I get a first round bye at nationals, but also that most every hotel around the venue in Indianapolis is booked already. Oh well, just win Regionals and get a free room, right? :tongue:

    Thanks for Reading!

    Seeing Kaitlyn, Chas, and Peyton
    Curran H going Undefeated in VA to win 11-0
    Jimmy O winning NJ
    Jay H winning NE
    Power Spray
    Not playing VS Machamp
    2-0ing all of my opponents through top cut
    Ms Kathy, Mr Mike, and the great new AR PTO
    First Round Bye at Nationals

    See you in the finals of Regionals! :wink:
  2. cmak37

    cmak37 New Member

    Great job man!!!!
  3. Professor_Baker

    Professor_Baker New Member

    Super Job, Sam! You had a great day! And a well deserved victory!

    Thanks to all the event staff, it was a well run tournament!
  4. prodigal_fanboy

    prodigal_fanboy New Member

    Son, I am proud. Good work.
  5. Amt

    Amt New Member

    Sam, very disappointed in you. Can't even go X-0... just quit playing.

    jk awesome job man.
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  7. Charzano

    Charzano New Member

    Thanks Guys!!!!!!!
  8. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    Congrats Mr. Sam Legit,see you on the Pokemon Trail! :)
  9. teammoonshadow

    teammoonshadow New Member

    Great job man!! That was an awesome Finals match between you and Logan!! :thumb:

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