Arkansas State 1st Place Report (Seniors)

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Acmeminer, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I won my first tournament yesterday and am feeling really good, so I just thought I should write a tournament report! So here we go.

    I decided to hands down play Sablock due to the uprising of "LostGar", which I tested against with my friend Kevin (Amphachu) and won every time to. But, I actually play a 2-2 Honchkrow and a 1-1 Absol G to take down all Gengars easily And just for the sheer fact of them both kicking so much butt. I got made fun of for the Absol by a few people, and the rest just questioned me, but it won actually won me the tournament. (Im looking at you Adrian and Daniel)

    So, my brother (ParcoFolgore), a close friend Tim Talley (Cmonkey66) and I drove to Hot Springs AR expecting a few people other than us but, instead we open the doors to about 20-30 people and constantly going up as the time went on, we met up with our friends and just hung out until registering started! I walked around and noticed 4 decks I really needed to compete with, Scizor, T-tar, Dialgachomp, and Chenlock. We only had enough to do 4 swiss rounds and a top 2.

    -Round one: T-tar (SF)

    I start with Smeargle, Unown Q, and Uxie, while he starts with Uxie and a Gliscor E4, I start off immediately knowing to go for a Murkrow because of my Honchkrow in my hand. I get it out quick using supporters in his hand with Portrait, and start taking prizes from the beginning, He starts loading up a T-tar on his bench, while he is sending up small things for Honchkrow to kill. He comes out with T-tar starts wiping me away, I hit him with a Earthquake from Garchomp which he kills the next turn.. Luckily for me, I play Promocroak and take it out, but I have nothing else to attack with.. So he keeps going, until he has one prize left. I was honestly afraid that I had lost.. until.. I notice he has a Pupitar on his bench thats belted so I cant Dragon rush it.. I promote another Garchomp, DCE and E-gain it, I flash bite the pupitar and dragon rush it for the knock out for two prizes and the game. Good game man.

    -Round two: Scizor Prime

    I cant remember too much about this game, but I'll lay down the basics
    I knew this was going to be tough, seeing that I dont run very much basic energy.. But, just for this type of situation.. I play 3 basic dark energy! I start Sableye and start a chatterlock on him, I go through and sweep with Honchkrow with two basic darks and a basic psychic and go through 2 scizors, He finally takes it out, but I promote Absol, attach a basic dark and an energy gain and go crazy yet again, I back it out and promote a Garchomp C X to dragon rush a Scyther with two special metal for game. Once again, good game.

    We had lunch break, so David, Tim, Logan, Charlie, Adrian, Denver and I all went to Brick House burgers and had a great time!

    -Round 3: Chenlock

    Thats right, I played all the things I didnt want to play except Dialgachomp because it was going 0-2
    I start sableye and get a quick Honchkrow up. while he is struggling to set up Im doing good and getting prizes until I have 4 left, he pulls out Ambipom, and tail codes my DCE to my Sableye with 5 damage counters on it.. I put another DCE on the honchkrow and knock it out, believe it or not, we continue this twice due to him using aarons twice and getting back Ambipom, so by the end of it, I had a Sableye with 3 DCE attached to it and 5 damage counters. I cant remeber what happened from here, but we had to go into our +3 turns, he comes back to get enough prizes to tie it up, and whoever took the next prize won, I dragon rush a benched Azelf for game. Good game, sir.

    -Round 4: LostGar

    I knew I had this from the beginning. I asked if he played vileplume, he said no, and I smiled. We went at it, and I was taking constant prizes with my Special darked Absol G X while I had 5 pokemon in the lost Zone, I had 3 prizes left while he had no gengars and I lost zoned one of his Lost worlds, I had a strong feeling I would win.. But during his turn he played a Palmers and grabbed two Gengar Primes and 3 energy.. Then, he played a Bebe's.. Without noticing he searched his deck for one of the Gengar Primes, after that we noticed, we called a judge, I got a prize card and he lost the card he put in for Bebes. from there it went completely downhill for him and I ended up winning..

    -TOP TWO: Vs.. LostGar

    To be completely honest, neither of these games were really exciting, not only was he playing in Finals, which due to time isnt very good, hes playing against a deck built to destroy LostGar.

    -Game one:

    He goes straight for Gengar SF to go for 6 prizes, which I think was a bad choice. Since he only ran one Gengar SF, and all of my attackers can OHKO it, it wasnt a very strong choice.. I just swept the entire game with Honchkrow, then when I was afraid of losing all three energy due to Fainting Spell, I switched to Absol to KO the Gengar, he flipped tails on fainting spell, and he scooped to save time for getting things Lost Zoned next game.

    -Game two:

    He goes for Gengar Prime while I set up an Absol with 2 special Dark energy attached to it so I could seriously one hit anything in his deck, he got 4 things lost zoned while I was constantly taking out his Gengar Primes. I was honestly surprised to see a Palkia G hit the bench, in fear of 2 of my 5 benched pokemon getting lost zoned to make my total lost zoned count to a 6. I noticed I had 3 SP out and a powerspray in my hand, so even if he did try to Lost Cyclone them, I could Powerspray it, I guess he just knew he had lost because he seriously couldnt do anything with a bench full of pixies and spiritombs and a palkia. So I won!

    My first tournament win ever, being a states, I felt pretty accomplished.
    Thanks for reading you guys!

    JESSIE! For organizing states and just being amazing!
    My friend Logan for getting Second in masters with MewPerior
    Charlie Puckett and I's secret handshake after I won!
    ABSOL. G.
    Big Daddy Krow (Honchkrow)
    Phillip, Adrian and Denver for being bros.
    David and Tim for playtesting and also for being bros
    Daniel, for teaching Adrian and I how to street battle.

    Having the "Little Soldier Boy" song Uncle Iroh sings in Avatar the Last Airbender stuck in my head all day...
    Lack of food
    Honestly, There were almost no slops! :)

    Well, hope you all did well at states, and hope you do good at Regionals! Thanks guys!
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    I told you that ou were the best senior in Arkansas.
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    Awesome job my friend!! You did a great job and like Mike said, we're proud that you kept the title in Arkansas!!!!!! :thumb:

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