At Long Last: Top4 Gainesville BR Report

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Sandslash7, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Autumn Battle Roads
    Outpost Games
    Gainsville, Virgina
    13 Participants in Masters

    Well, it’s been a while. I have been attending college at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va, so I haven’t played Pokemon in about 2 months. This weekend was Fall Break, so I was able to come home and relax, so I decided to go to the nearest Battle Road. So, I broke out my Mario deck to see if I could win. On to the deck!

    Pokemon: 16
    4 Riolu DP
    3 Lucario DP
    1 Lucario Lv X
    3 Machop DP
    1 Machoke PK
    1 Machoke DP
    2 Machamp DP
    1 Machamp PK

    NRG: 14
    11 Fighting
    2 DRE
    1 Scramble

    Trainers: 30
    4 Celio’s Network
    3 Steven’s Advice
    2 Copycat
    2 Castaway
    1 Holon Mentor
    4 Plus Power
    3 Cessation Crystal
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Master Ball
    2 Battle Frontier
    1 Warp Point
    1 Strength Charm
    1 Great Ball
    1 Night Maintenance

    Strategy: Basic Mario strategy…
    Snipe early w/Lucario, and then swing for 70 w/Machamp.
    I left the PK Machamp in, as I expected at least a few decks with ex’s to be played. (I was right)

    Now, I had not actually been on the ‘Gym in forever, so I didn’t really know the Metagame, but I saw a Pickup TRUK and TRUK deck @ league, and I was able to get a handle on the matchup for the BR.

    Thus, after 2hrs and 10min of sitting in the car, I arrived @ Outpost Games, and begin to get my deck set up for the deck check.

    Round 1. Vs “The King of Magikarps” (Gardevoir PK + Nidoqueen d)
    I actually lent him this deck for the tourney, as his old deck got rotated, and he didn’t really have a back up… So, unfortunately, I knew the matchup by heart.
    Pretty much awesome starting hand, he really didn’t get much of a start. I ran through his basics with a few well placed Aura Sphere’s, and finished it off with a Close Combat.

    Well, I’m feeling pretty good about my deck, and I’m hoping to not get a bad matchup or anything.

    Round 2. Vs Dan (from Team Emo Leesburger) “Slash in the Sand” (Mismagius/Grumpig)
    Well, I got an eh starting hand, yet Riolu vs Spoink I think. He goes first, and uses Psywave for 10. I draw and attach a fighting and lay a Machop and flip heads for Wild Kick. He draws, plays Castaway for a TVR, Buffer, and a Psychic. He laid a Chingling, retreats, lays a Misdrevous, and uses the Chingling supporter thing. I draw and use Celio for Lucario. I attach a Fighting to the Machop and use Feint on Chingling. He evolves to a Mismagius and attaches a Scramble to it. He grabs a Castaway with Chingling, and it’s my turn. I attach an NRG to Lucario, and use Aura Sphere. He sends out the Mismagius. Draw, Castaway for Psychic, Buffer, and PETM. He attaches a Holon’s Castform, and attacks for the KO. I respond by topdecking a Riolu For The Stall. Attach to Riolu. (My hand is about 2 Fighting, Machamp DP, Battle Frontier, DRE) and attack with Machop. He does 40 it, and I draw another Riolu FTS. I attach a 2nd Fighting to the other Benched Riolu, and I do 20. He sends out a powered Grumpig, and KOes the Machop. I draw a Cessation Crystal, and attach a fighting to Riolu. I flip tails, and he KOes it. I draw a 2nd Cessation Crystal FTL, and he wins the game.

    I know I now have to win the next 2 rounds to have a shot at the top 4. I also need my opponents to win vs. their remaining matches.

    Round 3. Vs Rob (Electivire Lv X + Flygon d, ex + Magneton + Chingling/Chimeco starter)
    Well, re remarks that “Oh, I’m playing against a Mario deck now.” as we both mulligan. (3 Lucario FTL) I see Flygon d, so I start thinking, R-Gon or Electivire.

    I get Riolu Start vs his Chingling. I go first, attach 30 damage. He uses Mentor(discarding Battle Frontier. Why would he play that?) for Chimeco, Elekid, and Trapinch. He evolves to Chimeco thru Baby, and placed the other 2 on his bench. He then draws 3. I use Copycat and get about 8 cards. I start building a second Riolu and a Machop. I place Battle Frontier, and I Flip Heads again, and I his Chimeco has 30 on him. He draws, plays Electabuzz and Chingling, evolves to Electabuzz, and uses “Super BonBon” (Rare Candy) to evolve to Flygon d. Fortunately, the BF I put in play stopped him from Delta Supplying. He proceeds to Windstorm it and delta supply to the Flygon d on the bench. He draws 3, and I go. Draw, Copycat. (Ha, the only 2 I play) I draw something like 14 cards. This gives me a massive advantage. Lucario, Lucario, Candy, Champ PK, Machop, 3 Fighting, 1 DRE, Steven’s , CC (Cessation Crystal) and some other cards. I promptly evolve my Riolus, and attach NRG to the Lucario. I attach the CC and Aura Sphere. KOing the Chimecho. I draw a prize. Lucario Lv X!

    He sends up the Chingling. He draws, and Mentors, discarding Lake Boundary. He grabs a Castform and 2 Trapinches. He evolves an Electivire, and uses another Super BonBon to get a Flygon ex d. He attaches a DRE to Electivire and searches for a TVR with Chingling. I draw, attach a Fighting to the benched Machamp, and use Steven’s advice for 3-4 cards. I draw a CC, Machoke, Celio’s, and my Scramble. I evolve the other Machop to Machoke and attack for 40 and 20 to the Flygon ex d. He proceeds to begin his turn and TVR’s. He also attaches to Electavire, with so he has 2 NRG on it. He grabs a Celio with Chingling. I draw a Riolu and immediately place it on the bench. Seeing the Celio and the Electavire, I’m scared of the pulse barrier, because I have a BF and CC in play. So, I decide to attach an NRG to my benched Lucario, putting it at 2 Fighting. I plan on sacking the Riolu during the turn of protection he has, then OHKOing with Lucario LV X. I KO the Chingling and put 20 more on the Flygon ex d. I draw a Night Maintenance (I’m liking my prizes this game).

    He sends out the Electivire, and sure enough he Celios for the Lv X. I notice that he only has the other Electabuzz out, and I start to assume that he only plays a x-2-2-2 line of ‘Vire. He Levels up, and I get KOed it. He now has immunity, so I set up my next few turns. I see his Flygon ex d, and know he uses that for Mario, so I mentally place ‘Champ PK in the queue for deployment. I send up the Riolu and draw. I Steven’s, and place a fighting on Lucario, setting it at 3. I also use Master Ball for a Machamp DP. I evolve the other Machoke and let it lie in wait. I pass, and let him go. He attaches to Flygon ex d, and uses the big attack of Electavire DP to KO my Riolu. I send out my Lucario. He is falling right into my trap. I draw into another Steven’s, and I play it. This pretty much seals the deal for me, as I draw the 3rd Lucario line as well as a Scramble and a Fighting. I Level Up and Stance. I then play Cessation Crystal to negate his Bodies and stuff, and attach Fighting to Machamp DP. I OHKO his ‘Vire Lv X, and draw my third prize. He sends up his Flygon ex d. He draws and plays a Mentor and only grabs a Magnemite… He attaches to the other Electabuzz. He passes, ‘cause he didn’t have enough NRG to attack. I Warp, and send out Machamp PK. I attach the Scramble, and KO the Flygon ex d with all of the accumulated damage from Lucario and Plus Powers. He sends out Electabuzz, which he immediately retreats for his Magnemite, and tries to confuse me, which fails. I then OHKO it, and win the game.

    (This game was much longer that I wrote it to be, but after a few weeks, the games run together) (I also split it because a wall of text like that can be confusing and hard to follow)

    2-1. I need all of my matches to win, and I need to be 3-1.

    Round 4. vs Tim with Quickitune.
    I started to immediately fear the T2 turn donk, so I was grateful when he mulliganed about 4-5 times. This pretty much got me the best setup ever. He did try hard, but after about 4 turns of sacking basics he lost. GG Tim.

    3-1! I expectantly waited for the top4, as I really wanted to make the finals. After an exhausting wait, I was announced as the 4th seed.

    What a birthday present! Making my first finals on my birthday, (after a 2 month hiatus, no less)

    Match 1 VS SuperWooper with TRUK (Blissey/Delcatty)
    Yup, Team EmoLeesburger made 2 out of the top 4. Fortunatly, I had become aquainted with this deck the night before, so I wasn’t completely in the dark, but I knew it would be hard.

    Sorry for the shortness of this match, but I can’t remember much detail.

    Game one.
    I get a decent start, but the eventual Boost/FF/fighting then Delcatty ex just beat me down.

    0-1 I’m in the hole, but I can still pull it out. This first game took about 30-35 minutes, so I know that if I win the next one, it’ll be a donkfest/SD for game 3.

    Game 2
    I get a pretty good start, and am able to rip an early Lucario Lv X, and he is really close to giving me the game, as he only had a Delcatty ex and PK out, while I had a PK Machamp and something else. I needed 2 prizes, so I needed to get the Delcatty ex, but a nasty Team Galactics Wager loss screwed me over. He got the boost/Strength charm he needed, and I lost another close game.

    Yup, I lost 0-2 with Mario against TRUK, but I was happy with my performance, and I hope to compete against my fellow players @ Cities or States. (SuperWooper eventually won the BR, so I’m glad I can say I lost to the winner, I guess :) )

    Props and Slops

    Making my first top cut on my Birthday
    My dad for driving me there
    Team Rogue

    My deck dying in Game 2
    College taking up all my time
    Lousy Topdecks

    If anyone has any corrections on the matches, LMK. THX.
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  2. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    nice job with mario
  3. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Mario is underrated.
  4. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Thanks for the encouragement guys.

    I really don't see how people can say it's not a deck...

    Clearly it can win, and isn't that the definition of a deck?

    Whatever /rant.

    Comments? Q's? Ask me.
  5. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Hey man. We had some great games in the Top 4. Holon FF is such a great card - if it weren't in the format there's no way Blissey could hope to beat decks like yours. I have to say that I got pretty lucky in our second game ripping the Boost on that Wager. It almost certainly would have gone to Game 3 had I not.

    I hope to meet up with you in the top cut again sometime this season for a rematch. See you around.
  6. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Yeah, definitely. I look forward to a rematch.

    That Wager... I'm like "For the Win,?" and you pull it like card 4 and I'm like "snap"...

    FF Holds that deck together man.

    Good games...
  7. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Good job, dude! You write better reports than me! You have a photographic memory. Hope it comes in handy in life! :)
  8. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    so much writing. I'll say this your report won't be read all the way through by most people. GJ dude!
  9. I am Entei

    I am Entei New Member

    You ever try using a Crystal shard or two in the deck?
  10. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    Yeah, but I wanted it to be as detailed as possible.

    Early in the testing I did, but I never used it. Plus, there aren't really any cards that would require a Tech Crystal Shard.

    Ehh, you'd be surprised how NOT photographic my memory is. Like I'll remember random trivia about some insignificant thing, but blank on a test question on an important exam. I really don't like how my memory works.

    However, I know that all of that stuff happened, I just don't really remember the order, so I may have made up a bit of it to make it flow better. I don't know. (I try to write the matches down, but I always forget)

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I'm deffinitely a Mario player at heart. (though I may play something else for Cities/States, as I've got a good deck idea in the works. )

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