ATJdragon's T16 Washington States Masters Report

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by ATJdragon, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    Pokemon Washington States 2011

    I had previously gotten 3rd place the week before at my own bc provincials so i simply tweaked my luxchomp build and (attempted) to sleep early in anticipation of my 5am drive the day of the tournament.

    once we arrive, terry gives us canadians (myself, sebastian, bidier, bernie, and another unimportant dude) a warm welcome. soon the tournament starts

    Round 1: vs Julian's?!?!? Gyarados

    I play vs another player named julian. this has never happened before lol

    I go aggressive as i have an awful hand and have 2 garchomp X, azelf, dce, cyrus, and sp radar prized. on a key turn, he is unable to ko my garchomp allowing me to take the 6th prize before he does.


    Round 2: vs Chris' Luxchomp

    I have no supporter but a dragonite and garchomp plays with the necessary energy. i aggressively go for prizes hoping i hit a supporter. i dont, i fall behind dramatically and my comeback plays involve the 2 psychic energies that were prized lol. i proceed to lose


    Round 3: vs Amelia's Luxchomp

    I go first and open chatot call. amelia also goes chatot call. i attach egain to garchomp and oaks new theory for 6 into sp radar and dce. what a sack right? i was shocked, i just wanted a new hand lol. i dragon rush her garchomp. i then mimic next turn causing her to chatter my chatot. i proceed to attach another energy to chatot and do the same whilst she still has no supporter. many many turns later, i eventually win. im fairly certain amelia didnt use a cyrus all game. unfortunate =\


    Round 4: vs Sheila's Vilegar

    I open weavile g and dark energy. i call for luxray and garchomp. despite a tomb opener, she has a slow starter and bebe's for gastly, benched another gastly and darkness graces for haunter. i flash impact the gastly and proceed to alternate garchomp and luxrayX for prizes till i eventually win.


    Round 5: vs ??? (forgot ur name sorry dude)'s Gyarados

    He has an extremely poor start and i just proceed to win very quickly


    Round 6: vs Graham's Luxchomp.

    i have THE NUTS. my hand is garchomp c, call, call, sp radar, egain, cyrus, collector. i lose the die roll so he goes first. he flips his pokemon...ambipom g. he benches a pokemon. benches azelf for time walk to get luxray. benches luxray and uxie to set up for 4. he gets the DCE =(


    Round 7: vs Matt's Gyarardos

    Matt rolled 1/5 (initially 0/4) on SSU. he had 2 margikarps prized. and i dragon rushd his regice early game. he, needless to say, had a rough game.

    5-2. Probable top 16 i think

    I basically worked it out and harassed my previous opponents to find out my resistance. 63%. (63.27 to be precise). sebastian doesnt actually believe that im correct as in his experience a bunch of jobbers have claimed to understand resistance but dont. when the standings came up, i was in 13th place with a 63.27% resistance/tiebreaker 1. yep, dont doubt an asian when it comes to math.

    I end up in the 13th seed. unfortunately, i play sebastian in t16 lol. 4 bc players in the t16 in masters. 3 bc players in the t8 in seniors. solid.

    Top 16: vs Sebastian's Dialgachomp

    Unfortunate we have to play each other since we drove down here in the same car but it is what it is. better now than in swiss.

    1: i have a bad/slow starter and i eventually concede since hes so far ahead
    2: this grease monkey deafeans till time so i cant take 4 prizes. i only took 2 lol. what a jerk


    I made top cut so im somewhat satisfied by my performance. too bad bc got 2nd place in both masters and seniors. oh well, maybe next year

    -Bidier, Sebastian, Bernie, and other guy for coming on the trip
    -made top cut
    -being right about resistance
    -bc players with excellent performances (seb, cor, jack, april, robert, kevin (i guess))
    -Luxray and garchomp giving me b2b states/provs top cuts

    -Sebastian losin to shuppet donk in t8 when running dialga. epicly bad lol
    -why couldnt states be at the seattle center? =(
  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Nice job Julian. Sucks you had to play Sebastian in Top 16. I am very impressed at how you calculated your Resistence lol.
  3. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    I was just going to repeat what jack said lol. Great job getting top 16.
  4. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    pretty good weekends :p
  5. Loki126

    Loki126 New Member

    Hey! It's the other Julian that you faced in round one. Tough luck losing in the T16 I was really rooting for you! But good job making back to back in two states/provincials.

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