Attacking and Defending Effects

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Mr. Grass, Feb 24, 2004.

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    Now this ruling goes against every similar ruling that I've seen before. Here it is:

    Q. Considering the wording of Pelipper's "Swallow" attack, does the damage on Pelipper get removed BEFORE or AFTER Claw Fossil's "Jagged Stone" Poke-Body damages Pelipper? Jagged Stone places 1 damage counter on Pelipper as a result of Pelipper's attack, then the text of Swallow says to remove damage counters AFTER the attack (implying that the attack has been completely resolved).
    A. The language used for Swallow is over-specific. The process at the end of the attack: Do damage; next, do the rest of the Attacking Pokemon's effects; lastly, do any of the Defending Pokemon's effects. So in this case, Pelipper's Swallow removes damage counters FIRST (if any), and then Claw Fossil's "Jagged Stone" kicks in afterward. (Oct 30, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

    And here are rulings that I think are similar from the Compendium, a couple Dark Gyarados and Erika's Vileplume:

    Q. If an attack that Knocks Out Dark Gyarados also Paralyzes him, does he get to use his Final Beam or not? Dark Gyarados SHOULD be able to do Final Beam because Pokémon Powers are applied BEFORE attack effects such as paralysis right?
    A. Final Beam will go off before Paralysis is applied. (Jul 20, 2000 WotC Chat, Q151)

    Q. If an Alakazam uses Teleport Blast and goes to the bench, while Knocking Out the opponent's Active Dark Gyarados, do you use Dark Gyarados' Pokémon Power on Dark Alakazam or your new Active Pokémon?
    A. Damage is done BEFORE you switch Dark Alakazam back to the bench. So you would resolve the Knock Out effects BEFORE you Bench the Dark Alakazam. (May 4, 2000 WotC Chat, Q15)

    Q. Request for clarification on an old ruling: Dark Gyarados is active and Dark Arbok is the opposing Pokémon. Dark Gyarados has 60 damage and Dark Arbok uses "Stare" on it. Does Dark Gyarados get do its "Final Beam" or not?
    A. Final Beam will be triggered before Stare shuts off Pokemon Powers so it will still go off. (Oct 11, 2001 WotC Chat, Q9)

    Q. If I use Magby's "Sputter" on Erika's Vileplume, will it be able to use its power or will it get shut off?
    A. You do the damage from an attack first, if that triggers anything (in this case it does) you then do what is triggered, then you continue and do what the attack says besides damage. So the Sputter effect takes place AFTER Erika's Vileplume's Pollen Defense goes off. (Mar 7, 2002 WotC Chat, Q548)

    So are all these old rulings completely reversed now? You do all the attacking effects and then the defending effects?

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