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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Napoleon, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    I decided to make this little thread to see what sorts of decks Blissey people are playing right now.

    Please post your decklist or ideas for other people's Blissey decklists.
    Remember this is a Blissey thread so don't tell someone to ditch their Blisseys for a bunch of Kricketunes.

    This is my current decklist. BTW don't waste your time giving me new decklists because this decklist is final until 1 February 2008. I mainly want to know if you think it is a nice deck:

    4x Happiny (Don't say it! Kind Egg has saved my rump more than twice!)
    2x Chansey
    2x Blissey

    4x Sneasel
    2x Weavile SW

    4x Murkrow MT
    2x Honckrow
    1x Honch Lv.X

    4x Celio
    2x Stone
    2x Mentor
    2x Hermit
    2x TG Mars
    2x Speed Stadium
    2x Master Ball
    2x Candy
    2x Night Maintenance
    2x Scott
    1x TSD (It's all I have)

    12x Basic Dark
    4x Special Dark

    The point of the deck is pretty obvious(except maybe Honch). Like many Blissey decks, you use your energy gatherer(Weavile) to pile up on Blissey and then POW:thumb:

    Honch is in there:

    1. To annoy people who think they can get away with using Whirlwind on Honch Lv.X full power when you have Murkrow on the bench.
    2. For resistance to fighting type.
    3. To get back hermit/special dark NRG which may have been discarded to retreat etc.
    4. To possibly deal 100 dmg a turn.(4 SP Dark, Blissey can do without them if necessary).
    5. To possibly snipe 80 dmg a turn. (Same reason as above)
    6. To get a free retreat cost to bring out Weavile OR Blissey whenever you wish.
    And last, most importantly and most definitely not least:
    7. To completely stun opponents since Honch Lv.X is darn rare. (Even better since Tassie has bugger all players who even have ANY LV.X)

    Honch can also do a lot more than what is listed but I think they are the main points.

    As you can see, Honch is a staller, an annoying card and a Murkrow swarmer. That's why it's in the deck.

    I appreciate any ratings, if you think the deck is a bit slow/not powerful, if you think I should dump Honch for Darkrai when in comes out.

    Once again, please no new decklists for me.

    I hope many Blissey players post.


    P.S. MAY BLISSEY RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!:colorless:colorless:colorlessAGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2008
  2. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Okay first thing is blissey already ruled the world but it got killed. Blissey is not as good as it was durring the battle roads. Second T2 blissey is the best way to play it or at least wevile is the slowest way to play it especialy with honch. You take 2 turns to use weavil and what happens if you start with krow. I have found that weavile is too slow for most decks and honch belongs in a hand disrution deck. So drop the honch and weavile line for a 4-4 blissey line, make energy be 4 boost, 4 holon ff, 6 fire, 2 fighting and make the rest trainers.
  3. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Hmmm, I'm not sure what it is you want us to do with this. I don't think the mods and admins want people to just rate your deck, but give modification comments. However, you seem to be stuck on this particular list and have no intent to change it. So this asks the question ..... Why did you even post it?
  4. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Why do you need 4 Happinies for 2 Chanseys?

    NO BOOST?!?!????!!!!?!111!1!one!1?ewjflvnsdadæqåw0483pi!!23d¤#%&/(????????????????????????

    Ditch Weavile, Honchkrow and 2 Happinies, for 2-2 more Blissey and good stuff.
  5. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Hmmmm... are Blissey players supposed to post their decklist?
  6. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Again, this asks the question, why would we want to post our decklist that you won't care for anyway? Pointless if you ask me.
  7. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    ^ You may have interpreted my words in a different way to which I did, but what you interpreted was "Don't bother posting decklists. Full Stop The End Fin." Whereas it's supposed to mean "Don't bother posting modifications for MY decklist, but feel free to post yours so others can have a skim at it.."

    As in to why did I post my deck. I want to know if you think I should change Honch for Darkrai. I also want to know what you THINK of the deck, not OMFG HAPPINY SUCKS AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY BOOST NRG!!!!! like SOME people.(no names shall be mentioned)Don't say Honch sux, he rocks Earth and Pluto. Plus, I have done absolutely fine with my current deck.

    And to Arceus999, please post your decklist if you wish(not compulsory) although I doubt this thread is going to get any more interesting than this if no-one posts a decklist.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    First things first, I specifically wrote"(Don't say it!)" for a reason. For those who have blindness or deteriorating eyes, Kind Egg darn rocks. I have won a bunch of matches just because I manage to pull Honch Lv.X with Kind Egg and my opponent is too scared to attack otherwise they'll get Murkrow mauled.
    Either way, I like it.

    Another thing which you have mentioned(and fails to interest me) is the fact that you say I should ditch Weavile/Honch/2 Happinies for 2-2 more Blissey. Firstly, I would already be playing 4 Blissey if I had it.
    Secondly, you may or may not have noticed I AM CONSIDERING DARKRAI!!!!Which is why Weavile is in the deck.
    The only thing that does interest me is your idea that Honch goes in a Hand disruption deck, although my Honch Lv.X is much more of a Murkrow swarmer to get a couple of cheap knockouts and to stall against Mario etc. It really depends on your starter.

    And Blaziken1111, starting with Murkrow absolutely rocks, since I always get some really nice trainers and generally when I want to go second so I can annihilate the other person with Master Balls, Speed stadiums etc., I usually end up going second.

    BTW I do NOT use rigged dice.

    So they are what I think of your comments.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2008
  8. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I didn't say Happiny sucks (i don't play it myself though) and Boost energy is a necessity in every Blissey deck.
  9. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    Hi there,

    Welcome to PokeGym!

    I'm glad to see a new player trying their hand at building a deck. This is a good start but I think you will notice when you go to a tournament that it could use some improving.

    First I must point out something I think you are confused about. Honchkrow X has a wonderful Fient Attack that lets you hit something on the bench. Unfortunately you cannot deal 80 with it because Special Darkness Energy do not add damage when hitting the bench (or placing damage counters, just FYI).

    OK, now onto the deck. While you have managed to create a thoughtful trainer line it would most likely be more effective with some slight changes. For the sake of consistency I feel you would be better off doing this:

    -2 Mr. Stone's Project
    -2 Speed Stadium
    -2 Rare Candy

    +4 Great Ball
    +1 Copycat
    +1 Professor Birch

    The reasoning behind the changes is this:

    Speed Stadium helps your opponent's. True, it helps you, but you are a fast deck already with regards to setup, so the extra speed would probably benefit your Gardy/Gallade (currently the most popular deck in the format) playing opponent more than it does you.

    Rare Candy - again, you have a fast deck, and while Rare Candy could help you get that T1 attack or that quick evoltution, the majority of the time I feel you would have a bigger advantage if you were more completely setup than if you were more quickly setup.

    Mr. Stone's Project - You run 16 Energy, you are going to be thinning your deck quickly and then you will end up with mostly just energy left. I don't think you need anything to search out energy.

    Great Ball - These will help because they are non-supportors. This way you can grab a basic you need and also Mars or Hermit during the same turn.

    Copycat/Birch - There is a lot of Absol SW in the current playing field. Absol lets your opponent pick a card from your hand and discard it. If they chose a trainer, they can pick another. This leads to people often having a small hand. What would be better for you who has no hand left than to draw a Copycat or Birch? Not much.

    Also I would consider adjusting your Energy line - Scrambles, Boosts, and Double Rainbow Energy are popular for a reason - they're good.

    I hope this helps, goodluck!
  10. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Hmm.... Your deck attitudes reminds me of Shaun but your usage of decks were still better than him.... Ah well

    I would say -2 Happiny
    +1 Chansey
    +1 Blissey.

    2 Happiny is still enough IMO if you want to use them. ^^
  11. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    Fried Egg Truck


    I like this deck, although a little slowere than Fire Truck, it works quite well!!! I built it last night.

    19 Pokemon:

    3-3 Blissey MT
    2-1-2 Typhloshion MT
    2-2-1 Delcatty PK/EX
    3 Zangosse PK

    19 Trainers/Supporters:

    2 Celios network
    2 Bebe's search
    3 Roseannes Research
    2 Island hermits
    1 Scott
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Night Maintenance
    1 warp point
    2 Speed Stadium

    22 energy:

    4 Boost
    2 Holon FF
    1 Scramble
    15 Fire energy

    Start off with Zangoose, load up the bench with Typhlohion, 2 Delcatty, and maybe 2 Blissey. Load up blissey with Fire starter. When Zango gets KO'd put in a loaded Blissey, do BIG damage, I will have a Holon FF attached for weakness purposes. Whaen I run out of energy, put in a Delcatty EX for Upstream.
    Let me know if you have any comments or Flaws towards it. Just trying to buil,d something different than everybody else, THANKS!!!
  12. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member


    Pokemon (16):

    Blissey MT x3
    Chansey MT x3
    Banette SW x4
    Shuppet CG x4
    Minun SW x1
    Sableye CG x1

    Trainers (26):

    Ceilio's Network x4
    Roseanne's Research x2
    Holon Mentor x2
    Time-Space Disortion x2
    Castaway x2
    Cessation Crystal x2
    Strength Charm x2
    Plus Power x3
    Team Galactics Mars x1
    TV Rporter x4
    Potion x2

    Energy (18):

    Boost Energy x3
    Scramble Energy x2
    Psychic Energy x13

    Strategy: Swarm with the low-Energy costing attacks of Banette while powering up Blissey(s) on the Bench. Late game, send out Blissey to just destroy them.
  13. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    if your so stuck on happiny,at least play 3-3 and make your chansey line legit.

  14. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    Thanks for the ideas, I appreciate them although if you had read my post correctly you may have noticed that I do not really want any adjustments as this deck is final until 1 February.
    Although I could debate against your idea for DRE: it provides 2 NRG but reduces your dmg by 10.
    So it's useless on Blissey.
    I quite like your idea of Copycat but my hand generally ends up bigger than my deck so i can just kind Egg to get a card that I might need.
    I am also against Scramble and Boost Etc. because they have short term FX and not very consistent e.g. against what I am playing against, the scramble energy will never actually be useful. I mean, it's not like I'm really going to lose that many prizes to a Basic Torterra starter deck with Torty Lv.X thrown in and one potion taken out.

    Jason, I have already seen your idea many times and I appreciate it but I only have 4 Chansey and 2 Blissey. If I had more I would be playing them.

    I repeat that I appreciate your ideas but don't tire your fingers for no reason because this deck is final.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2008
  15. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    you are AGAINST playing boost with blissey?
  16. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    ^YOU WIN!!!!!!!
    Please click on some random link and claim your prize within the next 7 days.

    I do not know what it is with me, but I seem to have the perfecto mix of starsigns, horoscopes and blah-blah.
    I always draw a Weavile when I need it:biggrin: AAAAND I hate playing TOO many special NRG.
    4 is enough for me unless I'm playing a suicide deck where the whole point is to die and then attach 4 scramble to a Blissey.
    Plus I hate Boost to the end of the world and the fires of...well, yeah.

    OK. I have not posted for a while(holidays) BUT I just finished my tourney so I appreciate all ideas for my deck:smile:
  17. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Dude dont even run a deck unless your going to build it as best as possible, This list is really bad, and u say it works cause your lucky? How bout having it work everytime without having to be lucky, I think thats better then running a bad list and go for luck.
  18. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    While I understand that you would want to list your deck as in for the forums as an example, you are probably much better off listing a "perfect world" version of said deck. It will cut down all the obvious suggestions of how to fix the deck that you are already aware of (even if you can't make the actual changes in real life). If you wanted to make a hypothetical Blissey deck thread you would be better off posting in the Single Card Strategies section and replacing a decklist with a basic strategy concept on how Blissey might still be able to contend in a format where Gallade KO's you early to mid game and Magmortar KO's you late game by being more energy efficient.

    Blissey has several things still working for it. It's easy to set up. It's a fast, efficient attacker. It has 130 HP on a stage 1. It's incredibly versatile. Right now the biggest problem for Blissey is Gallade. It hits your weakness and can flip prizes over for a OHKO very easily. Even late game Sonic Blade can cripple the basic strategy of loading up a Blissey and rolling. The best Blissey variants will have a way to deal with Gallade first and foremost. Currently, Holon FF and Holon WP along with a basic Fire and Water are needed to make it difficult for Gallade. Pulling two different Holon energy quickly out of your deck is difficult at best, so you have to assume Blissey will fall to Gallade one way or another before you can KO a Gallade with a Blissey. Ban/Bliss (aka Begfriend.dec) goes about attacking Gallade in a different manner by using Banette to combat the Gallade the sweeping with Blissey later in the game when G&G starts to stall out. Another possible combination is the one I'll list below, Arcanine/Blissey. A little more offensive in nature, Arc/Blissey focuses on doing bunches of damage as fast as possible to cause your opponent to try and keep up.


    Pokemon (16)

    4-4 Blissey (MT)
    3-3 Arcanine (MT)
    1 Minun (SW)
    1 Sableye (CG)

    Trainers (28)

    2 Holon Mentor
    4 TV Reporter
    2 Roseanne's Research
    2 Castaway
    2 Strength Charm
    4 Plus Power
    4 Celio's Network
    3 Super Scoop Up
    1 Rare Candy
    2 Warp Point/Switch
    1 Night Maintenance
    1 Time Space Distortion

    Energy (16)

    2 Boost
    2 Scramble
    4 Holon FF
    7 Fire
    1 Fighting

    Unown G will be a viable tech in this when it comes out in GE to allow Blissey to avoid Sonic Blade and Disable a little better. I would probably drop the 1 Rare Candy and a Plus Power to fit Unown G in to the list above.
  19. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Mckay, that is not very nice and you misunderstood the usefullness of these cards you mentioned.
    Boost Energies is reallly good for surprise disruption on your opponent for a KO.

    And most special energies are useful in many ways. You just need to pay more attention to the combo your thinking of doing.

    Hope this helps.
  20. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    I don't see why this deck works. You run 2 Honchkrow and 1 X. No idea why you don't run a 4th. You don't run Absol, and yet you use Mars. You run Candies in a S1 Deck. You run Happinys. You only run 2 Weavile!!! Fix all of these things and it should be a lot better.(Put in 2 more Mars/2-3 Wagers/4 Absol[optional Umby * + SSU{helps Blissey too}])
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