Aussie Prime Minister FTW

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Phazon Elite, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

  2. Am I the only one who thinks it just looks like he's biting a nail afterward?
  3. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    I agree, but it still looks wrong. lol
  4. Croatian_Nidoking

    Croatian_Nidoking New Member

    Hey, don't stick that finger in your ear - you don't know where it's been! :eek:

    Honestly, get yourself some hand sanitizer or something.

    - Croatian "Aussie Aussie Aussie, eew eew eew!" Nidoking
  5. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    Ha ha, wow, what a blonde moment.
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Thats why my family still going to vote for Howard....
  7. luka84

    luka84 New Member

    Please, like people don't do disgusting things in their own homes. Tasted things that you shouldn't.

    I don't think it really matters. Its hilarious. But, I don't think it has any bearing on whether someone can lead a country.
  8. The_Envoy_of_Chaos

    The_Envoy_of_Chaos New Member

    Urgh... Howard's been in the job too long. KEVIN 07 FTW!
  9. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Get out of the country...:nonono:
  10. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus


    Lol. It isn't that big of a deal, though: it's less sanitary to not wash your hands before every meal, shower every day, brush your teeth, etc. (a.k.a. something that almost most Americans don't do).

    Give the mang a break.
  11. The_Envoy_of_Chaos

    The_Envoy_of_Chaos New Member

    Soz. Broke atm. Can't afford to.
    But I don't see how this was any different to went it was released to the media tha Kevin Rudd was found to have attended a strip club. Show's that he's only human.
  12. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

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