Austell,GA December 2,07-Speed Ban

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by ~`Flygon`~, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    OK today is the day I just decide to try this deck,I play tested last night and destroyed alot of the decks I played against(Electivire-Hurricane-Empoleon-Magmortar) It did well,then I got there and Blissey with Fightning Energy just destroys my deck I learned and teched in Sableye. It helps to stall. Ok here is the report:

    1st Round-???? Lucario/Ramphardos/Kingdra δ Ex

    I go first and I got the only started I needed,shuppet,she puts out horsea I evolve and she puts me to sleep which sucked for two turns. Suprisingly she kept up with me prize for prize. She brings up Lucario and my next Banette just goes thorugh here turn for turn. Once I get into my two prize lead I win by 4 prizes. Nice game.


    2nd Round- Randy Curry- Cloaks

    Ok,I go first and do like I need to do,Ascension. I KO the burmy and he brings up another one. He does nothing after that and I attach Cessation and play Crystal Beach which is the reason I won,he got no energy accel and one Banette Koed five pokemon doing 80 one turn then doing 40 to kill the mini burmys.*For some reason he thought I cheated cause I kept Koing burmys but Banette does 40 anyway and burmy only has 40HP,I didnt cheat,thats just how some games go.


    3rd Round - Aaron Curry - Gastrodon Seas

    Ok this game I was topdecking out my **** but it wasnt really enough. I koed second turn(I went first),then he responded,then I get into a 3 prize lead(2-5) then he mounts his comeback,I ran out of energy and West sea healed itself before I could OHKO it. That hurt. He wins a pretty good game and I aint mad at him,hes from Florida and Im from Georgia,but its all good.


    4th Round- Stephen - Garchomp

    OK this game ended turn three,WHY? He had skitty and 6 energies and went first. he drew another energy,he does 10. I evolve and his turn,he draws another energy and its game,Ghost head for the 50 and time to try to win the next game.


    5th Round- Vic Pruett - Blisscatty

    This game was to the wire and I shouldve won honestly,but I lost so its good. He goes second and I ascend but almost started with Jolty star!!!!!that means DONK. We exchange prizes but I get into a prize lead mid game 2-4,then A energy drought comes and I dont play wadger when I was supposed to too many times which cost me. Crystal Beach was getting locked in but it was too late,early Blissey SSUs helped him win and he gets into the finals and I dont,Im 7th. :p


    Florida came and won again which sucks but they do have a really beastly metagame which only murks us. I had a good time and wish I couldve got into the finals with Speed Ban.


    Parth Shah(Thanx for the stuff to finish the deck and getting 2nd to Stephen S.)
    Jenny A(for the ride and the food.)
    Suzie(for just being the nicest person to me :)-)
    Silverstros(for making me laugh and realize that I need to practice at Pokemon)
    Aaron Curry(for that gangsta misprint of Rival)
    Wes P(driving me son and getting donked with Vire :D)


    Not toping for the second time
    Not toping for the second time
    Not toping for the second time
    Not playing Banette the cities the day before.

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