Autumn BR and MT prereleases in Europe

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by NoPoke, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    Just trying to find out what is happening. So please post if you know anything. Not all the information here will be accurate, At the very least its subject to change. The idea is to establish a picture of European OP that is at least an aproximation of what is actually happening.

    Autumn Battle Roads
    UK - 12 (see seperate thread or offical tournament locator.)
    IE - 2 (ref DarkMagick15 post #29)
    NL - 7 scheduled starting 6th October
    FR - 8 scheduled.
    BE - 4 scheduled starting 22nd September
    DE - starting 22nd September (ref Glumanda post #6)
    FI - 10 scheduled starting 22nd September
    NO - 15 scheduled starting 22nd September (ref )
    DK -
    SE -
    CH - 5 scheduled starting 22nd September
    IT - BR starting on 22 September (ref Kenta post #2)
    MT -

    Mysterious Treasures previews
    UK - Looking very unlikely
    IE - 1 (ref DarkMagick15 post #29)
    NL -4 scheduled starting 29th September
    FR - Jan/feb next year for French language cards? (ref Chewee #21)
    BE - 2 scheduled starting 14th October
    DE - starting 13th October (ref Glumanda post #6)
    FI - 4 scheduled starting 27th October
    NO - 11 scheduled starting 6th October (ref )
    DK -
    SE -
    CH - 3 scheduled starting 3rd November
    IT - probably November (ref Kenta post #2)
    MT -

    I know I've missed out lots of European countries. Unfortunately I don't know which ones have functioning OP.

    Mysterious Treasures release dates (Yea:legal for tournaments :))
    NO - 10th October. (ref BlackJirachi)
    DE - 10th October (ref Glumanda)
    NL - 10th October (ref Fireborn)
    UK - 24th October (info from UK Distributor)
    FR - 10th October (info from Michel)
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  2. Kenta

    Kenta New Member

    Italy: BR starting on 22 September.

    Prerelease MT: probably November.
  3. Kenta

    Kenta New Member

    No...don't be pessimistic. Let's see what will happen...
  4. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

  5. Glumanda

    Glumanda Rulings Compendium Translator

    Battle Roads start in Germany on Sep. 22nd and will run until Oct. 28th.

    MT release tournaments will be on the weekend Oct., 13th/14th, Oct. 20th/21st.
  6. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    Thanks, anymore anyone?

    FWIW I was using the op tournament locater to find the pending Autumn BRs and MT-pres.
  7. PokemonSteve

    PokemonSteve New Member

    The abbreviation for Malta is MT. No really it is.
  8. MathAenya

    MathAenya New Member

    In France, we're not gonna have english Prerelease. Only Prerelease when cards are released in French ( it means in october/november for DP1 :D ).
    Hopefully, we're allowed to play with english cards ^^

    BR dates haven't been anounced, so... I guess we have to wait.. ^^
  9. Aggronblaster

    Aggronblaster New Member

    You can if you want. You just need a french refrence card.
  10. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    DK - 1st PR next weekend/15th or 16th September
    Probably the 1st BR that weekend too, not sure though.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I doubt that.
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  11. MathAenya

    MathAenya New Member

    Sorry, I make a mistake.
    I want to say "Fortunately, we're allowed to play english cards", sorry ^^'
  12. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

  13. darkmagick15

    darkmagick15 New Member

    Irelands the same we have no recive D+P yet and it was ordered about 3 weeks back and we get it from the UK lol.[Bet it wont come till next month lol and we are out of PK and only have the DF+PK+CG triple packs left lol].
    Whats IE BTW[if its ireland ill laugh at how stupide I am].
    Anyways expected 2 Battle Roads and 1 Pre-lesse[possible 2].[I have to ask the TO to get these set up yet].
    We better not be like france and have to wait lol
    Least we are on he OP list[yet no sanctioned events played yet.]
  14. Glumanda

    Glumanda Rulings Compendium Translator

    Nope, in Germany you can buy DP both in German as well as in English.
    English MT will release in Germany on October 10th
    German MT will release on November 7th (at least that is the information at the moment).
  15. MathAenya

    MathAenya New Member

    In France, we can play DP1. But we still don't know when MT will be allowed... This year is a total mess...
  16. Fireborn

    Fireborn New Member

    Netherlands actually has 7 BR, starting October 6th. They're all in the locator too =)

    It surprises me that so many pre-releases are only starting late October/November. The Dutch release date was pushed forward from November 7 to October 10 because I assume they want us to go in sinc with the USA again.
  17. Michel

    Michel New Member


    We will have Autumn Battle Roads, but dates and location are not published yet.

    Prereleases ? Maybe, but not confirmed yet, but for sets in French only anyway.

    Format ? Like I said in another topic, if each European country has a different format, it will be impossible to run Premier Events this year as Premier Events have to be open tournaments to receive the status of Premier Event. But players will maybe be happy to change their deck according to a new format every time they go to play abroad :cool:

    I had announced HP-DP1 and DP2 as soon as it will be released in Europe. Logical as France has always followed the US/Europe format, even if US cards are not distributed in the country.
    We have no official information about the format, and we'll take a decision according to the one we'll have to play. But it is clear to me that HP-PK would be the most stupid thing to do, and running events to kill OP and destroy what we've built doesn't seem very interesting to me :nonono:

    EDIT : confirmed by PUI : format for France is HP-DP1 and each new set will enter the format as soon as it is released in Europe
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  18. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    Thanks for the update Michel. So the question for tournament organisers who are hoping to attract some cross border players is just what are the European release dates for Mysterious Treasures.

    If anyone *knows* the release dates for MT in their country pleas post it and I'll add that to the first post. (I'm looking forward to this particular hiccup with dates being resolved quickly too Michel)
  19. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    MT realese 10th October in Norway
  20. chewee

    chewee New Member

    In France there is no english prereleased so the french prerelleased (if one) will be in january/february. But we can play DP2 when they will be legal in Europe ...

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