Azure's Trading Thread [looking for DWD material]

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Azure, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. Azure

    Azure New Member

    Welcome to my trading thread.

    1. I will now trade outside of Europe.
    2. All cards have to be mint.
    3. I only accept English cards. If I am giving a non-English card I will state it and I would like the same from you.
    4. Send cards in envelopes that can’t get ruined.
    5. Have fun!
    7. Post even if you don’t have anything from my wants. I will check your haves/wants thread.


    2x Blissey reverse MT
    3x Chansey reverse MT
    1x Elevtivire Lv.X MT
    4x Magmar reverse MT
    3x Magmortar reverse SW
    1x Gardevoir Lv.X SW or DP4 in Japan
    2x Delcatty ex CG
    4x Team Galactic’s Mars
    1x Honchkrow Lv.X SW
    4x Absol SW
    2x Honchkrow MT
    1x Murkrow MT
    4x Wailord DP4
    4x Wailmer DP4
    4x Claydol DP4
    4x Baltoy DP4
    2x Cessation Crystal
    1x Strenght Charm
    2x Castaway
    1x Roseanne’s research
    1x Time Space Distortion
    3x Double Rainbow Energy
    4x Basic Darkness Energy
    3x Electrode SW
    4x Voltorb SW


    2x Feraligatr (1 reverse)
    2x Magmortar
    1x Honchkrow
    5x Octillery
    2x Dodrio
    1x Tyranitar
    1x Bronzong
    1x Raichu
    1x Aggron

    3x Lucario (3 reverse, 1 totally ruined)
    2x Magnezone (2 Italian)
    2x Empoleon
    2x Prinplup (2 reverse, 1 Italian)
    1x Piplup (1 reverse, 1 Italian)
    2x Luxray (1 Italian)
    2x Gengar (2 Italian)
    1x Dusknoir (1 Italian)
    2x Budew (1 reverse in English, 1 Italian)
    3x Prinplup (3 reverse, 2 Italian, 1 ruined)
    1x Piplup (1 reverse, 1 Italian)

    5x Celio’s Network
    4x Dual Ball
    4x Great Ball
    4x Rare Candy
    13 Plus Powers (1 reverse, Base Set, Diamond and Pearl)
    4x Professor Elm’s Training Method
    8x Night Maintenance
    10x Master Ball
    3x Dusk Ball
    5x Steven’s Advice (5 Italian)
    2x Copycat
    3x Fossil Excavator
    2x Speed Stadium (1 Italian)
    3x Buffer Piece (1 Italian)
    4x Battle Frontier (2 PK, 1 EM, 1 ***)

    Useful stuff:
    3x Kingler CG (1 Italian)
    2x Magneton DR (1 Italian)
    2x Magneton PK
    5x Pelipper POP5 (5 Italian misprinted)
    1x Wobbuffet SS
    3x Basic Darkness Energy
    Xx Basic Metal Energy
    5x Delta Rainbow Energy

    2x Absol ex PK
    1x Kyogre ex 037 Promo
    1x Kyogre ex CG
    1x Kyogre ex HL
    1x Rayquaza ex 039 Promo
    1x Rocket’s Entei ex
    1x Rocket’s Raikou ex
    3x Rocket’s Persian ex
    1x Tyranitar ex delta
    1x Blaziken ex CG (***)
    1x Groudon ex 038 Promo
    1x Registeel ex EM
    1x Regirock ex EM
    1x Sneasel ex
    1x Politoed ex
    1x Kabutops ex
    1x Milotic ex
    2x Celebi ex POP2 holographic
    1x Regirock ex HL
    1x Hitmonchan ex
    1x Latias ex DR
    1x Latios ex DR
    1x Muk ex DR
    1x Gardevoir ex SS
    1x Mewtwo ex
    1x Aggron ex SS
    2x Chansey ex
    1x Lapras ex
    1x Scyhter ex
    1x Metagross ex HL
    1x Kingdra ex DR

    Game Boy Games:
    Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA)
    Pokemon Versione Rosso Fuoco (ITA)
    Pokemon Versione Rubino (ITA)
    Pokemon Blue Version (EUR)
    Super Mario World
    The Fairly Odd Parents Video

    I have a lot of SW cards but don’t have time to list them. Ask for them.
    Ask for Promo’s, reverse foil, old cards, boxtoppers and anything else.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2007
  2. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    Check my list for the 4 Rare Candies.
  3. Azure

    Azure New Member

    X Candies
    X Celio's
    X Metal Energy DP Basic
    1x Gallade SW

    2x Flygon delta HP

    Make an offer.
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