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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by TCC CoFounder, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. TCC CoFounder

    TCC CoFounder New Member

    How does the "flip a coin for the baby poke" work? Do you flip when you declare which attack you are using, or only when it does damage, or not if is a bench?
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    First thing is you have to know what is a Baby and what is not.
    Baby Pokemon are a type of Pokemon card.
    Just because a Pokemon is a Baby in the DS game doesn't mean that it is a Baby Pokemon card in the TCG.
    Also, just because it's a Baby Pokemon card in one set, doesn't mean that it is a Baby Pokemon card when it appears in a later set.

    A Baby Pokemon card has the text "Baby Pokemon" printed on the image border on the card. It also has the Baby Rule that you are asking about printed right on it.

    If a card does not have those two things printed on it, it is not a Baby Pokemon card.

    Recent cards that have the Baby Evolution Poke-Power are Basic Pokemon cards and are not Baby Pokemon cards.
    They do not have "Baby Pokemon" printed on them as their stage and they do not have the Baby rule printed on them.

    There are NO Baby Pokemon that are legal in the current Modified format. The last Baby Pokemon that was printed was way back in 2003 in the Skyridge set.

    You probably can stop reading here because you probably have been trying to use the Baby rule with cards that are not Baby Pokemon. If that is not the case, continue...

    Now, if you do have a Baby Pokemon card and are playing using the Unlimited format, then all you really need to do is read the card. It says, basically, if you attack a Baby Pokemon, you have to flip a coin before you can proceed with the attack. In detail that means that when you finish everything that you want to do during your turn and are ready to attack, you declare that you are attacking. You see that a Baby Pokemon is the Defending Pokemon. At that point, per the text on the Baby Pokemon, you flip a coin. If tails, your turn is over. you don't get to attack. If heads, your attack proceeds as normal.

    That's it.
    Hope that helps.

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